I got the message: homie aint, no flexing on me. My attorney gon na call and collect blessings on blessing. For me, my successors only made them envious. They got upset. I had to put all their egos in check. I want the money to power, respect and i heard you know so and so youre not a threat cause. I really know so, and so they like my family, so they go pretend that they cool till they bust. At your chest, im getting good, am i floating like butter, my check in the bank. They see the number all of my haters feel one of two ways really upsetting. They show some put it back into the because i dont really need it Music. I heard they checking for me no attacking on me, so i had to go run up a check. I got the message on me: aint no flexing on me, my attorney dont call it collect blessings on blessing. For me. My successors only made them envious. They got upset, i had to put all their egos in check. I had to. I had to put all the eagles in check youre not entitled to anything else. I get 10 years of this under my belt. Your art is an art, they dont feel it and nobody hears that initiative stay on the shelf. Your ego doesnt got it away. You got ta die today it got ta go, you should be happy, got light in the low the weight of your arrogance, heaviest stone.

I make an appearance. They already know that chip on your shoulder, gon na crumble and fold yeah its not a secret that you have been fearing the that im on to you back to the bragging about, but im in a class on my own uh. I heard they checking for me no were checking on me, so i had to go. All right, i think, were ready were warmed up, were warmed up, lets, bring it down a notch. Lets bring it down a little bit slow skate a little slow skate. I was challenged before the stream started to pronounce a name correctly. As you know, i have a speech impediment, but i will still pronounce your name joe has given me all the um additives i need to pronounce his name right, so its joe fotolio photo leo. No pasta included im assuming its italian. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome welcome to the greatest show on wednesday night streaming live to your face right to your face. This is not a drone show for the plus 65, an angry crowd. This is not a drone show for the minus 20 and not you crowd um. This is for like everybody, in between crowd. This is for just have a drink, just ill shut up now. This is like, when my wife usually tells me to shut up, because i dig myself in deeper ive stuck my heels in. I have dug in deep. I see the lips a lot a lot of lips.

Everybody loves lips um. Tonight we are drinking some quality bell cow. This is from j dubs brewery here in sarasota florida, its a delicious chocolate, porter alcoholic volume, if youre into that type of thing is 5.6. With that being said with that being said, let lats lats lats lets go ahead. You know what lee yellow rose drones. He says hes over 65 hes, okay, hes, okay, hes, not angry, and if hes angry hes angry for the right reasons, lets bring in mike esteem colleague and wonderful co host hes here every week hasnt been paid a single dime. I own so money in back taxes, uh eddie, nunez eddie. What are you drinking at hello? I am drinking some extraordinary. Eight dollar bottle of wine. Oh my god, eddie, my god, eddie you, my friend, just are a wonderful human being. You are a wonderful human being eddie. You see all these lips here, eddie whats up with all these lips dude. This is for you. I know. Im gon na have to change my name sooner or later. Eddie lips eddie, the lips were already working on the logo. Were already working on the logo, it can go two ways that channel it could it really could, but it could be good for seo. You never know eddie. How was your christmas? It was good um. It was really good. I got um some peter mckinnon stuff. You know im a huge fan boy. You are a very huge fan: boy, yeah youre, my wife youre, a big fan boy yeah, my wife hooked me up.

It almost made me. She almost she made me feel bad because uh gifts from my end. From from my side, this year was on the low end, because you know i got fudge on that: mavic 3 yeah yeah um, so you know it was good. I got that i i got a peak design, um carbon fiber tripod! Oh nice, yeah, very nice, nice. Nice um, the peter mckinnon um backpack the whole set too, like the one that comes with everything: okay, well good, for you, man, good for your son mexican christmas yeah, nice man. How was yours? You know it was uh. It was a weird christmas man. We went up to the cabin we were there from uh wednesday, and then we decided you know we were missing the family. We were missing all our family, so we ended up leaving christmas morning driving all the way back home and uh, making it in time to go to dinner at my brothers house uh. So it was nice because all three of my, like my two brothers myself, my mom and dad, were there, which is rare – that were all there not throwing fists um. So it was nice. It was like nobody was beating the out of each other um, which is sometimes what usually happens um, but this this was nice, so uh it was a good christmas and then uh were back to reality. Yesterday i turned yesterday was my birthday.

I turned 37.. Oh happy belated birthday, you know – and i started thinking about things like im, starting to process life 10 years at a time like im, starting to think about life 10 years at a time – and i started thinking myself like holy life – is really short like when you Start adding it up im like i better start like doing you know, i know, and and the older you get the faster time goes: oh my god dude its crazy 30. after 30, its like this yeah right, i dont, want to. I dont even want to. I didnt want i i dont have it on facebook, like i dont like, and somehow people knew they were texting me im like i i ban. I hid that because i dont like to i like to celebrate it like after 21, i was just like yeah. I dont give a yeah, no so um we got something we got something in oh yeah. I think everybodys waiting for it. Look at that dude. It is, you know, for the first time. I think you know that that is sexy. It looks. I cant tell you how i i im gon na save it for the first impressions, like the all the details, but im gon na just say this, that this is my favorite evo to date. Right now, its my favorite evo, like that my favoritest evo of all time, is this. After getting a chance to fly it for a couple hours today and, like you know, really sort of like understand some things, it is my fav, my favorite, like my most favorite evo, in the hand.

In the hand it feels this is the evo light. This is the evo light and it is slightly bigger than air 2s, but slightly smaller than a mavic, 3 or mavic 2.. The carbon fiber arms are interesting, its not like theyre, not fake carbon fiber, its actually real carbon fiber and big water uav solutions. Thank you. So much Laughter, i just i had to read that comment i had to slow down like. Sometimes you get a comment thats so out there youre like what the um but uh the carbon fiber arms. I think, are really like an interesting touch like its something different. That we really havent seen on uh too many drones now how theyre gon na hold up in the long run is gon na, be the question because i mean they get scratched, but then you just wipe it away and the scratch disappears like its weird um unfold. It its not huge its actually like a pretty small footprint. I i know its weird, because weve had gray drones for a while weve had great drones with every single mavic, but its weird, because this is the first all tell drone thats gray and it sort of grows. You know its sort of growing on me. I sort of like it, you know its uh, its it looks like i like. I like how it looks and the battery arms, with the gray its a nice touch and the battery sort of goes in like that now, even without the battery in it, it still feels very like solid, like its dense.

This battery is heavy, but it feels pretty damn dense and the battery the way the battery goes in is sort of like like bam and it clicks, but it has a satisfying click, so um its its pretty damn interesting, um flying it today. It doesnt fly like my all tail, like it. Doesnt fly like my evo 2 pro, which i was like at first i was like i dont have to do anything to the expo settings im like what it was. It was like sort of took me off guard. I was like oh, this flies actually really well right out of the box, so that was actually pretty cool. How much flight time are you getting? Oh youre saying all right, well ill! Tell you today i flew it for about 35 minutes thats great and i still had. I still had room to go. I didnt i didnt want to push it because i wasnt really sure, but i had about. I flew it for about 35 minutes. I had a stopwatch on, i flew it for 35 minutes and i was like wow. I still actually have battery to spare and i flew it out about. I was like about 16 or 1700 feet um and actually i went behind an island and – and i didnt lose signal like with my evo2 pro, i would have lost signal. I would have had breakup. I wasnt getting any of that. So uh theres a lot theres.

A lot to like and theres some weird things that i dont think people will really like with it, but for the most part, its its really mostly positive, its really mostly positive, which is a nice surprise. It is a nice price, yeah uh. So let me just jump in this uh 85 percent mavic copycat thats like saying the evo, is a mavic copycat. You can only make a folding drone, so many different ways and honestly you can only make a folding drone in so many ways right, uh bob casey asked. If i got any footage, i did get footage ill. Have it in a video thats going to be going live on friday, uh im, just waiting to compile more footage, just just even more its funny. How funny all tell went to a top mounted battery and dji went? Is a rear mounted battery? Well, actually, theyre still rear mounted it doesnt. You cant pull the battery out from the top theyre theyre, both rear mounted its just. They implemented the battery differently than dji djis battery goes inside and clicks to the same sort of the same way and all tells has to slide in the back, but you you cant, take it out from the top. It wont work like that. Theres, like latches all the way through so its just different, its just different uh any word on the nano uh nano will be in the bag or i should have the nano this week.

Uh, this camera is the one inch 6k version, so this has got the 6k camera and the best of my knowledge and what i can tell its slightly different than whats on the evo 2 pro. As far as the color goes, its its its very different. It doesnt have a lot of the issues that i noticed with the um, the evo 2 pro so theres definitely been some changes, at least with the color science uh, at least with the camera itself, but well have to wait test. It ill have to get more information from the ill, tell team when i see them next week in vegas, so uh, but overall first impressions are very, very positive. I dont have a lot of negative to say about this um, but give me like a week and ill find something sounds like you like it so far, yeah so far so far i like it, i like the size of it. I mean. The other thing. Is the controller like? Is that a new controller yeah? This is the new controller um. It reminds me a lot of like the parrot controller sort of, but yeah more, like uh more like a um, an xbox controller. It feels really solid, though, like its not its not like built like cheap, it doesnt feel shitty or cheap in the hand, which is nice um. They did go ahead and make it to where the sticks are removable, but in autels infinite wisdom, where the do you put the sticks when you take them out like im, looking im looking im looking all over this device and im like where would i put a Stick if i took it out, i mean i guess you could you put it under here? Could you i mean you cant really that doesnt work theres nowhere where you can stick the f and stick after you take them out, but yeah, like you, cant you cant put like so its like sort of defeats, the purpose of making them removable because you cant Mount them anywhere on the rc, which is sort of silly, but the rc feels good.

So uh b man appreciate you brother for the 20 super chat. I appreciate yeah so um. This is an evaluation unit, though eddie. So this particular unit is an evaluation unit. Its not a consumer ready unit, so something may change like they may have it to where, on the consumer units that the sticks have like a dedicated spot on the controller, i doubt that they will because usually when they do this type of stuff, its usually final. But there could be a possibility that they make it to where something is removable, which i dont know why they would give us. You know a quality control unit like that, but thats sort of how they did it so um. It is what it is, but it is nice to see. Is that a true 6k camera, or is it 5.4k blah blah blah yeah its you know? 6K is still 5.9 k, its still 5.9 k theyre, calling it 6k, but its 5.9 k. I mean whats right there i mean thats like me like watching you know, pornhub and searching for i dont know anal and its like he sort of puts it in, but he doesnt its still its still anal um. There you go. This just became an unfriendly show like everybodys, like um im a southern baptist. I i dont put up with that type of. Yes, you do. I know what you do in your spare time. You call me on the last live stream.

I was. I was hitting my favorite um playlist yeah yeah, you were you were you were hitting that favorite playlist, um, yeah and chad b just said he goes uh. The remote is the same as the nano theres. Nowhere to put the sticks like that is such a dumb thing to do. Thats such a dumb thing to do. They could have put it here like make a spot right here where you can put. The sticks like just put a little indentation put the stick. I mean like, or even make it to where like somewhere underneath here you can put the sticks like it would have been a thoughtful thing to do, but they didnt do it. They didnt do it, like. I dont understand like if youre going to make something removable. You have to make somewhere for you to stow it and they fail to supply the necessary cavity to put that in crazy yeah. Thank you so much arco for the 5 super chat. I appreciate it um but, like i said i do like the controller. I do feel like it does feel good in the hand if youre somebody who pinches you might find that the controller is a little bit cramped. I find it would be a little bit cramped, but if youre a thumber youre going to be just fine, it feels very, very comfortable in the hand. It is a lot more of a welcome change than the previous generation um reception.

I think the reception is actually the most impressive aspect of this. Is the the reception changed dramatically um, like i said, like usually im pretty critical with products like latency, like im, usually tearing it apart and im, just sort of pleasantly surprised like ill wait till friday cause like i said, i really dont have a lot of negative Things to say about it, um its just its a great little drone, and i think that, like the fl, the sky, app the sky, its so weird, they called the sky app, which i think is sort of ironic, its, like opposite of fly sky um. I almost feel like its the same company sometimes, but i think that, like the sky, app is in its juvenile stages like if you remember when the fly app was first introduced, the fly app was very limited. It was like a lot of people. Didnt didnt, like the the fly app they were like. Oh, this has got a lot of stripped out features. I feel like thats. The sky app right now, like theyre gon na, have to get to a point where they can make it to where people are happy. With it again and thats the sky app right now, some things are great, but its almost too simplistic, so im, very unfamiliar with autel products, um, never even flown one. So the sky app is a new app that they created for this series or its something that was being utilized prior again.

The sky app. Is that something new that they created for this particular drone, or is this something yeah? This is something new, so it used to be the uh ill, tell explorer app and then before that it was like um. You know it was an entirely different app. They used to use like an x star app. I forgot what the app was called at the time, but it was a different application before um. But now it is, the sky. App is going to be the new app going forward, at least for the new line of drones, the evo 2 pro and the evo is still going to use the explorer app so but like thats, a much more mature application like theyve had a lot of time To develop that so its going to take them some time to make the sky application to be on par. I think with that its getting better, so i mean yeah, you know it. I i mean i look im looking forward to your review. It would be nice if all tell really came through with a a a direct competitor to the air to us. Would you say this is a a competition to the air to us, yeah yeah. In some ways it is and in some ways its not like theres. Some things i think the air 2s does amazing and then theres some ways that that this does not like. I know people are like.

Oh does this have 10 bit color as of right now. No, it does not, because you dont have any a way to address a color profile like if you go into the application. You say i want to shoot in log theres, no log theres, no log in this. You just have one standard profile. Now, in my testing today that standard profile has a pretty crazy amount of dynamic range, but theres no creative profiles such as log or like a cinelike profile, theres. Nothing like that now. They could add that in later, like again, because this is an evaluation unit – i they could add that in but as of right now, they dont have it yeah and something else i noticed is that and chad um mentioned it in the in the chat. It only shoots: 4k 30 doesnt have 4k 60., so yeah, 4k, 30 um, 4k, 30 or 6k 30 frames per second theres. No 60 frames per second enabled on these, at least that at least what i could see. So i mean, but again do i think thats going to be something that will come later. Possibly i i think after ces well see a major update to that application, which will in turn, change what we see here. I think that these are being limited. I dont know why that is. But again i dont know, but it is interesting. Uh does the autel app run as smooth as the dji fly app, i mean it runs pretty damn decent.

I think i mean i didnt have any problems today. It wasnt crashing. I used it on android and i used it on my iphone, so i used it both ways and i didnt notice a negligible difference either like it wasnt it wasnt a massive difference between the two they performed identical. So i i think it runs perfectly fine to be honest and the only difference is you can download both of these apps from their corresponding app stores. Its not hosted on their websites like dji, has theirs on their website um. So yeah um, i wonder, is there a smart controller going to be compatible with this new drone? Now that was a question i did ask, and i wasnt i mean they didnt. Give me an immediate comment on that. My guess is because theyre both the v2 chipsets. Yes, but then part of me thinks no, because man im telling you the the the transmission signal, at least on the light, is, is entirely leaps and bounds different than the evo 2 pro b2, the evo 2 pro v2, even different than my my commercial unit, which Is the v2 it just dude its actually its really good, its really good, now, im not saying its better than ocusync, but like its its right on par with accusing too its not occu, sync 3, but its right on par with ocusync. As far as latency and transmission feed like the smoothness of the feed – and i was out pretty far and i was behind an object and it was still maintaining a very, very solid signal – it was promising and i think i was talking along on the phone earlier And hes, like hes, like you, sound, like youre, shocked and i said well, i am shocked.

I am shocked because i was expecting it to suck and he goes maybe youre so surprised because it doesnt suck that its like making the experience better, because you had an anticipation for for it to fail right, right and and its true, like my anticipation, was okay. This is not going to be as good as my mavic 3 or its not going to be as good as my air 2s, but, and i was flying im like pretty good, so i mean it its its just how it goes um yeah so so definitely definitely Like it um im trying to get caught up on the comments here, ill tell site shows 4k 60 for light, plus its not available as of right now. So again, this is an evaluation unit. Like do, i have to say this again. This is an event. This is an evaluation unit, probably by the time that you receive the drone, it will probably have 4k 60 and maybe even log footage who knows uh, but as of right now this does not. I didnt see it there so yeah one of those things where well get it with firmware thats going to be the new thing. Now the new model going forward with technology. I think high tech hillbilly you if you cannot fly it with missions its twice. I dont give a about missions. I dont fly my with missions. I dont care about missions. I dont care about missions, say it again say the again out of this chat.

I dont give a if youre a long time scriber i dont give a bye dont, give a if it cant fly without missions. Im done well, thats a fast way to piss him off who the flies their drone. With missions. I, like i dont, i dont, buy a drone to fly a drone with missions. If i wanted a drone to fly, its self id buy a skydio. If i wanted it to fly itself, i fly a drone because i want to be in control of everything that drone is doing like like waypoints and missions are my trigger point you want to trigger me. You want to put me over the edge talk about waypoints and missions, say waypoints, one more time say: waypoints, one more time i think, im playing unbelievable its a toy. If it cant fly missions had a vibrator from 2022. Its fly wave points dumbass holy dude. I dont i dont like waypoints, i think its stupid, like its the stupidest like what do you want it to do? I dont want to put it on a mission here, ill press, the button push the button and it goes off and it and it takes the phone. Oh it stopped. Oh the photo. The drone snapped, theres no enjoyment, theres no enjoyment yeah its um. I ive never used mission, the the the closest intelligent fly mode is hyperlapse and thats hyper lapses. You know, but but but again like like youre still in control to a certain extent its its got its got it its got a purpose that the end result is going to look its going to look good, theres, nothing sexy about a mission like this.

You want waypoints, you want missions, evo 2, evo 2, pro evo 2, the commercial drone – if you, if you want to get a hard on over waypoints, the the sky, app, is very stripped down its so stripped down a idiot could fly this drone without crashing it. Okay, this is the idiots all tell if youre like me and youre a idiot and you drink more than you can physically handle, and you know if youre like me and have a 540 credit score. This drone is for you, okay, this drone is for you, okay thats. This is this. Is the every mans laymans like this? Is the drone for you? If you just want to sit back and and and just fly, thats it thats it. You just want to fly its its in every mans drone, its in every mans drone thats. What its for i mean its. I mean this. This is a casual drone. Not every drone has to be a professional drone and thats thats, like what i dont understand. If you need something that does something else: okay, theres theres, a hundred other drones that that do exactly what you needed to do. Scotty carter says: missions are like having auto suck at the end of your pecker, pretty much theres, no enjoyment in that theres theres, no enjoyment in that i got ta get so riled up so early on in the show were only 26 minutes in and somebodys got To just trigger the out of me, i know you know, and the next question is going to trigger you too.

I know its coming whats that theres theres rumors out there of a new dji product dont, say it eddie, dont, dont, dont, say anything. You already know dont even say it dont even say it i did see. I did see rumors of this option, its there ive seen rumors of it and and im sure its gon na come. You know its. You know its gon na come. You know its to come its going to happen because there is going to be two new, tiny little drones on the market. What are you doing eddie? What are you doing b man just text me: you have a price, its going to be returned after stream thats. Why its still on yeah, you can return that to the dollar store Laughter, um yeah! No, but i mean overall, you know heres the thing i look at it this way. If somebody doesnt like what a drone does dont buy it youve got other options. You can buy whatever you want, dont buy it buy it dont buy it. I dont give a um. I really dont um. You know its like its like people gripe over the stupidest like who cares like yeah like like. If i had a company – and i was developing something im gon na develop something that i have in my mind – im not like, because what i know im developing in my mind, somebody else may say you know what i like, that idea: im going to buy.

That idea, so its thats, why you did thats? Why you do that? I dont understand yeah and theres a lot of options out there now, like a lot of solid options that you can go with. Louis manuel de los cabos says: okay, calm down louis you in case youre wondering this is not a ken heron stream. I dont ask for super chats. I dont ask for super chat trains. Instead, what i do is, i have a band hammer train here. I have a gang bang of moderators and i dont see a wrench next to your name. So let me show you how my moderator, gangbang works. Theyre gon na see this and theyre gon na, be like you, dont tell them what to do and theyre just gon na gang bang, the out of you with their moderator, badges because, again youre dealing with the wrong ken i dont drink or eat pigeon jerky. I dont give a i dont make funny jokes here. This is for the people that actually make money off of youtube. Okay them there. You go gang, bang them there. It is there. It is thats how it goes. Bang it! Bang, bang, bang, bang any anybody else. Today, no okay, cool god bless it anyways. This is a good show. Eddie. Is it a great day its a beautiful day? I think, is that a sweater youre wearing no wonder youre a little hot today i i am wearing a sweater.

It was cold, but now its now its not i mean its just. What am i drinking today? Apparently acid. Wait im fired up um. This is a uh, its a milk chocolate porter see like look. I love i love when they bang them out of here and then i can still see that theyre trying to comment they cant im like but youve got no voice its so little um eddie i met some guy. Today i was out flying the. I was flying this out by the water um. I was flying this out by the water well allow that um yeah and i turn around – and i im like thats an fpv drone and im like thats, a dji fpv drone, and i look down the road and this gentlemans flying the fpv drone. So i walked down there and i was like hey: how do you like the drone? You were just talking and um. He we were just like talking back and forth. He was telling me about his mavic talking about like the new updates with the fpv drunks. I havent flown that tv drone in a hot minute and um, but its just cool cause like he was out there flying over the water and then i was going to leave and he and i was like oh whats, your name because im like i never i Never see any pilots like, i never see pilots, so anytime, theres. A pilot like locally im, like i got ta, know who this person is yeah, so it was just cool to see like another pilot, so his names, his names steve, so maybe steves out there watching uh steves a good guy, its crazy.

How only a drone pilot can instantly hear another drone in the air yeah as soon as i heard it, i knew exactly what it was. The the fpv drone has such a distinct, sound fpv drone has such a distinct sound. Like you hear that, like and youre like yep fpv drone and, like you know, yeah, you know what i mean uh its just weird like you can hear certain things like. I can hear a mavic and im like all right, thats, the mavic, the mavic 3 i havent been able to like pinpoint, but, like the evo, you sort of know that, like another distinct drone, remember the old air to the errors that mavic airs like you can Pick you could pick an air off like a mile away. Yeah the first air holy crap yeah, that was an aggressive freaking pitch, sounded like a a b. Remember that yeah it was like a beach right there yeah, the first hair was ridiculous yeah. So that was that was pretty cool to see somebody else say i was actually what tripped me was. I was like all right. Well, i know how far he is so what i was doing, i was just making sure i was up higher than he was because i was like man last thing i want to do is collide with him and lose this drone uh or lose his drone. For that matter, and then im like buying two drones.

Ah, but it was all good, it was all good. It was all good, so um, im gon na try to take this out tonight. I got a lume cube. Ive got one extra lume cube, so one cool thing is, i could put the loom cube on the battery and its not gon na affect anything so ill, just tape it and it like it, should work. Fine, put a limb cube on there. Im gon na try to fly it at night im just curious to see what the nighttime footage will look like with this. It does have some nighttime photo options which i think are pretty um, pretty cool theyre, calling it the moonlight, algorithm, yeah thats, going to be interesting to see like what a name, a moonlight algorithm for night shooting moonlight algorithm yeah so is that. Is that really what theyre calling that the moonlight algorithm yeah its on their site? Moonlight algorithm is what that features is called for, filming at night, really yeah thats. What were calling that okay lets lets just take a look at this moonlight, algorithm, really yeah. Ah, all right here it is evil light cut through the darkness. Take back the night discover the world by moonlight equipped with a one inch cmos sensor, alltels, intelligent moonlight algorithm. The evil light can capture crisp, vibrant details at night with low noise, even when the altal iso is cranked. You hop high well were gon na have to put that to the put that to the test tonight.

Man these photos look amazing, but is this video or photos that looks like hong kong, beautiful city, so much smog looks amazing. Um yeah! Well, try it well see. I dont know hows my voice that going um well have to try it out well test. It matthew. Bagwell wants me to test it hard. We will test it hard, so well give it a go. Well see, maybe its. Maybe this impresses me a little bit more um. I do like the fact that the gps locks pretty quickly my mavic 3 gps takes about a year and a day the lock gps signal, starting to lose patience with it. Edward thats um its weird, because some people had have success like in my previous mavic 3. My stock was immediate. Like instant, i agree. I grew up. Eddie hows, your new drone, any um javier 95 wants to know eddie. How is the new drone any horizon or disconnect issues its uh sitting right here? Javier look, let me find you fly that you send it yet. No, no, not at all, look um! Look at the batteries. Look at the batteries. Oh man, you havent even flown that dude. No, its still in the box. I havent even charged them. Look. How far have you flown that eddie? Well, this one this one, only uh are you: how far are you full of your mavic 3 adi? Not far at all, look look at the remote, its still, everything is wrapped, all wrapped up, all wrapped up betty yeah.

No, i um ill have an answer for you next next week. I guess im gon na go out this weekend and fly. You bet you got to put it through the air eddie. You got to run it through some paces, ed low miles miles. Eddie said: hes. Gon na sell it low miles, hes not impressed with it hes not impressed with it. Crypto man said my new drone, disconnected flew and crashed. Dji is giving a hassle over it. Yeah thats thats, really a bummer. I heard that eddie told me that you had an issue so every day, every day, if you look at the comments on my on that disconnect video that i made it wasnt a disconnect video, but it turned out to be one yeah every day, im getting two People commenting on that video saying that their drone almost had a fly away or crash crash landed because it just auto lands. It goes into a force order, land um, feature um because of the disconnects and some people are. I ive been asking. Some people is having this issue with the rc, with the with the rc pro others with the standard rc, so its um, its pretty weird yeah thats um its weird. I i just dont trust that with that much you know what im saying like yeah, i dont. I dont, i dont know why i havent flown my drone because i dont i dont want to go into an urban environment where i live, and first of all, im not gon na go to flushing and fly in inside of a circle thats stupid before buying a Drone to fly inside of a circle – and i dont want to fly it anywhere, where this thing might just fly away crash into a building land on somebodys, head or a car.

I mean, like i dont want to be on on the news. Ive had this. This is my third mavic 3 and the gps takes an incredibly long time to lock, like it seems stable, like once it goes, but then i had a couple of issues where it said. I had 15 satellites and i would take off and im like what are you doing and its drifting its drifting backwards. Then i land it and then i take off again and i take off again its fine but like an untrained pilot, may just send it up higher and think, oh its going to get better the higher i go and it doesnt get better and you just make The situation worse, i dont know i think, thats something that they can address. Possibly in the software maybe make the make it like be a little bit more true, maybe its not representing the correct values and satellites im, not really sure, but i think thats something again with firmware. They can. They can work on yeah and dji was very interested in um, seeing my flight logs. They, they were actively sending me messages through twitter and finally, they you know it got to a point where its getting it was getting aggravated. Just answering all their questions. I said: look im returning it. This is the serial number im sure. Once this gets back to your factory, you can do all the testing you want. Just a quick update.

Louis uh cabos is back. Everybody asks louis how his butt is lewis lewis, i see youve given me a pickle and a picture of a pair im assuming you would you do you need more? Would you like more sir, are you asking for more? You know this stuff only happens in the original double stream. I mean he literally its a picture of a pear and a and a cucumber i mean louis, you tell me, lets have a safe word. First louis lets have a safe word. Lets have the safe word something like um. I know rth lets like return to home thats your safe word, lewis, return them home, um uh. Whatever i dont care, you could stay louis, its fine, its fine. We banged you out enough uh, please, sir! May i have another: um lewis came back for more so hes. Just like i love it. Its amazing yeah, um lon, says one thing they did was hold home point announcement until you have more sats for now yeah it helps, but it doesnt help um. I think theres still a problem there like they still need to address its, not flushed out a hundred percent. I think it can be better its just not quite 100, there its important to recognize that the mavic 3 still after the latest update is not 100. Its getting better its getting better but its, not 100. So i wonder what update we will see in january, because i know the update.

We were waiting for. We got ahead of time right yeah, but but you think that was the update. Maybe that was an update that was always intended to happen. Thats true, you know, and you know the reality is you know theyre prepping, probably another product. You know i cant help but wonder like maybe some of the problems theyre. Having is maybe the component manufacturers the where, where theyre being supplied, somebody also told me something about like they silently made like a v2 version. Was that you eddie, like you, said something about: they made a v2 version. Yes, so let me let me get it so. Supposedly online, if the first mavic 3s didnt come with a foam guard for your gimbal and um now the new one does. This is the first time im taking this thing out. Let me see where is it oh right here, so you see this right here. Let me focus this was not included. This was not included. I didnt get that i didnt get that yeah and now its its its in their newer shipments. Okay, um and it just says – remove before flight before use yeah before you use. So people online are saying that if you got it with this technically this is a v2 version. I dont know so they say, but you know teams seems like a stretch. I mean i, i im a gambling person, so i like to try and buy like thats.

You know i like to live life on the bleeding edge because you only live once um, but i get it. I get it. I dont know yeah a lot of people saying i didnt get. I didnt get it with. They didnt get it with that foam thing. Yeah, what is in the v2, who knows maybe its different components – boom phone yeah foam – you get foam phone, oh foam is in the v2 foam and um who knows yeah. Who knows it? There was a picture online, though, with the um 4g dongle on the top. I dont know if yeah, but can you imagine having a 4g dongle how far that would fly with a 4g dongle? Oh, you can go unlimited, you go unlimited, but why would you need to go that far? You dont need to go that far well like. If i want to, if i want to spy on my brothers home in new jersey, why would you want to do that, though eddie yeah, i dont, know you dont. You dont fly that far eddie. You dont fly your batterys not going to make it that far yeah theres, no reason to the only. The only reason why i would i would love um. The 4g dongle is just to ensure that you have consistency. I think thats. What i i would want it for i would just want it to have. You know. You know the combat against interference in urban environments.

I think that would be amazing, but then its like well, do you have to wait for it to get signal to be able to actually use it like so its like? Where does it actually supersede? You know what i mean yeah and i wonder how much how much it would cost there has to be a monthly cost to it. Oh yeah, theres gon na be a monthly fee, um theres more and more connected devices more more now than ever um. So i mean its gon na be interesting to see how that goes, though yeah, but i doubt i highly doubt well see that here in the states, though oh the 4g dongle yeah yeah, we dont you dont need to fly that far. No, nobody like reality is like 2 000 3000 feet. I think, is more than enough for most people like you can do a lot of you can do a lot within that parameter of flight. I think um, how much latency do you introduce with something like that? Thats another question who knows yeah who knows uh like the owl cam? Yes exactly does the alto light have geo fencing? No, there is absolutely no geo, fencing dont. Ask me how i know this dont. Ask me how i how i tested that today, but no there is no geo fencing. There is no geofence and it does tell you it does tell you that theres an airport nearby, but it will not stop you from taking off.

You still have to be a responsible pilot, but it does not stop you, so there is still no geofencing present on all tel drones, which i think is pretty pretty cool its nice to be able to fly unhindered. If you can get a um, if you can get a lanc authorization, it is nice that you can just sort of take off and be smart about it. Have you any knowledge on the new smart controller bundle air2s been replaced for the rc pro um. We had listings on them. We had some for a little bit, but i havent seen any more so i dont know whats going on with that. As far as that goes not really sure, did you happen to see bk on kens channel take his mavic 3 to one percent Music whos bk. I think hes that whopper fpv guy whopper junior fpv yeah sounds like a mma fighter. Oh billy kyle a lot of billy kyles eddie drop me a billy, kyle, emoji, yeah, im thinking you want to see billy right there, you go just schedule a little ill. Do it there you go there we go. I got a little billy, kyle emoji um little billy eddie. Did you see that video i did? Is that video? Let me look. You saw that video. You did yes uh. I dont really watch ken harens job but um oh 10, mile trip. So i did watch this. I did watch it um.

I mean everybodys worried about the one percent battery. You know my question on the battery thing, though, was yeah. I wonder that i i want. I want billy to track that battery. I want to know. Would it would it puff pretty much like the mavic batteries? I dont, i dont think it um. I dont think it will. Plop billy took his drone out twenty thousand feet. Um yeah ken herron is mad. Annoying yeah im, not gon na disregard im, not gon. Na disagree, so here heres my my thing with that, like im, im good friends with billy youre, good friends with billy yeah yeah, i like i like billy, i like billy um heres, my heres, my big problem with that video. If youre going to, if youre, going to post some content like that, where its zero risk and endangerment to yourself but youre posting something where somebodys doing something where it could be somewhat questionable, dont post it right thats my thing on that video, like the risk isnt On ken herron, the risk is on billy like but kens, making the video clearly because ken doesnt have a mavic 3.. So my thought is: dont post the video ken like thats stupid as like thats reckless and like im pretty much one of the last people like that will ever like. You know be very, very crazy about the rules like, i think, theres. Certain rules in the drone world that are like they just dont make a lot of sense like the like having to have a visual observer when youre flying fpv and youre under a certain altitude.

Like, like, i think, thats silly, like i think, thats silly, because the the risk is minimal, but when youre flying something out that many feet that many thousand feet and youre flying in the area, they were youre at a tourist destination. What flies in tourist destinations? You have low flying planes flying those banners. You have tour choppers, theres theres, a lot of things like dont dont, encourage that type of, because im gon na tell you right now like he like. Billy specifically, would never do like he. He he just doesnt. Do that type of stuff unless hes, unless, if somebody coaxed it so yeah, thats thats, my thing is like, like i i dont know, part of me is like disappointed like with ken like, like stop doing just for views. I get it, you do youtube, maybe maybe you shouldnt do that for just views, because you got to think like if faa calls or somebody calls guess what it aint going to be calling for ken herron, because hes just got hes just the guy putting up the Video exactly like thats like me, pulling a grenade, pin and handing it passing it off to somebody and saying oh hey. By the way i just pulled that pin uh youre like thats the equivalent to that like and i get it like heres. My thing i get it like, i dont care how much blowback this gets. I really dont um, because i just im like im like so distant from this whole, like that whole genre, like like, i get it.

Ken has his audience that are like his die, hard fans and like theyre gon na get butt, hurt that im talking about their boy ill, give a your boy what he did was stupid as and sometimes somebody has to smack somebody down like that and say dude. You were wrong. Why do you surround yourself with yes people? Why do you surround yourself with yes people? You want all your fans and your followers to say yeah. I love what you do. I love what you do. Dont tell me when im wrong, but i love what you do that was stupid as thats it thats just it yeah. I look at this um like i. I think i think one last thing im. Sorry, i think range tests are stupid as like, like we all know that these things can fly crazy far like, but are you gon na ever really do that? No, so why do the range as stupid as its just we dont need that type of we dont need that type of um. We dont need that type of attention. One second go ahead: ed yeah, i was gon na say i look at this scenario. As you know, like you said, were good friends with billy, and i know that he always has great intentions and he wants to do the right thing and hes a great person for the community um. But this is a. This is a what oh. This is a situation where um when you went to the bar for that one drink, and then, unfortunately, you had a bad influence and they you know they got you shit faced or this is the type of situation where um you go to vegas right and then What happened in vegas, they didnt stay in vegas yeah.

Well then, the problem is like. If you look at the definition of the rule line of sight like if you definitively look at the definition its unaided, that means you cannot use binoculars and you can, if, if, if it was legal to stagger lets, say visual observers every you know whatever and have That, then, then, a lot of companies would be doing that you have to file for waivers to be doing that and the problem i have with that is is as im scrolling through reading the comments. Some of the remarks were well well, you talked to the pilot. What talked to the pilot yeah a youre, the one putting this video together, youre the one splicing this together and talk to the pilot you coax this like i, i just i. I have a problem with that. I have a problem with that like and and normally normally i dont, normally i dont but like when something is done so stupidly and youre just doing something just for the sheer clicks of it like. There is catastrophic damage and, after like myself, having to talk to the faa four times this year, four times this year, ive had to answer the phone. Talk to a fizdo, explain my case: go over all my log provide them all of the registrations. Literally, all of my quads are registered. I have to have a registration i had to prove to them that theyre registered. I had to provide them the locations of where i flew for some of these places, because they required link authorizations and they wanted to verify that.

I did in fact have a link authorization to fly there like you have to keep all these logs its, not a game. This is a hobby but its a hobby. That also has consequences if things are done in incorrectly and to me, like i dont, know im just i just i expect it more. I expect it more especially like when its like somebody within like and you think of it as a peer. I expect more from your peers yeah. Unfortunately, i think billy was just put you know directly in front of line of fire yeah, and you know this the same individuals that put them in that place: theyre not there to defend them now, which is unfortunate, yeah yeah. I mean it sucks because, like you know, when goes down sideways like like, i was flying, um fa called me, didnt was flying claiming that i had no visual observer, which at this this case i actually did and its like. You know for a while. I wasnt flying, i was like im, not gon na fly without a visual observer now so now its like. If im gon na go fly, i have to go. I have to literally phone a friend or bring my daughter with me because i dont want to have to incur that same like i, dont want to have those conversations, because, after a period of time, those conversations go from conversations to where youre being fling flagrantly ignorant To the infractions that are occurring so so its like, you got to stick within those realms, so like yeah, i dont know i dont know and uh quadcopters and tech.

I totally disagree with your comment. He wrote it was not instigated billy made that decision on his own 100 wow. That is true. Why that is okay, okay, thats fine! Then let him put it on his channel, then right. Let him put it on his channel then. If he wanted that to go out there, let him put it on his channel. Let him put it on his channel thats thats. My thought on that, but again, but again, like thats thats, the mentality of it is like what i could say a lot. I could say a lot look like i could level it. I really could yeah, i think, its best that situation handled itself on its own and um. I i i again. I dont think its a good judgment call. I think that both of them should have said. Nope, like its just, not a good like its just, not a good look, its, not a good look period. Just not a good look right, and you know what he did give him that, but its again like, like you, got two of the top end names in the industry. Pull it just pull it because, like you pull it there, aint theres not really like they can do at that point like you, if its not online, they cant do really, and even if somebody sends it to them, they cant do anything so pull it. You know thats just my thats just yeah, i dont know disappointed thats.

All i can say dash dash says i hope they do pull it well.