You know what time it is lets talk about it, Music, Music Applause. So what i got in my hand here is the autel lite plus model. This is the premium bundle that includes the three batteries the charging hub, the nd filters and the premium case im sure. Already by now you guys already know the specs. All the youtubers have dumped the specs, so im not gon na really get into it. Im gon na get into the why you should buy this drone and why this is a viable, legitimate contender in 2022., coming from a manufacturing standpoint, the addition of the carbon fiber carbon fiber, carbon fiber, carbon fiber, double fiber carbon fiber fiber easily makes this drone the Best produced drone from autel, yet the carbon fiber adds to a reduced body, weight, more rigidity and strength for those impacts and those violent sudden changes in direction. The new one inch sensor provides more color, rich details and really what you guys want to see is how does it fly and how does it look? Ive had this now for a little over a week, and i could say its absolutely stunning: the new one inch sensor adopts a ryyb color filter array design which actually absorbs 40 percent more light than the traditional rgg beast sensor. This allows the evo light plus to capture natural scenery in all of its glory. This really pushes the flexibility of your creativity with an adjustable aperture from f 2.

8, all the way to f 11.. You pair these with the proper nd filters from freewell or from autel and youre, going to give yourself footage that is second to none the flight time sitting at a staggering 40 minutes. Even a single battery allows you of creative freedom to get whatever you need done. I love the fact that they went back with a proven design in the evo one and they used a top mounting locking battery very similar to the evo one design. You have the rivets right here on the top, ensuring that the battery is not going to have a sudden power failure and dislodge like weve, seen with dji drones. I also love the fact that they have limited the vent design system, which tells me and leads me to believe that theres, a lot of active cooling going on im. Sure you can hear it when the systems on you can hear those exhausts going. But i like the fact that its not flooded with vents, i know with the evo 2, some people were having issues with the cracking in the side. Slits never really had a problem myself, because i was always very gentle at holding the drone and positioning the drone, especially when im switching out the batteries. A lot of people clamp it down hard break off those fins and complain that the body was unstable. Really never was an issue with me, but i love the fact that this drone feels hard and rigid all the way around with the carbon fiber legs.

I know that this drone is not going to have any issues with disconnections or vibration. Issues related to the legs mounting to the motors, while this drone isnt a full 360 obstacle avoidance drone, you do have the primary obstacle avoidance in the front and the back with the sonar sensors on the bottom and the, of course, the accurate landing mode camera with The single led boom light auxiliary light for those low light scenarios. Finally, autel has listened to us. We were tired of the old controller and they heard our demands and provided us with the new one. The new controller is a lot like an xbox controller im. Sure theyve taken design elements from the gaming industry. This is the most ergonomic most balanced controller yet, and i think, out of all the controllers, ive dealt with that are not smart controllers. The evo light series controller is second to none. If i can offer any criticism at all about these new controllers, is it fits any cell phone, but it doesnt fit any tablet. It would be nice to be able to remove this top piece, maybe add an extension or a different piece to allow itself to connect to common tablets. That brings me to the triple tech 8 inch pro. I am a sucker for smart controllers. I, if youre a fan of this channel, you watch my videos. You know. Smart controllers are everything in my commercial workflow. I love the quick setup times not having to fumble with my phone not having to deal with an overheating, iphone or compatibility issues to be able to just turn on a smart controller pair it with your drone and set it on its way.

It seems like a more professional solution, and i know my clients appreciate as much as i do so dealing with the sun dealing with elements that are outside your control. Having over a thousand nits like this triple tech has allows me to be able to see what im doing to compose my shots effectively, no matter what the lighting conditions, no matter, what the environmental conditions are now, if any of you guys follow me on social media, On facebook and whatnot instagram, you guys have been asking: how do i pair it or how do i connect it? You dont need any fancy. 3D printed nonsense. The included tablet mounts mount easily and effectively to the controller for the light and for the nano series it comes with a strap. I dont know if you guys can see that there you got two little metal pieces on the back that screw in, and this simple strap its included with the triple tech purchase. All you have to do is just press the center button here to unstrap it. You set it on the ledge just like that. You turn it around and you strap it in place. It really is oops im fumbling it with it a little bit, but it really is as easy as that now its its on its ready to go. You just have to um and, as you can see its stable, i mean i im im, really not going to do this in the field, but its not coming off.

So once you got it strapped in you just connect the included usbc uh cord and thats it much bigger much brighter than your traditional iphones, your samsung galaxy phones. This is going to translate into an easier experience in an easier workflow youre, going to be able to compose your shots easier. More importantly, youre going to be able to spot those threats, birds in the sky, wires all the important obstacles that you made down your drone. This is going to come up easier on the triple tech 8 inch pro now the light and the nano series dont have smart controllers. I dont believe they will ever have smart controllers or be compatible with the current autel line of smart controllers. This sort of uh, all in one solution, translates into every drone, so you people who own skydios dji drones, maybe you just buy every manufacturer drones. Like me, i seem to be getting more and more each day. This translates into every controller every app its going to be able to be an all in one solution, and i like that more than having to pay over and over again for each smart controller for each drone, going back to the controller battery lifes, pretty good im Able to get three uh 40 minute flight batteries before this controller seems to want to die on me. I still left with about one bar or roughly thirty percent, twenty between twenty and thirty percent of um. The battery on the controller left, but i got ta, say they have a sort of a grip texture on here that im really fond of.

I dont know if you can make that out, but its very similar to the new xbox controllers. The sticks are very, very responsive and solid. I love the the the control sticks themselves and again we got more more. I absolutely love the design cues the paws and the home buttons are right up front, easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. You got your record button on the side there. You got your uh, your your custom buttons there single push for for one customizable button double push for a secondary. I have the obstacle avoidance set for the double push, because when i land oftentimes im in tight spaces, i dont want the drone to get tripped up on it because i may be coming in hot. Not have a lot of batteries. Uh battery life left so im going to want to turn off that obstacle avoidance when im coming in to land or possibly taking off, and the single push is the 90 degree up and down is what i currently have mapped so im going to be making a Lot more future videos on the light plus as well as some other drones. I got cooking up, but i can tell you this. The footage on here is absolutely stunning: its going to blow away the air 2s in terms of comparables. I would actually put this very. Very close to the evo 2 pro the color science on this with this new color array is, in my opinion, superior.

Obviously, weve got some software limitations on this next to the evo 2 pro and the lack of 360 obstacle avoidance, but as a travel drone, even as a a professional 107, you guys doing real estate, you guys are doing construction jobs, youre, going to be able to Get your moneys worth out of this, so i do recommend this drone were going to again test a lot of videos here in the future.