I had a chance to travel to las vegas with it and to use it professionally for the past couple of weeks, and i want to share my experience with all of you. Lets get started: Music whats, going on everybody ken here youre watching original dobo and today were going to be talking about my overall experience using the evo light plus for the past two weeks. Now ive been pretty hard on all tell over the past couple of months and rightfully so. Theyve had a lot of issues with the evo 2 pro in the evo 2, and because of that, i really dont use that drone. It sits more often than not, but with the evo light, i dont find that to be the case. Let me explain see with the evo light. Alltel went back to the drawing board and thought about what they wanted. This drone to really be. Did they want this? To be a baby evo 2 pro, or did they want it to be something else, and i think they chose the latter of that and its in something entirely different all together. So, for starters, the build quality of the evo light is far superior than that of the evo 2 pro from just being completely honest, the drone size wise falls in between the mavic 3 and the air 2s as far of size and im. Okay with that, i like the size of the evo light, because its its not a big drone, but its not a small drone either now, because its not a small drone, it also means that it doesnt get blown around quite as much by the wind, which means I have a much more stable experience when piloting it.

Theyve also made some changes to the batteries, which i think was something that they needed to do and overall, over the past couple of weeks of using this im, damn near getting almost 40 minutes of flight time, which is, i think, pretty damn incredible and having three Batteries ive never found myself once needing more battery than just the three that i brought with me even in las vegas. Now the build quality on this is better. However, if you do plan on purchasing one of these evos, i would highly recommend that you stay away from the white or gray versions. When this was first announced. I thought i absolutely wanted the gray version, but after using it for a couple of weeks, the gray gets dirty very quick. It also gets scratched very, very easily thats a spiderweb. Now, unfortunately, when choosing a color, you dont know how that color is going to necessarily hold up until you start using it. So, im actually really happy that ive had a chance to travel with it, because the top shell of the evo light isnt the same as the evo 2 pro the evo 2 pro sort of has this orange peel effect to it and it repels dirt and grime, And scratches actually really quite well, but unfortunately the light series has more of a matte smooth finish and because of that, its going to pick up scratches and its going to pick up dirt a lot easier.

So longevity wise, i would still probably lean to the orange and not the gray or the white colors itd be cool if they made a black color im, still not sure why they wont do that. So another reason why i ended up switching to the light plus was the image quality ive been pretty critical about autels image quality over the past couple of weeks. But what i will tell you is that they did make some improvements to the overall images on the light plus. The camera no longer looks like an over sharpened mess, and the field of view seems to be a little bit wider on the light plus on the evo 2 pro 6k version. I always found that it was just too narrow for real estate videography and photography. Unless i was using the full 6k sensor, that was the only way i can get a wider field of view. So this is definitely a big step in the right direction. Along with the improved color science, i have a lot less complaints with the overall image and it is actually really refreshing to not have to do an abundant amount of color grading when im traveling it means i can make videos faster and a lot more enjoyable. Another big win for the evo light plus and the light is the fact that that new rc is so compact. It really is super small and it feels a lot better using it. Doesnt feel so uncomfortable and i wasnt sure how i was going to feel about.

Like that xbox style controller, but ill tell you after using it for the past couple of weeks, even me being a pincher, i dont find it uncomfortable at all. Now, even though i like the controller one stupid fact about the controller, is the fact that there is nowhere to put the sticks. Now people have talked about these two little holes in front of these bolts on the back side of the rc, that that is where the sticks are supposed to go while the stick fits in there. That is not where the sticks are meant to go. It just so happens that, yes, you can screw into it, but because youre screwing into plastic, eventually thats going to wallow out and youre going to end up losing your sticks and probably one of the worst possible times that you can imagine. This happened to me when i was in las vegas. I took the sticks off put them in my bag and i couldnt find where i freaking put them and i was actually panicking. So i stole a set of sticks from the demo units on the ces floor. I apologize ill tell and im, not even joking, okay, so lets talk about one of the biggest reasons why i ended up going to the evo light plus, as my daily driver and its gps, the mavic 3, although its an amazing craft, the gps, locking situation, is An absolute show it takes forever for gps to lock with the evo light i power it on and before the gimbal even calibrates.

I have enough gps signal to be able to take off and ive not had any issues with the light plus with flyaway, or you know, any sort of goofy things that ive had with the nano version. I havent had any problems with the light version, so there definitely is something to be said about larger drones versus smaller drones and overall issues in quality control, so its not all been sunshine and rainbows. Thus far, there have been some minor bugs, but these are not deal breakers, and these are things that i can totally live with. One of the biggest issues that ive had so far with the evolite plus is the fact that if i put an sd card in there – and i dont format it beforehand, i dont have any way to format it, because currently there is a format issue where i Format an sd card and it doesnt actually delete the files off the sd card. This is something ive reported to all tell, but they have not been yet able to duplicate the issue. So if you or somebody having that problem make sure you let them know because thats something that i think they need to do a deeper dive, but its not something that i feel is like a huge deal. Breaker. Okay lets talk about the application, because the sky app is very, very juvenile and because its so juvenile theres a lot of missing features that i think alltel needs to add sooner rather than later.

For starters, we definitely need some sort of creative profiles underneath the camera options we need to like a flat or log profile. Ive talked about this before when i was in las vegas, i was impressed with the dynamic range that the camera was able to produce, but i would have much rather been able to fully control my image and really be able to give it a creative spin by Having or utilizing a log or flat profile when shooting photos or, more importantly, when shooting auto bracketed exposures, i dont have any way to manually control the camera its all done automatically and i just have to tap to expose. It would be nice underneath that option to be able to set the aperture and control the shutter and how fast and and more importantly, i just need aperture control when doing auto bracketed exposure. We need more manual controls under the camera, app for photos and then the last thing thats missing so far is tracking. We dont have any sort of active tracking as of right now, or at least i havent been able to find any sort of active tracking. Now, when talking to alltel directly, they did tell me that they are rolling out updates in phases. So so far we are on phase one of updates, but phase two will be coming in the near future, which hopefully will bring a plethora of fixes that ive talked about in this video to the evo lite plus.

I also think its important to remember that everything im talking about in this video could apply to the evo light and the plus version of the evo light. I dont think its really ultimately user specific, because theres going to be minor differences between those two cameras, all right, thats going to do it for the evo light plus video, like i said its really hard to complain much about this drone. I think its only going to get better with each firmware update so im going to try to do the best. I can to stick with this drone while alltel makes some improvements to it because, like i said its its pretty good right now, i think it could be a little bit better. So, if youre interested in more evo light, plus videos – just like this be sure to comment down below letting me know if you picked up either this or the nano ive decided to postpone my nano video until i can get a unit that is functioning properly. I want to give it a fair shake im really attempting to give companies a fair crack at things in 2022, so im gon na. Let all tell send me another unit see if that one does better than the one i have right now and uh yeah. So, im a little out of breath its actually its uh. I dont want to say its cold out, because people up north will probably come down here and kick my ass, but its cold for florida.

All right ill see you in the next video stay original Music. I heard they checking for me no one checking on me, so i had to go run up a check. I got the message: homie aint, no flexing on me. My attorney gon na call and collect blessings on blessings. For me, my successors only made them envious.