This is going to be the autel 2 enterprise r. This is the 640r, so lets go ahead and pull out this aircraft here. This is going to be a really good alternative to some of the other products that a lot of our public safety customers have been using. So, as you can see, right off the bat, its still a fairly small aircraft, its a little bit bigger than where you see with some of the dji products. But let me just go ahead and show you how easy this thing is to set up and then well actually go through some of the features here. One thing i notice off the bat, although the the center body here is still plastic. You do have carbon fiber arms here, so these seem um significantly uh sturdy for the types of flying that were going to be doing in most public safety applications. Um. Of course, youre looking uh making sure that its got all the features that we are used to. Looking for so weve got obstacle avoidance all the way around weve got some on the top weve got it on the sides on the back underneath and then up front. We also have the two lights underneath too so thats great for takeoffs and landings and and lighting up your scene as youre as youre flying at night weve got the onboard, uh sd card holder here, uh, which were uh well. We can use, as well as the onboard um uh onboard, recording that you can do here in case your sd card gets full or anything like that.

Um im gon na pop out the battery here. So you can see. This is what the battery looks like a little bit bigger than were used to on this type of aircraft, but youre also going to get more flight time out of it, which is really exciting. So lets go ahead and power. This thing up and ill walk you through the remote controller as well as you can see, ease of setup. It took me just a few seconds to get it out of the box and get all the uh the arms unfolded. There were gon na turn on the controller here as well, while thats powering up ill show you what you got here in the box. Of course you got the aircraft and the ground station youve also got two batteries here: uh and then youve got your tray of accessories. Here too so youve got your speaker. Youve got your spotlight and then youve also got your night strobe. There is an option for an rtk antenna for this as well too, and that does not come with the standard kit, but it is available to you and then you have a quad battery charging hub here as well all right. So this is powering up now. You can see a very large screen on this uh compared to some of the other smart controllers on the market and im a big fan of the large screen, its also very bright, which makes it very useful for flying outdoors um.

This is just basically about an eight inch tablet here and then youve got the ground station built around it, youll notice its a little bit bigger than were used to, but it does feel very robust. Its got these nice bumpers on it as well too, and this back bar here. So if you need to set it down, one of the other features its a tiny thing, but its a its really useful. If youre out in the field for a long time, youve got the uh the screw here that you can put this on a a typical tripod mount so lets go ahead and dive into the app a little bit here. As you can see, this is the uh. This is the dual camera option, so youve got an 8k uh electro optical or daylight camera on there um its a 48 megapixel sensor and it shoots an 8k. So that gives you the ability to digital zoom up to four times and still have a pretty clear picture. You also have a 640 radiometric camera on here for your thermal imager and, of course, you can layer the two on top of each other. Now i do want to point out that this particular setup is the radiometric, so this is the 640r. This is about a twelve thousand dollar package uh. You can also go with the 640t, which is about a nine thousand dollar package, its not going to have the radiometric thermal imagery on there, but for most public safety applications, radiometric isnt, absolutely critical.

So if your department is looking to save a little bit of money, you can go with the t option versus the r for those of you who are unaffiliated with radiometric. That basically means that every pixel in the image is going to have temperature metadata for it. Thats really useful if youre doing inspections or youre going to be putting this through, like flear tools, software after the fact, and really doing detailed analysis on every pixel for most public safety applications. Its a matter of getting it up and saying you know, is this hot? Is this not um? Is that on fire is this? You know this is where the smoke is coming from: uh looking for a suspect or looking for a victim uh, the non radiometric will probably suit your needs, so lets go through a couple of the options here. One of the things i really like about this is you have lots of different intelligent flight modes um. So you can see. I dont know how easily you guys can see this, but weve got orbiting. Hyperlapses weve got the viewpoint. Weve got the tripod tracking weve got smart orbit, and a lot of these features are really useful, particularly if youre out on a long search or if youre, following somebody for a long period of time, doing any kind of scene reconstruction. A lot of these features are going to be very useful, theres, some that arent as useful like gesture control, but it does have all those features on there.

So for right now were going to be in manual. Flight were going to go through a couple of different settings here. Obviously you have your thermal imaging picture and picture here and youve got all the ability to change all of those options. Here we can do the full picture here. We can do picture in picture as we showed you before, and then this is just your pure daylight camera as well. So you have the ability to layer those on top of each other. You can see theres already a grid on top of that. So, if youre using this for search and rescue, this helps you identify uh, which side youve already looked on and kind of tracing your tracks there. We can also do spot meter, temperature and various other features that well get into in a more detailed video here. But as you can see, lots of lots of similar options that were used to another exciting thing about this aircraft is youre going to get quite a bit of flight time, so just north of 40 minutes of flight time versus 30 minutes. For a lot of the other aircraft that are on the market, youre still going to have all of your same camera settings that you can change, you can change all of your color palettes here lets see. Let me switch back to thermal there change all your color palettes here. So youve got 10 different options. You can choose for choose from for color palettes, all the typical ones that were used to and then, of course, all of your camera settings as well.

This aircraft also has adsb as well adsb in so if youre flying, and you want to make sure that theres no aircraft nearby or when an aircraft does come nearby youll be able to get an alert there as well. I would say, as a public safety agency you, you couldnt, go wrong with this aircraft, its uh.