Now, if you're a fan of the channel, you know we were lucky enough to be invited into the pre release test group for the Evo 2, so for the last couple of months we've been flying. This drone, like crazy, pretty much every day, we've had good weather I've had the battery charged and the drone up in the air and I'm testing every aspect of what this drone can do. I'M, comparing it to other drones that we fly I'm putting clips out there. So you guys understand exactly what this drone brings to the market. I'Ve got a bunch more clips coming or I'm doing those one on one comparisons between the Evo 2 and all the other popular drones on the market, because I know this is the time of year, where all of us are getting a little bit of it's been A cold long winter it's starting to warm up and we're all thinking about getting outside and flying, and I know a lot of people out – there are kind of on the fence around their purchase. What are they going to buy come spring, so I want to give you as much information as possible, so you know exactly what this drone brings to the market now. Having said that, I think they've done an amazing job at the Strome, because they've improved certain aspects of it that really take this drone to the next level, there's, four or five things that are in this drone that nobody else has today so, for example, 360 degree Crash avoidance, which is at speed, which is unusual for drones, most of the drones that have it maybe aren't as good on the sides or aren't as good in the back.

This one is amazing on a 360 degree bubble and I'll talk about that extensively in another clip. It also has the ability to swap out the camera. I can't stress how important that is, because what you're buying with the evo 2 is a platform that you can buy today with the one over 2.3 sensor or eventually in a couple of weeks, with the one inch sensor. But future cameras can bolt on there and it's, not just a matter of bolting a camera on it's, a matter of the product itself, having all the video processing power inside to handle different cameras, maybe larger sensors. Maybe cameras would zoom so there's a lot of potential where you buy the flying platform and can basically bolt on future versions of the imaging sensor. So I think that's a really big deal. I love the fact that it flies longer. It flies further it's. Even a little bit quieter than most of the quads that I fly to that size, so they've changed a lot of things about it. Any one of those would have been interesting enough to give this some time, but the fact that they changed three or four of them means they've, really taken the ebo too, and put it out ahead of all the competition out there. Now, because of that, I know the interest in the Evo two has been through the roof I'm. Getting so many questions about the product. When'S it coming what's going on with it there's rumors out there about what's gon na be delayed.

You'Re, not gon na see it until the end of summer so I'm. Here to tell you today, at the top of this clip that the Evo two is shipping. So I've got that on confirmation from what towel. You may have already gotten an email from what tell if you pre, ordered it's, saying your Evo 2 is gon na, be on the way in the next 7 to 10 days, so expect them to ship soon, they're gon na be in stock. In most of the stores, pretty soon get those pre orders in, if you haven't done it already, if you're really seriously thinking about this now's the time to jump on it now. I know that and I've said that before and I didn't really want to comment on all the rumors about why it was delayed because they're really rumors, I don't, think anybody really knows or cares to know, was that a firmware changed was a little hardware change. What does it really matter? I mean that's done its shipping and I can tell you from my own personal experience. I received it in this box, which is the production box. The production unit and I've had no problems with it whatsoever I'm using beta firmware on it. I haven't even updated the firmware, but the beta firmware works and it's been flawless. I'Ve had no funky flight characteristics, there's been no flyaways, there's been no image transmission problems between the drone and the controller, so everything has been rock solid from day one, and I can also tell you from a production perspective.

The last thing to get done is the box, so the fact that it's in a printed box, when it was sent to me means I didn't get a beta version of anything. I got a production model right off the line which is pretty much we're. What you're gon na get when the thing shows up, so it is shipping it's a very exciting time so, which means by the end of March there gon na be a lot of people out there they're flying Evo 2 and doing clips like this. So good luck to all you guys with that all right. Having said that, there are a couple of questions I wanted to run through pretty quickly. I already did the top 10. These are 5 more that I've gotten pretty much from a lot of people over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd run through these. The first one has to do with swapping the camera. The question is, if I swap out the camera, because I've got the one over 2.3 sensor now, if I buy the one in sensor later on, is it a big deal to install their firmware updates as their calibration stuff? I have to do how big a headache is that well, the honest answer to that is: I don't have the one inch sensor. I expect to have the one inch sensor, a bunch of accessories and maybe even a dual camera to test in the next week or so, but I've pulled the one over 2.

3 sensor off quite a few times put back on. If done clips on how to change that, and every time I put it back on it's worked fine now I can tell you that the one in sensor is gon na use the same firmware that's in the quad today. So if you buy the one over 2.3, you buy the one and sensor down the road. You should be able to just pop it in the quad boot it up and be ready to run. The only thing that will tell you would help you an awful lot is that you always want to do a gimbal calibration once you put a camera back in there, because, even though the mounting is rock solid, if you get it in there a little bit off To one side or something you may have an issue with the tilting horizon, but the calibration for the gimbal takes about 15 seconds. So if you're gon na swap out a camera, don't worry about the firmware, but dude that gimbal calibration it'll be all set to go. So again, I think it's a wonderful way to be able to swap out that package and put a different imaging system in there. Alright, the second question is around: are there more camera options coming that's, a really big question, because naturally you're gon na compare this to the Mavic 2 and some other quads that are out there? The Mavi 2 is a one inch sensor and a 1 over 2.

3 that has the zoom capabilities on it. They'Re gon na have a 1 over 2.3 and a 1 inch in the Evo 2 Pro, but there's no zoom camera for it. So everybody's asking. I think I have a zoom camera. The honest truth is they have a long line of accessories that are coming out for this now I can't predict what those are gon na look like, but let's pretend I'm working for a hotel. I'Ve now sold you a flying platform that I know I have an annuity to be able to put more cameras out down the road that my customers are gon na want. So they've got dual cameras coming obviously a FLIR and a 4k 320 or 640 and the FLIR 4k in this. On the visual side, those are already gon na be released and those cameras will be sold. I believe, as add ons, that you can bolt onto the frame wouldn't it be cool if they came out with a larger sensor or a sensor with better resolution or a zoom camera or who knows maybe a 360 degree camera that can bolt on there. Hang down the bottom and capture 360 video below you, so there's a lot of options. I have nothing concrete on what might be coming from cameras, but I am talking to them all the time about that and I've, given them. Some suggestions, based on the comments I've gotten on the channel, about what cameras people would be really interested in.

I think the Zoom is probably the one that I've gotten the most response from viewers on, because, if you're doing any kind of inspections being able to pull and tight on a bridge abutment or if you're, funneling wildlife to be able to pull in on a flock Of geese on a lake or something where you're far enough away is probably a good thing, so stay tuned for that I'll continue to ask them that question and as those things mature I'm hoping we're gon na be involved with all those testings as well going forward. Alright, the next one has to do with return to home function. A lot of people asked if it as a return home. It absolutely has returned to home, but people have asked. Is it a precision landing on return to home? So I thought you know that's a great question. I haven't tested it, so I went out in the field and tested it and I'll show you the results in a minute, but essentially I tested it 25 times where I sent it out in the field 15 feet in the air 100 feet out or 150 feet Out hit the return to home button out of 25 times. I had four of them that seemed like a precision landing. It was curious about in this. They were one of the first five tests, so it was like four in a row and then 21, where it didn't so four it did 21.

It didn't – and I think at this point I'm gon na, have to say that it doesn't have precision landing now. I may be wrong on that I'm going to continue to test it extensively, but again, remember a lot of the drones that were released, that's supposed to have precision landing like them, a b2 didn't have it when it first came out. That was something they implemented. A firmer later on and to be fair to all, tell I want to give them every opportunity I have beta firmware on here, so I don't have the final version of the firmware I've tested it with the beta it's, not in the beta but it's, something they Probably will implement in the final version before it's released. It may even be on the drones that you're shipping now so I'll look to get that update and see if they introduce that, but currently it does a wonderful job of returning the home and as its descending. If it's off the mat by a foot or two, you can grab the joysticks and guide it in and I'll show you a clip real quick of when I tested it all right. We'Re all set to go I've got it centered on the mat. Let me spin up the rotors now I'm gon na elevate it about five feet over the mat, just to give it a second to fix its position, because I want to make sure I give it every advantage possible before I take off all right.

That'S plenty of time, let me set it down field now. I did notice a big turkey buzzard. I think it is sort of lazily flying around this field, so I'm, hoping he doesn't, take an interest in evil. When I put it in return, the home motor, I may have to intervene here all right: I'm down field about 160 feet 16 feet off the ground. I'M gon na hit the return home key, and you have to hold that for about five seconds: okay, it's. In return to home mode, or it immediately, it starts elevating it's up to 50 feet 75 feet and it should stop at 100, get right on the money hundred feet exactly and here comes the turkey buzzard let's turn it around and it's heading back for the mat And he's flying in the direction, so I think we're: okay, hey all right it's flying back pretty quick and right now it's over the mat and it's slowed down. It looks like it's trying to get its bearings, maybe it's looking for the mat below it all right. Hey that's interesting: it actually turned back the way it was facing when it took off the mat, so it's gon na land exactly the same position as it took off that's a really good sign, it's coming down nice and slow it's, making some adjustments left and right. Just slowed down quite a bit all right, it's coming down with a little bit more vigor now, but it looks like it's gon na be off the mat a little bit to the right, but let's see what happens when it gets closer up little adjustment.

There wait. That'S, close that's, really really close. Yeah it's gon na be a little bit off. I'M gon na have to intervene there, so otherwise we'll be chopping grass with it all right, so it didn't land exactly in the mat it was close. But what that leads me to believe is that it's not actually using its downward facing cameras yet so that's a feature they may have to implement with the final version of the firmware and I'll definitely check with them to see if that's, something that should be in There but I'll try it a few more times and if I get one that actually lands on the mat – and I can repeat it – I'll let you know, but that first test was definitely not a precision landing. It was close, which is great, but I'd love for it to land right in the middle of that mat all right. The next question has to do with. Is it equipped for remote ID this? This is a big, controversial issue right now and I've done a bunch of clips on it. I got punished for doing the clips. It seems like a lot of people out. There are really upset about it, and rightly so, but they kind of hammered me with a bunch of thumbs down and nasty comments. I think remote ID is a good thing. I don't think the way that the FAA is implementing. It is a good thing. I think they're going way too far.

My suggestion simply would be if you're flying a drone that can't fly more than 400 feet, shouldn't be any remote ID if you're flying a drone that flies within visual line of sight like this one does. You should just broadcast from the drone over the standard, Wi Fi connections today. The fact is, they haven't made provisions in there for remote ID. They also don't have Giroud geofencing in it and I don't think they have any plans to put geofencing in it, but with the remote ID that's really simple, to implement let's say, for example, the FAA tomorrow says: ok, we give up we're just going to have you Broadcaster, remote ID from the drone they could build that into software. Other vendors have done that already so that's a simple software addition to make it compliant for a broadcast type of remote ID. If the FAA goes all the way and says you have to bro test and make a network connection tweaking the software on this end to make that network connection over your cell phone is not that big a deal so it's capable of doing that it's not in There today, just like the end of Z zones, aren't in there that geofencing isn't in there, but I don't think it's that big a deal to add it and even if they can't add it that's not going to become law for three years now. The technology's gon na change so quickly in three years that maybe you won't keep the strong for three years and if you do maybe they'll figure out a way to do it.

So I wouldn't worry about that. But the honest answer is it's not in there. Yet. I know they're thinking about it. They'Ve been talking about it I'm sure it's, something they can implement through firmware all right. The next question and the last question has to do with other accessories, and this is kind of interesting, because when you buy the drone you buy it, you fly it and all of a sudden, you're thinking. What else can I do to trick this drone out? So some of the common things most people look for based on my experiences a case a rugged case. So you can buy the drone as the drone itself, just the standard version of it, but they have a ruggedized version coming out as well, where you get an extra battery and you get a nice hard case with it, a few other accessories. That would be the way I'd suggest to go. So if you're thinking about needing a hard case go with the rugged version, because you get the extra battery you get the case both of those together are less expensive than if you buy them individually. If you buy it without a case, they're gon na be 60 kit. Companies that are making cases for it or you can go over to your local big box, store and pick one of those pluck cases where you can actually get it with foam in it and pull the plucks out of it and create your own little case.

But a rugged case is something they're gon na sell and from what I've seen on the Evo version, they're gon na be really reasonable on that price and it'll have laser cut foam in it, but if you haven't purchased it yet go for the rugged version, because That'Ll give you the case in the battery at a good deal. Battery charging hub is another thing. They'Re gon na be releasing they're released, one for the Evo one. They'Re gon na have a version of it for the Evo two and that allows you to charge up to four batteries simultaneously. Now I haven't tested it yet. I don't know if that means, in parallel or in series, like a lot of the other ones, do or they'll charge the least least depleted battery first and then walk through the other. Three we'll have to see how that goes, but I have all those accessories hopefully on the way. So I can test those and I'll put clips up here on the channel, but I think a battery charging hub would be great because even though this thing can fly a long time, you're gon na want more than one battery for it and and there's nothing fun About charging batteries one at a time and flipping through them so having a charging hub is good. Another question I got: maybe a lot of you don't know about this, but evil released a thing called a live deck for the I should say: olotele released it, which is basically a receiver that will pick up the transmission stream from the drone and broadcast that to Another monitor over an HDMI connection, so it's a really cool device for like first responders to use.

So if they've got a table set up where they're looking for somebody lost in the woods, they can have a lot of people. Looking at a big wide screen monitor as that drones flying over the woods, you still get the same transmission on your phone and on the remote but it's also broadcast over. This live deck product. So the question was: will it work with the Evo and it will so that's pretty cool as well? So I hope to have one of those pretty soon to test it. I'Ll show you how a work shot. I connect it and really what the value of that is. So those are three accessories that I know we're coming we're gon na have a ton of accessories of drone Bay as well so hit the website. We'Ll have cables and chargers and connectors and all the good stuff you care about specifically for the Evo when it's released so that's pretty much it for today, and I hope I got most of your questions – answered I've got a bunch more to get to I'll, probably Put together one clip that just answers, ten questions in a row, but if I've missed anything that you're really curious about, you can always get a hold of us by hitting the link below and drop in. Your comment we'll get back to you as quickly as we can. I love testing this kind of gear. I hope you guys are finding a value in these clips, because I have a lot of fun flying and I know you guys – love flying as well and there's a lot of camps out there about fans of this one or fans of that one and and it's.

Okay, I mean everybody likes their particular drone. My attitude is always find something you can afford. Springs come and get out there and fly just have a lot of fun. Summers come in you're gon na want to get up in the air and have fun with your family there's, nothing better than having a family out in the woods or near a lake and the beautiful fresh air in the sunshine flying a drone. So if this one makes sense great, but don't wait, get something, and – and I like this one – a lot sergeant – it's, just just the thought anyway – that's it for today thanks it all fly for watch and I have a lot more content coming. We really appreciate the viewership. If you haven't, subscribed, hit the subscribe button down there, I've got a lot more content coming. You'Re, not gon na want to miss.