It either turn around there. It is Applause the parthenon. I came here because its usually a great place to fly. I did get lance approval for this place as well and theres plenty of soft targets, which is what i need. I need to track, someone thats right. It sounds creepy, but i came to the park to track someone all right. So ive got a couple volunteers here and theyve got a kite and i just walked right up on them, because you know how people love talking to strangers and asked them. If i could track their kite here, so were going to get that up in the air and im going to give that a try, autels active tracking is people only the software puts blue plus symbols over things. Youre allowed to track. As you can see, the kite is not an option. I think its following your sun. The light plus will hover in one spot tracking a human subject. Until you press the blue follow button, then it will track and follow, see it lost, and when oh, no, i got him again there you go and little kid energy huh see what happens when you hide behind me. Just see right there. Okay, it wont see you so it lost you. It nope now its tracking me now its tracking me. Let me click on the little plus thing. So now it wants to follow you yep all right, so now take off see if itll, oh yeah, no youre too fast for it.

I was truly impressed that all tail software could tell the difference between a person and a vehicle as objects. I remember tracking cars years ago with a phantom 3 pro that would actually track the controller. Well, those days are over thanks terrorism. This is pretty neat: oh nifty isnt. It im gon na gun it and see. If we can lose the drone. Okay go for it. Better, not that thing cost you like fifty dollars, didnt it and just what is autels fascination with the groin. They could have placed that blue dot anywhere else. That said, the tracking is very impressive until you hide behind a police car, but it will find you and lock on again. I then wanted to see how well it tracks and follows. So i got my passway t3 e board out the autel light plus did a fantastic job of keeping up and even managed to avoid tree branches without upward sensors, but i still wanted to fool it into following a vehicle. So i asked a friendly guy on a four wheeler to help me out: hey man, whats your name, jacoby um, flying the autel light plus and its got this tracking stuff on it, itll lock on to a person. It recognizes that its a person, but it wont lock onto a vehicle, and i saw you and i thought well theres a person on a vehicle, maybe itll lock onto the person. What do you think will happen? Well, we can give it a shot and see.

Lets. Do it its totally working and working well hes, trying to drive it in all right, give it the beans give it to me: Music still follow them wow. This is a lot better than i thought it would track. I think you finally lost it, but it was. It was keeping up with you, man wasnt it. Oh yes, sir, how about that was that fun? Oh yeah, thanks for your help, man can i ride your quad now. Oh, did that be a no well? That was fun, but i still wanted to see if i could trick autels active tracking into following a car. So i bought a human analog. Thats right ken bought barbie track its not tracking her, its very impressive and a little terrifying that the algorithm on the autel evo light plus can tell the difference between a living, breathing human form and a plastic one. In the last ditch effort, i thought that removing the dolls dress might allow the human form to be better recognized. Well, maybe its the clothes. Can you take her clothes off? Take off her clothes yeah leave not available Music. My inner 14 year old took over and i was helpless against him Laughter. The neighbor. In conclusion, the autel evo lite plus, is a feature rich drone on par with the dji air 2s. In fact, i actually prefer the autel 6k camera over the air 2s and the image is practically indiscernible from the 5k hasselblad camera on the mavic 3.

, its an ideal sized prosumer drone with 40 minutes of flight time, a beautiful night mode image and a very capable Active tracking system, albeit people only the price, is a bit more appealing too, with drone only prices being about a hundred dollars less than a comparable dji product. Why they do that isnt it crazy right. It should just go like on stomach. So then, what you have to do is you have to tap your own groin in order to track you. Is that crazy? All right, i just have to get over this wait. A minute is this. This is trespassing, i think. Oh you put her clothes back on. Thank you. Sorry.