They you guys, cannot wait for this to come out just like me, but in todays, video were going to be talking about the actual official prices for these drones all four different models. All four models also now come with a premium combo as well, so were going to discuss what that includes and then a promotional video at the end. So, yes, you are right to be excited. These drones look phenomenal, but lets get into them prices. So each of the floor, drills is going to have its own premium combo as well, so think of this as, like the fly more combo, this is going to give you extra batteries and its going to give you some extra little accessories. So its always a good idea, if you can initially to buy that flymo or that premium combo anything where youre going to get extra batteries, because youre going to need extra batteries, no matter how long that drone or that battery lasts youre going to want more. So if we start with the light version, so this is the 800 gram roughly drone its going to compete with that dji air 2s, and this includes as a standard baseline package ill just put it on the screen now. So this includes a drone, the controller, the charger, the set propellers and then the charger cables nothing really spectacular there, but this is what we expect if we move over to the premium combo, though of that light package, this is a standalone one.

This is whats going to be better value for money. For you, this includes two extra batteries, four nd filters, an on the go charger hub; three sets of propellers charge, cable same remote and then the uh travel bag. So its always a good idea for go for that. If we look now at the plus model of the lights here, the drone is actually just a different color, but it does come in different colors, same controller, same charger, so its everything has that standard package and then the plus, again just like before four nd filters And on the go charger, two batteries, a travel bag and then three propellers same again, so always try and go for that premium: combo, because its just going to be much better value. What about the nano so the nano? This is what everyones talking about, and this is going to be that 249 gram drone with tracking capabilities obstacle avoidance, its going to come in two versions, the nano and the nano plus and both of these are going to have that premium. Combo, which gives you extra batteries, lets just see, whats included in the box, well start with the baseline one first. So here you can see. The drone in white comes with a controller one battery a set of propellers, and then the charger leads and it looks to be look like usbc charging. Only with that the premium combo is going to give you three batteries a travel case.

It looks like to be some kind of charging hub on the left hand, side usb c cables, the on the go charger, the same controller and three sets of propellers. So i would again always go for that premium, combo just for them batteries alone, and it looks to be some kind of power hub or something so youre going to get faster charging and then, if we move over now to the plus model, well just see whats In the box there, so the plus model, just like before on this and the premium combo, the previous model comes with literally one battery the controller and then usb c, cable and then the premium one again like before the drone, the controller travel bag, three batteries and Just as we said so, the difference between the two drones, as we discussed heavily on the last video, is going to be that faster lens and the better quality. So if you could go for one of these youd be better off getting the plus version and the premium combo. But it all comes down to you, which one you want and your budget and when we get these drones actually in the air ill be able to recommend to you which one i do recommend. But what about the prices so lets talk about the prices now for each of those four models. So if you go for the nano, so this is the 249 gram drone and this is going to be the small drone, and this is the standard package in dollars.

649 799 dollars for the premium bundle the nano plus 799 dollars for the standard and 949 dollars for the nano plus and then, if we move over to the light, this is going to be that dji, 2s competitor, the mid sized one hundred drone forty nine dollars. One thousand four hundred and forty nine dollars for the premium bundle and then the light plus one thousand two hundred and forty nine dollars and then one thousand five hundred and forty nine dollars for that premium bundle. So what do you think about the prices? So those are the official prices and trying to compare this too much to that dji mini 2, the mini 2 doesnt have active track, doesnt have tracking it. Doesnt have optical avoidance. These drones do so there will be a price increase. When the new d drive comes out. We saw that on the r2s 25, roughly increase in that price. So if the uk fly more combo for the mini 2 is 549 expect the new version to be around 7 750 mark. So, yes, they are more expensive. These prices but theres a lot of features crammed into this and for most people, if you only want and need a small drone, this could include all the features that you possibly need now we wont fully know how good this is until weve got this. Actually in the air and if it warrants that price, but certainly from looking at the specs and the camera quality the fast lenses on the plus models, it is really exciting times, and i cannot wait to share you.

My thoughts and reviews on these different drones coming out exciting times for us all and its only a good thing. Any competition from really good manufactures like this is brilliant for us, as consumers. Now, in the next clip to finish im going to show you a promotional trailer for this actual drone – and this is the small drone and its got chinese subtitles over it, but subscribe if youre new around here, because any information on these drones i get im going To show you guys, as soon as i got it ill, be testing it and then ill be putting it on youtube as soon as were allowed so stay tuned. If youre new and im going to put this video on right now, but for me im out of here, enjoy this trailer for this next drone coming out and its exciting times for us all.