The autel evo light its finally here – and this is one of two drones that all tells are releasing in 2022 and im going to give you my first impressions lets get started: Music, whats, good everybody, ken here youre watching original adobo today were going to go over. My first impressions of the evo light its important to remember this is not a full review. This is not a full review. My full review will come much later when i have much more time to experience this fully, but i want to reiterate the fact that my opinions could change on this as i start to use it. But i will also let you know as a brief spoiler, that i have very little bad things to say about this drone as a whole. With that said, youll find time stamps down below, where you can jump to the different segments of this video to find the information that most interests you with that being said, were going to start off with build quality. So i have the evo 2 pro and the air 2s on the table for comparison as we talk about the build quality, the evo light is slightly smaller than the evo 2 pro but larger than the air 2s. As far as design goes, the evo 2 pro and the evo lite share similar build designs, but the batteries insert differently, but they have some of the same functionality and some of the same design.

Language um, which is pretty interesting. I will tell you the evo lite is way better built than both of these drones on this table, the air 2s and the evo 2 pro its just. It just feels a lot more premium, its its really hard to explain, but if you ever pick one of these up or have a chance to look at one of these youll be like holy, he was right. It does feel a lot more premium. The evo light has carbon fiber arms on all sides. The carbon fiber is unfinished now some of you may like that. Some of you may hate that i dont know if i like it or hate it simply because i dont know how its going to hold up long term. It does seem to scratch somewhat easy. But if i just rub it, the scratches go away, which is pretty cool, but it is definitely real carbon fiber and there is no glossy coating to those. But i think it looks rather cool and they are definitely pretty rigid. The drone unfolds just like every other evo, so theres, no difference there on the right hand, side of the drone youre going to find a micro usb port, its a usb c port and, on the left hand, side youre going to find an sd card port. So you can put a you know: standard micro, sd card in there there is obstacle avoidance, front, rear and then on the bottom.

You do have some sensors, along with a light and sonar sensors, just beneath its a very, very clean built drone, its its really really shocking. How well built it is and how it how it looks the battery slides in from the top you just basically unclasp by pressing in and its not the same as a mavic battery, how it locked in this actually has to hit the ridge. So it does have protection, it has to lock into the ridge and then youre going to simply push forward and its going to give a nice firm click. That will tell you that the battery is fully in place so its its not like the mavic, the air 2s or the mavic 2 pro batteries its a little different. It has a ridge that its sliding in so it still gets removed. Like the other batteries, where you have to pull it out from the rear, you cannot take this off from the top. You notice im pressing in on the indentations here and its not allowing me to remove it. You actually have to pull it out to take that off, so pretty interesting. The gimbal is made out of metal. This is the evo light plus man its a mouthful to remember, but it is the evo light plus. This does have the 6k camera which were gon na talk about this here, because ive been very, very critical of the evo camera recently and and just just in general, ive been really critical of their color science of the evo 2 pro.

So i want to talk about this, because this camera is different. It is not the same camera that is on the evo 2 pro in case, you were wondering well touch more on that here in a little bit overall, the build quality of the drone is really really exceptional. Another thing that got an overhaul was the rc. There is a brand new rc theyre, calling this the sky controller. There is no longer a built in screen like they had on the evo 2 pro and the evo itself. There is just you know its a very standard basic rc, its very comfortable in the hands. It feels very well built its its just. It feels sort of weighty it doesnt feel light um. It most resembles an xbox controller if im just being honest thats what it feels like the phone gets uh inserted into here. This is your antenna, similar to the skydio controller and similar to the mavic 2 controller. It functions in the same capacity. The sticks are removable which i like that theyre removable, but they didnt give us anywhere where you can actually put the sticks, and i scoured over this entire controller to see. If maybe there was some sort of nook or cranny where i can put these sticks, but unfortunately there is definitely not anywhere where you can put it. I was talking with another youtuber that has this has the nano and he confirmed that there is nowhere to put the sticks so sort of weird that they would do that.

So make sure you dont lose these because you dont get spares inside the box. So you definitely dont want to lose. These particular sticks battery life on its pretty good. I really dont have any complaints it charges at the very bottom via usbc and then for data connectivity again its usbc. There are no standard usb ports, so you will need to keep that in mind, because this does not come with a lightning connector. I really wish alltel would have their own mfi certified connector i mean for what it costs to do it just do it, because youre alienating probably one of your largest user bases that use an iphone by having to have us go out and purchase that accessory its Just sort of silly just include it all right lets talk about flight performance, so this thing flies absolutely incredible. This doesnt fly, like any all, tell ive ever had in the past. Ive always had to do xp, tuning and and and modify things and just and just really sort of tweak it to be able to get the evo to fly the way i would expect it to fly because im used to dji products – and i have to say This was amazing to see that this flew flawlessly right out of the box. I didnt have horizon tilt. I didnt have any issues with my yaw. It wasnt jerky. It just did what i expected to and the stick inputs were perfect it just it just it flew a lot like a mavic if im just being quite honest, it really did and it threw me off – and i was actually thinking to myself im like this.

This isnt right, this doesnt feel like an evo, and i was expecting my expectations were here, but after i was done flying i was like. Oh damn. This is different, whatever theyve done with it, whether it be processor, the developers whatever time they need it to take to release this. Its obviously worked because it does not fly like my evo 2 pro, not one single bit, and i really hope a lot of you get a chance to fly this because it itll put a smile on your face. If youre used to anything dji, it really will so it does fly a hell of a lot better. As far as performance goes, theyve also improved the transmission. Now we have the v2 transmission system on here. They really dont have a nickname for it. Like dji calls their transmission system ocusync this isnt ocusync or anything. You have options, you can choose smooth, you can choose hd or you can choose its like a low latency mode, and i tried them all and i found that the difference between them is very, very negligible between them. All. I did find that the range on this is actually quite good. I didnt do a range test on it. I dont believe in doing them. I did push it out about 4 500 feet out over the water, and i found that i had no issues now previously with using the evo, the evo ii pro or even the evo.

I would have immense amounts of breakup and i didnt have any breakup or any issues that were very prevalent. That would cause me any concern. I will say the antennas on the rc are a little bit more directional, so you do want to be mindful of that. You do need to really make sure you point this in the direction your craft is otherwise you will get a loss of signal and it can actually disconnect, but it comes back rather swiftly after it does disconnect. So there is that so as far as performance goes im pretty damn happy with with this drone, i i dont, i dont, really have a complaint right now, so um pretty damn interesting. All right lets talk about. If i can get it out, lets talk about the battery life on this alrighty, so battery life on the evo light is pretty damn exceptional. I really didnt have a good gauge on what the batteries were going to do. When i first flew this, i just flew it around just really sort of trying to get the feel for it. But in the past few days, ive been flying this pretty much as much as i possibly can throughout the day, and i will say that the battery life is great theyre, quoting this at 40 minutes of battery life. This is a 6175 milliamp hour battery and im getting about 35 to 36 minutes of flight on average thats with wind.

So take that for what it is, your environment may may dictate differently, and if you have it in sport mode, it may mean that youre not going to get as much flight time. I kept it in standard for most of my flights and i found that that was okay, but if you flip it over in the sport mode, youre going to be seeing about decreased flight times to about 30 minutes on average, which i still think is really exceptional. So, 35 to 36 minutes on a quoted real time. Flight of 40 minutes is still pretty good and that is coming down with battery to spare thats coming down with about 20 to 25 battery to spare. So do i think this can totally fly for 40 minutes. Absolutely will i be willing to drain those batteries down that far? Absolutely not. This is a 3s lipo, so you know you want to be a little bit. Mindful of that. You dont want to push these too far to where youre draining them thats how damage occurs and im. Really i dont want to damage these. I dont even know what these batteries cost, but i will say the battery life is exceptional. Now i did get the sort of the fly more bundle and it came with a three way charger, so i can connect up three of these batteries as im charging it and they charge really quickly charge times are about 90 minutes, so so budget yourself, some time.

If you are uh, you know just buying one and one battery youre definitely going to want to have multiple batteries, because at 90 minutes per battery charge youre going to be waiting for a little while all right lets get to the part that i think everybody wants To hear – and that is the camera okay, so the camera on the evo light is is, is pretty damn interesting, so the evo light has two different models. You have the evo light and you have the evo light, plus the version with the one inch adjustable aperture and the 6k camera is the light plus. That is this version here. This is the most premium version that they offer now the camera shoots up to 6k. At 30 frames per second 4k up to 60 frames per second, and you can shoot 1080p up to 120 frames per second on this device. Now you will not be able to shoot 10 bit color. This is only an 8 bit camera and a lot of people have asked: can it shoot 10 bit and the answer is no? It cant and that may be one of the biggest reasons why you decide you dont want to buy this. Is it a big deal? It depends if youre using something like this professionally. It may be a big deal to you that you dont have 10 bit color as a creator. If i was just using this for a travel drone and posting these, like casual videos, no big deal its its on me, but if im doing something professionally, i still like the quality coming out of my air 2s.

As far as the color goes and the 10 bit log, it looks amazing. Unfortunately, there is no log format on this camera. As of right now. Can that change? Yes? Is it a good idea if they include a log format on a camera that cant shoot 10 bit? No, its not – and i probably wouldnt, recommend it because log without 10 bit tends to have some problems with banding and theres, just some artifacting, and it could just be really ugly. If you dont know what youre doing, i would say if they could give us a flatter profile like a cinelike profile, i think that would be acceptable, but i will say from the clips that i have shot, it looks great just shooting in auto. I dont really see too many issues. One of the things that i looks like theyve improved is the fringing and the over sharpening around edges. As i was flying over the gulf and flying around these marshes, uh marshys marshes. I noticed that i wasnt getting this crazy. Like sort of crunchy look to it, there was enough flexibility to where i can add a little bit of sharpening back into post and it didnt look bad theres, still a plan, a plethora amount of detail in all of these images, but without being overly done. So whatever theyve done with this camera system specifically and the algorithms at play on this, camera has been much improved and the images do look better than that from the evo 2 pro that is 100.

Now lets talk about low light performance on this because low light performance, this thing is a little beast, so all tells talked about how they have this moonlight algorithm, and this moonlight algorithm is pretty amazing, its just a setting in the application that you toggle over to You can choose video or photo and theres two different options when youre shooting video, you have normal low light and then you have super low light and it boosts the isos up to 48 000.. Let me repeat that 48 000 iso and im going to throw up some sample clips here. These are not processed no denoise. This was just shot and automatic, no manual settings, and i think it looks pretty damn good, and this is with their moonlight algorithm that theyre theyre coining it and i think it looks pretty damn good. The photos look great. There is some flaring around the highlights, but you know take that for what it is. I think most of the people that are looking to purchase this are going to be a hobbyist, not so much the commercial aspect, but i like what theyve done here. I think theyre making some steps in the right direction now if they can bring some of these improvements over to the evo 2 pro lineup. I think that would be amazing and itd be a welcome thing from people that have purchased the pro line, one in pro performance. I think they have to bring this update over to that line.

I mean, if its capable of doing it, i think they have to because a lot of the things that are happening here have to be done with software and, for the most part, im pretty impressed with the images coming out of this photos. Look great um yeah its pretty damn good lets talk about the not so good or the things that i dont like about this drone, because theres a few theres, not many and im not going to harp on them too heavily because i dont think theyre really deal Breakers: okay lets start with the sky app. The sky app is very, very, very basic. Its super super minimal and its a little bit difficult to navigate certain scenarios around the sky app. This could be just one of the growing pains of developing a new application. Hopefully they will make it to where its a little bit more comparable to the explorer app, but as of right now there are certain things that are missing: there are flight modes, there are things like the night shot and hyper lapses, and panels theres a lot of Interesting features which i will touch on, i promise ill touch on them in a separate video, because i can make a whole video just about those modes, but i didnt notice that there was any auto bracketed exposure, which i use quite heavily for real estate. That would be one reason why i wouldnt use this professionally theres no aeb shots, at least what ive seen so far, and the fact that theres no log, even though, like i said i said moments ago, that i dont think that there should be log, because this Is only an 8 bit camera, we need some sort of creative flat profile for those of us that want to push it a little bit further and tweak the colors.

That is really the only real negatives that i found with this drone im not saying this is a perfect drone, because its not a perfect drone if this thing shot 10 bit color its pretty damn close to perfect. If you ask me its like, were so close like this drone perfect size, amazing, but theres, no adjustable aperture. This has got an adjustable aperture, an amazing flight time, great performance as far as flight characteristics goes, but theres no 10 bit color its not the biggest deal in the world, because i still think the image looks great, but one can only hope eventually one day, maybe Well, land that perfect size that perfect drone, but as of right now, if youre somebody who is not really wanting to go with a dji product, you want something a little bit different. You want something that doesnt have those flight restrictions and it again it doesnt have the dji branding. This is obviously the only real alternative in the marketplace. Right now is the evo light. Now i do plan on getting the nano in hand and ill take a look at this uh. Take a look at the nano and compare it to this to see. You know if theres a dramatic difference, but my guess, a lot of people will probably be really really happy with the light, if youre thinking about going with your first all tail drone, i mean this is damn its pretty good, and i mean i just ripped.

I ripped mark fisher, a new in his new hampshire group over the he. He made a comment something about the mavic 3 quality versus the evo 2 pro, and i was just like no, the evo 2 pro is absolute doo doo its. I was a little abrasive. I was having a really bad day and i apologize mark for that, but this fixes the problems that i have with the evo 2 pro like it fixes the camera quality issues, and i just i really hope that they bring this update and the software over to That drone, because i feel like it, would only be fair for those users, but if they dont, i mean theres got to be good reason why they wont all right. I dont want to ramble too far, thats going to do it for this video. If you do want to get your hands on one of these, we will be shipping. Those from drone works. If you werent aware droneworks isnt a company that sponsors me, i own 50 stake in droneworks, which means i actually hand ship a lot of the products that you get. I also handle a lot of the orders and supporting droneworks helps. Support me be able to do this and and give you sort of these unbiased, unfiltered reviews whether you buy this or not from me. I think that you will really enjoy it because, like i said it caught me off guard and, and that is really rare if as ill tell, would, would do and and im, usually not surprised very often by them.

But this surprised the living out of me all right, thats gon na do it for this video links it in the description below. If you want to buy one like, i said they will be shipping directly. After ces, we have limited quantities available and some pre orders canceled because of the whole shipment debacles, all right, thats going to do it. Thank you so much for all your support. Looking forward to a beautiful, wonderful, 2022 stay Music blessings on blessing. For me, my successes. Only made them envious, they got upset. I had to put all their egos in check.