I dont see any snow but its cold enough for there to be snow, and when i read today, i guess i found this kind of interesting because its almost the end of the year and all those announcements of new drones from companies such as autel theres, been No sight of it in terms of their nano and light drones. So just going to some retailer site, i was trying to check out okay lets just see like. Is there an estimated release date to my knowledge in some places they should be releasing it before the end of the year, but you look at the site listings. It says here discontinued, like whats, going on like autel robotics, evil nano discontinued, robotics evo nano with premium bundle discontinued. So that should be the under 250 gram one, but they also have one thats called the evil light. And similarly, it says discontinued both the regular and the premium bundle. This could mean a couple of things, one. It could literally mean autel decided to scrap the drone. Just say: okay, forget it. We had an idea to do this, but because of various reasons we decided not to release it, and so the retailer, i guess discontinued it on their site – thats one possibility, but i highly doubt it theres no way. In my opinion, the company would do that for such an anticipated release for a lot of people. The second thing could be with all part shortages for things like chips.

It could be a production issue or they dont know when it will be out. So from a retailers point of view. They could just say: oh forget, it were just going to take this thing down until the company gives us an actual hard release date and all that no point keeping it up. That could be the other reason for it, or this could just be an internal company thing where logistically they change things like the sku numbers. For example, when you scan an item with the upc itll, come up list the price and all that upon checkout. So it could be, they just changed that so they have to discontinue the old, i guess number and they have a new one coming, but still that would be kind of crazy if this was discontinued huh again i highly doubt it but still, and then i was Reading this, where at first i still dont know actually whether or not this is satire, we all know theres so much hysteria with people flying drones. You could be just doing it for fun. You could be just capturing the scenery, but a lot of people, for whatever reason, just assume, theyre being quote spied on its doing something like stealing information. So how about this? This posting here says two thousand dollar cash reward for identifying illegal drone operators and cyber criminals. That lead to their arrest or conviction. So what are they claiming that people are doing it says the people operating the drones have been hacking, local resident wifi networks with directional antennas and stealing their information and hacking bank accounts? How likely is that to occur like drone flying just anywhere and stealing peoples, wi fi information, and all that i mean i guess its possible technically, but realistically with just any, i guess consumer drone.

It says drone operators may be using a radio controller similar to a remote control car attached in a smartphone. So how do you find these guys? It says they are likely renting a property that they are renting to control the drones from a distance. The drones have been flying over ellie, township and so forth. I think this is somewhere in the u.s right. It says the drones are flying with their lights on at sunset and fly until early morning hours. Oh gee, someone flying during the sunset. I wonder why? What could be the odds of that? How about when theres something like the northern lights or something that everyone gets out of their cars and stuff with their phone? What do you assume theyre doing like? In that case, i guess you could argue well, maybe theyre spying on everyone with their smartphone and so forth, or maybe youre just taking a picture of the lights and the scenery, and it just goes on. For example, like the fbi, dhs, faa and michigan, state police are investigating, drone operators will likely be in a newer vehicle or rental vehicles, and then they talk about all this stuff about phoning like 911, and all that this is just absurd. I hope this is just again satire comedy, but sadly i wouldnt doubt if its true, i guess with that in mind, maybe ill capture. Some drone footage now and hey theres, a lot of missing stuff around here, maybe its my way of hiding thats how you find a drone operator go look into the mist and all that Music, Music, um, Music, Music.