Today we will be looking at the evo light series, so this is the evo light, plus that ive just received so yeah. So lets. First, look at the box here you have the so i have the white version. So this one comes with the one inch sensor with a variable aperture. It says it can do up to 40 minutes of flight time and also theres some warning sign here, and this is the sticker. Serial number so looks pretty slick the box. Okay, so lets uh open this up. Where is the place? Try not to do some damage to the box? Okay, so here i need to cut this open okay, so this is the long awaited drone. So why i selected the white color is because i like to stay as stealthy as possible up in the air, because the orange color is just too bright and it might catch too much attention. I mean we draw flyers, we like to keep it low profile. Whenever were up in the air, so this whole thing the material looks like this is a matte color. It looks kind of sturdy, i can say theres some dirt here, im, not sure if the production worker actually cleaned this up and uh yeah. This is the uh sensor. Lets uh try to open this up – oh theres, even a sticker here, so you couldnt, really open this until you take off all the stickers lets, uh look at the camera.

Oh, this whole thing is very hot or maybe well wait for this later on check whats inside the box first, so here i have the one battery version the so they actually because weve been waiting so long since the pre order they provided the uh. What you call this option for either you upgrade your battery or you get a one year kind of like warranty for this, the the care services which, if you lost your drone or something that happened, you can pay a small sum of money to get a new One so for the hotel, i would suggest getting it because this drone is very expensive to the masses, and so here i have the power adapter. So this one, the charger, looks a bit big, so see how big is this power, so you can go up to a 9 volt 2 amps 18 watt charger. The power output is 63 watt, so this is a single port to charge lets see. Where can i open this up, so this is the connector lets put it back, i have here. I think they they only provided one spay propeller one set of spare propeller, which kind of like too little. So this is the power cable and the uh. This thing feels very heavy um just by holding it but uh. This thing looks like a toy, but its very heavy. I can say the material is like steel or some alloy, not alloy, but uh definitely sturdy to hold your phone, so it can hold a big phone, not a tablet and uh see what is there in here.

So i believe this is the antenna similar to like the dji mini antenna. They have this uh antenna built in here and so lets. Look at this the uh. So this is the fcc number. If you can copy down and do some search on it and um im not sure how long it will it will last the battery but uh, i think, with this kind of weight it should have a big battery inside so lets uh, so its not charged. So i need to charge it couldnt even turn on so ill charge this so nothing else. Besides some instruction manual and uh. What else yeah nothing else here so lets take a look at the drone ill not do a flying today, just because i havent got my warranty sorted out so once i got it because you have to do it within 24 hours. Let me move this aside, so this is a drone, so lets take off the paper here, just pull it out, so you can see that the propeller is like curving curve a little bit. I think its uh, because this is my first hotel drone. So i have no comments so theres an obstacle sensor behind theres a big heat sink. I think this will get very hot because of all the technology inside so theres another camera here this is the led light. This is the uh. I think the sensor for the air pressure and this one is also another camera, so lets uh take off this piece of paper.

Oh so you have to open from here. I think yeah, okay, oh i really like the white color. I think its much better than the orange that they advertise as the previous generation hotel, so yeah, the white color looks very nice, looks uh kind of very clean. So this is the battery you can see once without the battery. The whole thing is empty, so this is the whole motherboard, unlike all the other drone there. So this thing here so the whole battery came up and the whole drone looks like this cool. So what else here we can see that evo light plus uh everything is in chinese, so this is just the fcc number. I think they should have this in different languages if youre in you know in the other countries for overseas, so lets try to see whats. What is this okay? So this is a usbc, cable, uh port, so maybe to plug in to update firmware or something. So, on the left side, you have the micro sd card slot, so i believe this drone is way better than the a2s and maybe somewhere in between too close to maybe image quality like the dji mavic, but maybe 3 or maybe 2 pro somewhere around there. Okay, i need to be very careful on this, so theres an instruction on how to do it. So let me see if i can see so you have to no. It didnt show me how to remove this, so let me be very careful on here, so it is out.

So this whole camera looks very big, so this is the one inch ultra 6k camera with f 2.8 to 11 aperture. So the whole gimbal mechanism looks uh. Im not sure if this is so. This is our plastic, not really steel, working, yeah plastic, so yeah they painted it. Look looking like a steel, oh yeah, because the gimbal needs to be light. Understandable, theres, a bunch of bushing around so theres a lot of bushing. Here to keep it secure, so theres, also a cable sticking out also up front theres, a two camera the sensor. So this has a one, two, three, four: how many five six six optical sensor and two more. I think this air pressure sensor so yeah. I think thats about it for the uh unboxing on this. Oh, we havent looked at this battery yet so lets see. This is a 68.7 watt hour battery kilo. I think what our battery here yeah so ill charge up the battery and maybe ill show you some flight later on so yeah looks good. Huh lets not turn it on yet, oh maybe we can try to just see what its like. So the fan is indeed pretty noisy. You can hear from here the fairness, so this is the vent for where the hot air will come up, but im not feeling it anything yet because the newer drones they all have the china made microchip because now theres a lot of companies not willing to do Business with china on selling microchips, so this one has been like the uh they do.

They invent the uh drone uh, how to say with the local made chip so definitely a little more different than the previous generation. I suppose so.