You know by now the global party with glitter this time on the hotel. Well guys, we know that dji drones are pretty good when you know doing this pulling test and the drone when we just pull the drone with this rope. It goes back to the hovering initial position, let’s see because i’m curious. If the autel does the exact same thing right uh, i didn’t expect that, but maybe it was my mistake so i’m just gon na try to put the drone a little bit up again and maybe higher so that i can pull. Maybe it was my mistake. I’M. Sorry for this, the drone is: okay, hey guys, look at the gimbal i’m, just gon na restart and reboot the drone, because it’s fine, guys it’s, fine, it’s, safe let’s, go let’s, go and do it again. Okay, second test nope, i mean it’s, not my it’s, not my problem again. I’M. Not doing this on purpose i swear, but let’s say it kind of it kind of went well, but maybe it’s avoidable. I don’t know man just um people. I know i know people in the comments right now. Oh he hates our channel he’s doing everything to kill the hotel. Look at this come on it’s it’s, it’s it’s everywhere i mean ah come on guys. You know i take things personally. Someone asked for a hammer. This is a new test. Let’S see what happens if i hit the drone. Oh my god, Music, Music, ball test.

This time, barcelona let’s see what happens, is Music, so Music, um Laughter, i mean i’m, not messy okay, but i’m kinda, like messy. I think it hit the arm, but overall the drone is fine. Here is a little bit. I think the drone is fine, let’s see if it still hovers. Okay! Oh yes, come on guys, amazing. Okay, guys flower let’s see what happens. This is the drone. After going to ibiza Music, wow Music it’s survived it’s, like a party drone like a biscuit road, we’re gon na pour some water on top of the drone, i mean with the cup and then see if it can handle the weight we’re getting to my favorite part Of the crash test, putting water into electronics and stuff half half the cup i’m, not lying to you guys, there’s water, Music, Music, it didn’t break the cup we’re Music at professionals really it’s gon na fall off it’s gon na fall, chibo yeah come on we’re here Guys we’re here i’m gon na pour the whole 1.5 liter bottle on top of this round, see if it can handle it. I got a bad feeling about this Music, so, okay guys. So the controller is saying: there’s, almost five minutes still battery left on the drone, but uh the drone is not working so right now we don’t have a second battery. I don’t really know if this happens, because the motor somehow detected that there was water, so it didn’t want to fly it just landed or because we can’t fly with less than five minutes battery.

I don’t know, maybe you can. Let me know in the comments. I’M. Just gon na reboot everything to see what happens: okay, okay, guys, it’s, not working. I don’t know it. Gimbal is not ready, not working guys come on. I can move the gimbal look at this. I can move it. No, the drone’s not working guys. I assume the crash tests over. I don’t know if it’s, good or bad, i mean it’s good, of course, because if it rains maybe the drone flies back to the home position. I don’t really know right now, but i wanted to do the crashes against the column and some bushes, so i guess we’re not having this. So the controller keeps saying the gimbal is not ready. I don’t know guys there’s 4 45 minutes still left in the battery. Nothing really has to say guys. I hope that you enjoyed this video. You know that we’re here, for you guys doing this crazy, strange stuff for you. Nothing really to say: leave the thumb if you enjoyed sub, if you’re not yet hit the bell and come and say hi at the live streams, always remember to keep calm and talk.