This should be a lot of fun. Well, autel just did some firmware updates for the autel evo nano plus and the evo light plus and im gon na bring them both out. While i have this one out already and try them out here now when i did the firmware updates, uh the evo light plus perfect smooth, but on the nano not so smooth – and i was videotaping it – i videotaped the light as well. So let me show you what happened watch this. This should happen to you. Do not panic, because this is quite normal in the world of firmware updates for drones. So here im just starting the firmware update it downloads, the file that needs to be updated, then its going to transmit it to the drone and the drone has to do its own installation of the update. Well, in my case, it failed and when i did a reboot of the drone, the controller and the app it then said you got to do an imu calibration yeah and no matter how many times i rebooted the controller and the drone. The imu calibration kept coming up, so i just did the imu calibration to satisfy the app just, so it would show it was finished. And then, after that, i checked to make sure i had the updated version of the new firmware, which i did, which means that, although the firmware update process had failed, the firmware had still been installed.

All right were all set to go. Lets take this little guy up well check out the new firmware updates now im going to turn off the obstacle avoidance, so it stops making the beeping sound. I dont need it out here turn that off there we go. Let me show you what is new in here, so let me bring it this way, all right, theres a good shot. This is what i want to show you, so this is video that is not hdr. Hdr is the new update on this. So right now, if you notice uh, oh okay, it does work over there, see where im pointing thats, bright sky and back here where i am im kind of in the shade right. So you get bright and dark, and that happens with any camera when youre filming. So you want to keep things pretty. You know, even so here im going to change it to hdr. So look at my phone ill hit. Stop stop recording! So you see under video theres hdr. Let me turn it on go back and there we go start recording okay. So now this is hdr and everything looks, should look pretty cool. Does it look better to what it looked previously? It should because now you should see more detail in the sky. I think i see a blue streak now and you should see more detail where i am so thats. What hdr does high dynamic range, which is pretty sweet here, ill put side by side what it was before in normal and hdr so youre looking at both of them right now? Can you see a difference? You should see a difference all right so now.

Let me stop and show you they have 8 bit log as well. So stop this. Stop recording ill turn off the hdr and ill go down to log there we go see log color. This is 8 bit log, so im gon na hit record start recording, were recording eight bit log, any log format in any camera, no matter how cheap or how professional just means a flat profile that it means its up to me to stick it in my computer And stretch out all the colors to get the high dynamic range and everything else you know sort of like the hdr, but its up to me to do it so uh youre, looking at it right now, im leaving it flat and on the count of three im Gon na do all the color settings one two: three there you go so ive done all those color settings. You see right now on my computer and thats how it looks like so, if youre somebody that films a lot and you like to adjust the colors – and you know everything else on your computer to make an image look really good. Then youll want to use log format there we are were back to normal. Now, one of the things they changed or fixed or adjusted in the bug report was the zoom. They said they made it smoother. So let me turn the camera more towards me. There we go so im in the center here and now lets go to zoom.

You see theres one times two times but im not going to use any of those im going to manually zoom so watch this there we go so now. Is it smoother im zooming in to me there we go, i dont want to zoom in too close because uh, i look kind of hideous. When you get close to me, i look better when im far away. I think most people are like that, especially if youre in hollywood so yeah so was that smoother i dont know im going again. They said they made it smoother. So there you are, there ill turn it. So i can go max zoom ill turn. It look at something else: ill, look at uh, ill, look down my street here. Looking down the street lets, go maximum zoom going down going down, got ta, keep it going there we go. I dont know if thats smooth, it keeps on switching between things im trying to go smooth theyre 16 times zoom all the way. At the end, there we go and ill bring it all the way back. All right lets bring this guy down for landing and there we go all right, so that was the new firmware updates on the nano at least the major ones. There were some bug fixes as well ill put right over here. You see all the the list of stuff they fixed and did on the nano its written all there. You can read it really.

Quick and now im gon na go grab the evo light plus, which has the same features, but it also has dynamic tracks. So just like the previous autel evos that could track you when you walked around and avoid objects. The new firmware update brings that to the evo light plus, but it only brings it for following a human. It says it says it wont, follow cars or trucks or anything else so lets try it out and see how it goes. The obstacle avoidance im going to leave on, because i want to see how it works with the tracking. So you should see if my phone is recording youll see both now on the side. You have a new mode for portrait and then you have track over here there. We are oh, my god, it looked like yeah, it looks like you could select cars, maybe im mistaken, so lets put it on video turn on the record, bring the nose down or bring the camera down. Put it on me tap me and there should be a go button follow so there we go. I hit follow and uh. It went up a bit its coming over to me and whats it doing its just sitting there. It really gets close for this follow. Okay! Well, thats pretty interesting lets move around here, see what it does so yeah look at how tightly close it gets to me. I dont have a camera with me.

Im gon na go pick up that one i left on the driveway just to show you its right. There but uh here lets, walk back and grab that camera, so i can show you how close it comes to you, but you can see it in the image its like zoomed right in on me. Okay lets grab this camera over here. There we go okay, so there it is up in the sky. This is a wide angle lens on this camera, so it might look far away, but its rather close uh, which is really good for filming. If you want something decent, i walk this way. So no cars hit me so it seems to work well im going to try to see if its got the avoidance on to miss things, im going to go backwards now. Is it going to go backwards that automatically flies backwards and it turns around oh thats, pretty cool? Did you see that i dont know if the camera picked it up? The gimbal turned when i walked uh to the side, the drone didnt turn, but the gimbal turned and then the drone came around to follow it. So the gimbal swivels from side to side, thats, pretty sweet, okay lets walk up here. Theres, a lot of obstacles see this trees. Cars house whats it gon na. Do i hope the avoidance is on thats going see the gimbal is turned. I dont know if this little camera picks it up its turned and its looking that way.

So the drone can face one direction and the gimbal can face another direction. Thats pretty sweet go over here, theres a tree over here. Im gon na move the camera that way see it and im gon na walk over here, but it seems to be all right. Im going under this branch, its keeping its distance, and if i come by this tree, shes gon na see the tree yep its going wide its missing everything there. It is out there. Oh so now i cant see anything on the sides, but i think it remembers. The trees there look at this thing ill bring it back. This way, look at that this is so cool. It works really well just the way that gimbal turns most drones. The gimbal does not turn when it follows you, the gimbal stays forward and the whole drone turns, but this one the gimbal turns that is so wild geez i bent down, and it just comes really close to me this things cool all right. Let me try it with a skateboard here. I have a skateboard im kind of hidden every time i bend down and hide it. It jumps over to find me look at how close it gets all right, so im just going to go down the street on a skateboard and i havent driven a skateboard all winter. So here we go its pretty easy to drive skateboards. This is electric, so uh. There we go whipping down the street go over to the corners now, if anything goes wrong, theres a pause control on the remote that i can hit with my thumb, so you can just stop it from becoming a menace to anybody.

But look at that look. How close it is on me for filming that is wild all right now, im going to come back at it, so lets see its got to go backwards and spin around watch out for that tree, mr guy, oh ho, did it lose me yeah, it lost me. Okay, im gon na face it at me, see if it sees me down the road here there i am over there im gon na tap on me. There we go and follow see if it comes back, lets catch it up to me. Dont hit me in the head: theres, a truck behind me so ill go over to the side. Theres gon na be a truck passing me. There we go and then whipping up some speed there we go oh thats, so cool this dynamic track is awesome. I, like it, obviously im not going through around objects here, because you know i cant do too much. Uh id have to take this out to a big field to see how good it really is, but i do like the fact that it uh just the way its tracking with that gimbal. Let me see if i can lower it as its falling look at that look at this look at this. Oh, my god, you can track really low. Now a lot of drones, dont! Let you do that. Let me see i cant go too low now, because cars yeah as soon as i move its bouncing back up now, im just going to check.

If you can do that in 6k, i highly doubt it. No, you can only do in tracking. Max is 4k all right. This was just a quick update to show you the new firmware updates that are out for autel, evo light plus and evo nano plus. Not all the firmware updates are out yet this thing should be able to track cars and any object. You put, you know, you draw a box around its not there. Yet when i started up the app it was there everything you know everything did you see all the little dots on the screen? Everything came to life and then they all disappeared and only humans were left after the tracking was initialized, so yeah so youre going to see in the future. This thing will be able to track anything and avoid things which would be pretty good same as on the nano we dont have the tracking on the nano yet, but its coming theres still a few more things like i say that are missing, but im glad they Have the hdr and theyve got the log, which is pretty good? The log is on here as well. The only other thing i didnt show you is the image transfer speed and that is a new firmware update to increase the speed. So, basically, you bring your phone close by uh your whole phone and control here ill grab this here you bring all this really close and when you want to download a file off your drone, which is super large in size because it records them quite large, and You want to transfer them over to your phone.

It now transfers super fast, its twice as fast, i think, as before or three times as fast ill put right below here. What the speed is its really quick all right thanks for watching this, i hope this was informative for you and theres people wandering by everywhere, youre, probably wondering why im talking to my jeep so im gon na end this video now all right guys if you enjoyed It give it a thumbs up if you have questions on the new firmware, update, just post below and ill be back out when theres more firmware updates on this or on something really cool on a dji drone, alright catch you later bye. That wont.