Well, this is like the king of the sub 249 gram drones. It is the top of the pack, but one thing missing is obstacle avoidance and active track bring on ortel. They have just announced their new drones, which are coming out very soon, and i should hopefully be receiving one really soon so thats. Why ive kept quiet recently but theyre bringing out two different versions of their small drone and also a bigger drone, which you can compete with the dji air, 2s and thats? What were going to talk about today, so this guy? I think he does feel threatened a lot because of the new features which come on the new autel drones lets discuss. So this drone is going to come in four different colors and its going to have two different versions: its going to be called the evo nano and the evo nano plus and the plus model is going to have a slightly bigger sensor. But no matter which drone you get its going to also have the same features and the features which you guys definitely want. So lets go through some of the pictures and talk about what this is going to have its going to be 249 grams and thats crucial for us flying in the uk and europe, especially and throughout the world. 249 grams, is a massive deal and thats. Why these sub 250 gram drones are fantastic. 4K 30 is going to be the video rate.

Its going to have a 6.2 mile range never needs to go 6.2 miles, but that means that that connection, when youre flying close by and in cities and areas of you know that high interference. It should be a really good signal. What else its also going to have, what you really want is obstacle avoidance, so this is going to come with three way: obstacle avoidance, its going to have front down and back position sensors, not on the side, but it says that its ultra wide field of view. So it should be able to actually have a really good obstacle, avoiding the system be interesting to see how that works in real life and how accurate it is, but its great that a drone this size is going to have obstacle avoidance, so its going to come In four different colors youre going to be able to get the autel classic orange color in red and also white and black, so four different color choices for you to go, for. I think i would go for the classic orange color and also it stands out more when youve got a small drone, so whats the difference, then between the nano plus and the nano normal well, the difference is going to be that sensor size, so the nano original, If you call it is going to be a 48 megapixel one over two inch sensor and its going to be an f 2.8, so thats great thats, going to render some really good results um.

But if you go for the plus model, what youre going to get with that is the plus metal is going to have a one over 1.28 cmos sensor, 50 megapixels, and this is able to shoot at f 1.9. So this means that that lens is going to be a faster lens so for low light, especially its going to be so much better. F, 1.9 to 2.8 makes a big difference so on small drones like this with tiny sensors, low light is always a problem because, as soon as that sunset goes down, youre going to have some issues with lots of grain and noise in your video or photos. So having a bigger lens and a faster lens is going to be fantastic. So for me the difference between the two you would, i would recommend, already go for that plus model just to have that better sensor. But can we just remember that are able to get a sensor, a bigger sensor like that on still a drone under 250 grams? That alone is remarkable. What about the other features? No matter which version you go for the plus or the normal version is going to have a feature which i know so many of you want – and this is some tracking – this mini 2 – has no tracking capabilities, so weve tried to fake our own tracking weve tried To mimic it never going to be good enough, is it but this version, no matter which one you get has master subject tracking and this is able to then track people, animals and vehicles.

So this, i hope, im so hopeful that this is going to be great, because if this can have a tracking capability which locks on and is good, then this is fantastic news for everybody. Weve tried it on other drones, which has tracking and its not been very good. Its cut out a lot and its not its been useless to be fair and ive, just not used it. But if we can have it on this – and i have so much hope that this is going to be great, then optical avoidance, even though its three way and tracking on a drone under 250 grams. This is going to be absolutely fantastic and it still gets better. Theres still some extra features out there, which i know you really do want. You can also get the quick shots like we get on the djis theres going to be four of those if one of them is going to be called flick, another one called rocket, fadeaway and orbit so theyre going to be really similar to what weve got at The moment and thats great for those for our big beginners or i still use them now, especially like the orbit ones, when youve got a nice landscape and youre in the area, and you can just lock onto you and then get a nice swirling shot around you. Quick shots are great and you can also have a lot of cinematic fun with them by chopping in and out so thats great to see that also on the editor, you can also edit through the ortel app, and you can create your own movies on there and Then upload straight away, but for me – and i know a lot of the youtubers and people who just like documenting when theyre flying what you used to be able to do in original drones, is used to be able to record your voice or sounds through the remote Control now on this drone now you can now record sound, so you could do voiceovers if youre a youtuber like this.

You could talk real time and it would pick up everything. So you know thats a feature which maybe not a lot of people want, but so many people once youve used it. It is great to be able to get those ambient sounds or to be able to get those sounds of like waves if youre on the beach. So having that ability to record real time, the sounds of where youre in is going to be brilliant and im so happy that theyve introduced this and its a great feature to include so weve already discussed its going to have around about a six mile range. Its going to be great thats going to be dependent on where youre actually flying, obviously but six miles, thats one hell of a range and really you dont need to be flying that far at all, although anyway um, when you are flying the real time feedback is So crucial because theres no point having really poor actual quality stream that youre looking at on your actual phone, this is going to have 2.7 k transmission, real time feedback. That is absolutely brilliant to be able to include that. Also, this is a few people dont like this, but where dji have their own authorization zones or tell dont so take that, as you will thats also another plus for a lot of people once youve done taking these photos and videos. What another great feature on these drones are, instead of taking your memory card out, put them in your computer or upload them onto different apps.

You can just bring your phone near to the actual drone and it will transfer him at 160 megabits per second photos and video, so youre able to upload this to social media really fast again. Another great feature, the thought of so many things, its really good to see. So if we just look back so 4k 30 youre gon na have it at 249 grams. Still youre gon na have extra features with obstacle. Three way: avoidance youre gon na have tracking able to track you vehicles and animals, but the battery life is that going to suffer well its going to have a 28 minute battery life. They say in flight time, so that is more than enough. So to be able to actually get all them extra features and if you own this drone or say the mavic mini one, which is a flight time around about 30 minutes. For me to be able to get those extra features and just lose a couple of minutes of flight time, im really not bothered so really exciting times the next time. I talk about this. I hope to have this in the air and i can show you this in real time and then recommend which version to get but, as i said in the video, this is great for everybody, because this will make not only ortel. You know showcase their great drones out there, but also make other manufacturers as well keep up with this race and its only going to be great for us consumers.

So thanks so much for watching.