So here we have the ortel evo nano with a slightly dink corner, but i dont think that will be a problem. Music inside we have a bag. So this is the evo nano series premium bundle so inside this one. Obviously we get a bag. Anything in the front, nope theres pockets on both sides. I guess for a smartphone or whatever and then opening up the top. We have the controller which feels nice. This sticks, obviously somewhere. You have. This, i believe, is the charging dock for the batteries. We have a box of accessories that well look at in a minute, a wall charger. We can go all the way up to 12 volts at two and a half amps on the type c or 12 volts at one and a half amps nine volts at two amps on the taipei. So you can get a pretty decent charge. Speed from this, we have one two spare batteries and theres a third battery inside the drone itself, which is pretty minuscule. I mean it fits in your hand, its a sub 249 gram, drone like the dji mini 2 and the hubsan something i will look it up and put it on the screen, but theres. Basically, there arent many drones in the sub 249 gram space, and this is one of them. Weve also got the three axis gimbal at the front, and this one on the standard. Nano is a half inch chip, but you can see its three axes so then that pops off and that opens out the legs like this inside the accessories kit.

We got a set of props another two three four, five: six, yes thats, the props, as well as the four that are on there uh these. I i think that oh theyre knobs for these, i will take the two little knobs out. So, underneath the controller weve got an air outlet on either side, weve got a socket to connect it to your mobile device and underneath youve got a charging point. Youve got a spinny dial there. Oh, that just goes left right function, button, shooter, photo or start stop record power home pulse. We have a usb to usbc cable, a little mini screwdriver for doing your props. We have another. Oh, these are your type c data cables ill, be using type c because ill be using my oneplus 7 pro. So i think what i will do now is unpack the battery charger plug all these in and then well leave it to charge. So it turns out that for the last 15 minutes, my camera hasnt been recording a thing, so were gon na start over again, as you can see, theres a battery missing off the plate, thats because i left them charging overnight and ive put one of them into The drone activated it, which was as simple as the app telling you hey, you, need to activate your drone and you hit ok and it says drone activated, but ive also had to do a firmware update, which is what i just did and just filmed and just Wanted to show you, but none of the footage recorded except this little bit of b roll that i was shooting.

While i thought my overhead camera was recording, but yeah the firmware is updated if we load up the app now and if we turn on the remote turn on the drone tell the app to start it should connect. So there is a whole lot of warnings when i turn this thing on, because one im indoors so theres, no gps, so it doesnt want me to take off uh, which i cant do in what they call novice mode, which is like, if youve, never flown a Drone before its probably a good idea to start it out in novice mode, while youre still figuring everything out but yeah, the firmware is updated. So you can check the firmware from within the app itself, but the app actually tells you hey, you know, go and upgrade your firmware. If theres a new one camera settings, you cant really see a whole lot of this. Let me turn my actually what i will do screen recorder record. Hey there. We go so now, even if you cant see whats uh what the camera is picking up, because the display is bright, youll be able to pick it all up in the screen. Recording so yeah, so here in the about, you can see the aircraft firmware versions and all this stuff, it will tell you if theres a new one coming uh image transmission, you cant change anything there. So im guessing thats a future thing: uh youve got the camera.

So in here theyve got a 32 gig card in the drone. Now the drone will officially support up to 256 gig. But you know: ive got these one terabyte micro sd card, so im im not getting my hopes up im going to try them. I will go into control, we can choose between kilometers per hour meters per second or miles per hour. Im gon na pop it into miles per hour mode. Two command. Stick mode is fine flight mode smooth? Yes, but there is a sport, one um, but it says obstacle avoidance, yes, so thats a big thing about this drone, so its under 250 grams, so its sort of competition to the mavic mini 2 and the hubsan thing one of these days. I will remember what its called, but its not really, because this is the only sub 250 gram drone that actually has obstacle avoidance built in and you can see. Weve got two sensors on the front two on the back two on the front and two underneath uh, but no im gon na keep this in smooth mode and go safety theres your novice mode. So it sets an altitude limit, a distance limit and a speed limit, and you can speed that up. Um i dont know what the speed limit of the actual drone itself is, but uh the novice modes on its seven miles an hour so thats that i dont know what that does. Oh, no, that turns down the uh, turns off the obstacle detection, and here we got settings for whatever current mode were in for hyperlapse.

So lets start at the beginning. We got pro oh theres only 30 frames. I wish we could do 24. I wish we could do 24 frames per second video at all resolutions. I mean because its less demanding than 30, so you would think it would be an option, but on a lot of stuff action, cameras drones its not and its disappointing, uh spherical view. These are all this must be like a flight motor. It takes a shot. Moves takes the shot, oh yeah, its a panorama, um yeah pano, so you can do spherical. That is something im. Definitely gon na have to try. You can do wide angle, landscape or portrait see our manual hyperlapse where you can orbit hyperlapse video weve got our usual video settings resolution frame rate. If you wanted to take photos, while shooting video same for the photos, you can go um 16 by 9 or 4 3 resolution. You can do single or bursts or set it on a timer. What else we got portraits? Oh, we got a portrait mode. I dont know if its like an actual portrait mode like a smartphone or if its just going to see you and take a shot and then weve got our quick shots which are off flick, fade away, rocket and orbit and uh and yeah thats it. So i think now i am gon na pack. All this in and uh turn that off turn that off, because thats getting quite annoying the fan is on all the time and theres, always one in the remote as well so theres a fan in this and a fan in this.

The fan in this is on all the time. This just seems to come on when it gets a bit warm um, although it doesnt feel that warm, but it did come on um but yeah. So there is a fan on all the time with these, which i mean compared to the sound of the propeller blades, its probably not going to be that bad um, but it is something to be aware of if you happen to be filming a review video with It powering up im gon na give this battery a top up. Then im gon na everything packed up in this bag and were gon na head out, while its still daytime, because its scotland and it gets dark by half an hour an hour from now um. So yeah so were gon na im, probably gon na charge this on the road actually and just head out, see in a minute all righty. So we we have come out its a little bit. I mean its nice and bright, but its a little bit windier than were anticipating, but we brought the hortel evo nano with us so that we can uh throw it up in the air and see how well it can handle this wind Music. So Music do so. Music: do Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so weve just burned through all three batteries, um and weve had a bit of a play.

First, impressions are actually pretty good. Well, talk more about it at the computer theres a couple of things that uh i dont want to say they annoy me. I just wish they worked a little differently and maybe theres something hotel can do with a future app update or a firmware patch or whatever, but yeah well. Uh well have a look at the footage and ill see you back at the desk. Ive just had a look at all the footage, youve just watched and even ungraded, its, not bad. As for the drone itself, it flies very well. I thought it was a little slow on that first trip out, never breaking about 10 miles per hour, but ive since taken it out again knocked the flight mode up to sport, disabled collision avoidance and i reached just over 27 miles per hour in the wind. So its not quite as fast as some drones out there, but its pretty nippy and seems to stand up to 20 mile an hour winds, just fine. I didnt really run into a single hiccup, getting it into the air. It was pretty straightforward process just unfold. The gimbal put my phone in the controller power, everything up and youre pretty much good to go right out of the box, nothing else to do well, obviously, you got ta charge the batteries, but other than that. Nothing else to do the flight time in ideal conditions. According to the hotel website is 28 minutes.

I found that i was probably getting closer to 24 minutes, but it has been really windy here. I burned through all three batteries on that first trip out and the controllers battery was just starting to die, just as the third battery was getting low. So if you do get the ultimate pack, the controller will last for all three batteries. As long as you keep it fully charged, when you start its a shame, you cant swap the battery in the remote, but you can plug it into a power bank and charge it up from the type c quite easily. Controlling the drone is pretty easy in automatic homing and landing works great, its wonderful. The app has a fantastic interface that shows you all of the important information like your altitude speed battery life of both the drone and the controller and so on. There are a few features listed on the autel website for the evo nano that dont quite work as intended, yet at least not with this one. But remember this is a pre production unit. I cant shoot 48 megapixel raw files on this one, yet it tops out at 12 for now theres no 24 or 25 frames per second, when shooting 4k video either i only get 30 frames per second or i can go up to 60. If i shoot 1080p big one theres, no manual exposure control, yet hopefully thats one thatll work on adding real soon and the tracking functions arent quite perfect.

Yet they do pretty good, but they did lose me a couple of times whether it was just the contrast of me against the environment or it was confused by the lighting and silhouette. So what i i dont know, but im gon na keep having a play with that in different locations to see how well it does. Artold has told me that they are working on these features and theyll either be fixed or new ones will arise in a future. Firmware update ive posted some more of my initial thoughts about the autel evo nano over on diy p, so be sure to click the link in the description and have a read of that and ill have a full review of this coming soon. Once the new firmware features come and ive had more of a chance to play with it comment down below. If you have any questions about the autel evo, nano or theres anything, you want me to test for the full review and dont forget to hit subscribe along with all of the other buttons on the screen.