We are going to be setting this up today. Now, if you missed the um unboxing, go ahead and check it out on my channel i'll. Have it up there on the right hand, side up there, uh and also down in the description as well as where you can get the autel evo 2., so this is going to be a full in depth. Uh review flight review. Now this is the ruggedized case. If you guys missed that unboxing go ahead and check everything that comes with it, i got this version because it has um the case, of course, and it came with an extra battery for just like another hundred dollars. So anyway, i'm going to be recording my phone we're gon na record the 4k in there and also the 4k on the hat cam. So you can see everything there is to know really about this thing and how it flies initially. So anyway, let's get started with the autel evo 2 flight test. Okay, so this is going to be kind of a setup and flight in real time. I just want to show you guys how long it takes to set up now. Remember guys, the evo 2 is competing directly with like the mavic 2 line, mavic pro 2, possibly even the skydio too, because this one has all those cameras on it for obstacle, avoidance and tracking right. So this one is just the 8k version. Let'S go ahead and take this gimbal cover off there we go.

They also have that pro version with the 6k more professional camera with a larger sensor, and they also have that, like infrared version um, the thermal version that you can get you can swap out the camera. If you wanted to get those extra cameras but we're going to start with this, one see how this one flies and everything so first things: first let's go ahead and just undo the legs. So this one you want to do the front first, then the rear here beautiful day by the way it's only about i want to say a couple miles per hour coming from this direction, so i'm just going to grab one of these. These are two fully charged batteries, so if we run out of time for the first battery – and we didn't finish all the functions, we'll go ahead and throw in that second battery and make sure we go through everything. There'S cameras all around this thing so just want to make sure they're kind of clean that one's already clean on the front. We'Re gon na set this guy down and let's boot it up getting out the controller here, get the antennas up. This is kind of like those mavic controllers, where it's mini and then it has the handles that come out. Although you're mounting your phone right here, i have mounted my ipad large ipad on here and you just need to get like one of those 3d printed extenders.

Anyway, so my phone is in android, this is the android 6t phone and this one uses that usbc type connection so i'm, getting the usbc type of cable out of the case, and then all we do is we plug it in to the bottom here, and that Was one of the things that was a little bit disappointing to me in the unboxing was this seems like exactly the same controller as the autel evo one? I didn't see any difference whatsoever as far as uh the form and function of it. Okay, so i think that's all we need from this um rugged box here. So even though these uh propellers will self expand, i always like to just go ahead and undo the propellers just to make it a little easier for the motors simple little spring bracket. There put your phone in now. This controller is kind of cool, because you can uh move the antennas all the way down so for this flight i'm gon na move them all the way down like that, see how it doesn't really interfere with the phone and stuff we'll turn on the controller. So i'm, just gon na press and hold you don't, have to press press and hold with this one, just press it till you hear a beep. The screen starts booting up and then we'll power up the drone, so we're, looking over at the back of the battery here, just pressing and holding oh, you see the lights and i'm just gon na cruise over here in the front and let's just watch what the Camera does here see how it's going back and forth up and down just starting up its camera and gimbal and that's it.

I felt some vibration on the controller, so the controller just connected, and now we can connect up our phone i'm going to record my phone i'm also going to turn off my wi fi and all that stuff i'm, also going to put the do not disturb on My phone too, so we don't get all these messages and stuff. Then all we do is we just plug in, of course, to this connection on the bottom of the phone i'll? Have this recording on the phone? As you can see, it just auto launched the app and it already has an update, wow so there's already a new firmware update um i'm gon na go ahead and do that guys because there we go so i did the update initially. When i got this a couple weeks ago, here's all gps coordinate bug. Okay, so you can see all these things that's. The reason you want to update is because it also has some bug, fixes so i'm going to go ahead and do this i mean i do have two batteries, so you know i want this thing to be as good as it can be for this initial flight Test, so if you do want to see how this thing updates go ahead and watch that unboxing video, i go through all of this in that video i'll. Have it linked up here, also in the description i'm just gon na? Let this thing do its update and i'll get back with you and we'll be ready to fly.

It took exactly 20 minutes, guys let's just go through a compass calibration, as you can see in the menu and the flight control. Uh let's just do start calibration. Okay, so here's what it says to do i'm going to set the controller down a little bit away from it. So i can kind of see the screen we're going to pick this guy up and we're going to rotate it counterclockwise in a level plane like it's saying and then we want to lift it so the camera's up to the sky and do another counter. Clockwise rotation. I'M, looking at the screen and i'm holding the craft and there we go compass, success restarted one more time, since we did that compass, cal and that's. Something you're going to want to do is just make sure you run all through all those things go in the camera. Recording the screen again and let's get started, pull the sticks down and in yeah so see how that starts. The propellers up let's just really quickly. Go ahead and see if they um turn off automatically. I always like to just test this see if they turn off. If you decide not to launch something happens, power dies on your controller. Who knows what i usually like them to turn off like within 10 seconds. This one looks like they're, just gon na keep going so we'll just take off, not gon na auto shut off so recording again in that 4k, and this is where you can press this.

Um take off button, so let's just press and hold and take off on the controller is showing there. It goes it's gon na launch. That was a really nice and slow launch. Pretty solid looks like it's only launching to what's our height four feet, see on the top of the screen. There recording my phone screen only launching the four feet so i'm going to pick it up a little bit and listen to this guy it's, really quiet wow. This is a really um low, toned quiet drone guys it is heavy, remember, but look, listen! How quiet that is let's go a little bit over here. Now you can see the sensors. I have. The sensor stayed on the screen on the controller getting a little bit of jittery this one's kind of interesting. You see that fpv how it's jittery watch as we fly with this one. It got better when i was doing my unboxing in the house as kind of time went on, but hey guys anyway, thanks for tuning in, i really appreciate you guys watching my videos we're going to do a super in depth. One here so stay tuned, it's going to be long, but it's also going to be very, very in depth, so let's do a walk around. So we can see how the drone looks just hovering there, how solid it is i'm, loving how quiet it is it's. Just this really low air tone, not this loud buzzing, sound i'm, loving that so we'll just walk around to see how it holds this position.

Remember it's. Only a couple miles per hour – variable winds right now, it's doing phenomenally well, sensors are watching the ground and all that stuff, so it's just doing excellent. So remember, we're, just in standard flight mode, let's just see what happens, how fast it kind of turns Music. So i'm gon na just kind of turn it slowly yeah that fpv is definitely a lot to be desired there. Do you see that how it's really choppy in my phone now, the video on the drone should be nice and smooth here's full stick to the left. That'S, how fast it's turning there see it on the hat cam so that's, our yaw rate let's, do a punch up, so you guys can see this view real, quick punching up and see how fast it gets going 10 miles per hour. I'M. Looking at the phone screen on the top right about 11, going up now check that video out guys look at that up there so i'm on uh, the island of maui. Here i live in hawaii and this is a view from kula just looking phenomenal. This is just a beautiful day today, fantastic day, so i'm kind of tilting the gimbal up and down. So it went about 11 miles per hour. Going up let's just see how it is coming down, so full stick down, see how fast it goes down about seven miles per hour. Six and a half seven, and looking at that video stability.

Remember i'll have that 4k up on the screen, so you guys can see that and let's just do a throttle off right now. It seemed to want to slow down right about 10 feet, and then i just let off, and you could see how quick that just stopped and it's just holding itself. So as far as the um, you know locked in feeling and everything. This thing is just phenomenal and that's kind of how the original evo was so in this mode. Let'S just fly around we're gon na do some fast flying and see if it drops altitude make sure the park's kind of clear here let's do full speed forward. Oh, that was weird okay yeah it saw me. Did you see that so we'll we'll do an obstacle avoidance test after we do this, but first what we'll do is we'll just do some quick flying that's full stick forward. It looks like it's, maybe seeing the ground and trying to go slow, because this is full stick four guys and we're only going three four miles per hour. You see that so this is definitely not ludicrous mode. Let'S do a turn here and let's come back at us that's the maximum. I can go at three and a half feet up. Wow let's see if i stand in the way. Look at that i am still pushing full stick forward on the stick and it just decided to stop so great sensors are working, let's turn it sideways, and let me try to uh ram into me sideways, so we'll go back a little bit again and then we'll Get right in its way and we'll come to the side right into me, see what it does seem to want to kind of go forward there, but it did stop i'm pushing full to the right and the drone just will not come any closer let's see.

If i walk towards it, it's not gon na go away. Okay, let's, try reversing into the uh person or pilot whatever you want to call it so i'm gon na get it right out there in front of me and full stick back. It almost wants to try to go around me. It kind of like moved to the right a little, but then it's just fully stopped i'm just holding the stick all the way back so that's great. You have that full obstacle avoidance let's, see if i put my hand above it what happens with my hands directly above it oh that's, going to go into my hand. I don't want to do that that wasn't, very smart, so we'll try some more stuff when we track with that later. Let'S pick it up guys um, because this is kind of going slow. Let me see if i can go faster in this mode i'm going to go straight out this way towards the ocean full speed forward. There we go now we're getting some speed. Okay, now we're going 20. that's as fast as it wants to go. Okay, all the while check out that camera let's do a turn boy that fpv is just staying choppy. Okay, so definitely a negative! In my mind, is this choppy fpv here i don't know what's going on with it, but i'll have my screen up on my phone guys and well. It just stopped right there on its own.

I guess it. Maybe it saw that tree. That was weird saw the tree from way out. There come on back down, okay, so that's what we can expect i'm pulling down. Oh, it stopped and it was gon na try to land, so it's kind of like the mavic, where, if you, if you hold down it'll, eventually try to land, but once it gets kind of close to the ground. Watch it'll just stop pulling down holding down it's kind of stopping right there, and you see my thumb on the controller it's not going down. Unless i try to land it and hold down. If you watch this, then it will start to land, but i don't want to land so i'm going to push up, so it has that great landing cancel so remember. If you're close to the ground it's only going to go pretty slow, all those sensors are keeping it from getting anywhere near near the ground or any objects flying into myself again and it's. Just stopping right. There awesome so let's see what our power is like uh. We got 12 volts, 82 percent, so let's keep going. You can see how you can press that bar on the top and if you look at my phone screen how it drops down – and you can see all your satellites and all of your information there – we want to go into maybe ludicrous mode you can see here. I went into the options we got standard it's at 22.

. If we click on standard again, we can choose these right, 11 or 22. i'm going to go into ludicrous okay. So just like sport mode on dji stuff guys, the visual is turning off so let's get out of here, and here we go so we aren't limited now wow yeah. This is gon na, be quick, make sure nobody's in the park here so it's. Seeing the ground, though, i can tell on the bottom sensors but watch as we go forward this slow now. This is remember we're about four three and a half feet full stick forward, yeah it doesn't care what's in front of it. Now, look at that. Looking at the video guys full stick forward watch this thing will not avoid me see that it's like no well. I would have hit that fence if i didn't push it up a little bit. That'S in reverse, let's see how fast it goes in ludicrous straight into the countryside. There ready set full stick forward, go looking at our miles per hour up on the top right really looking at the camera, we're getting up to looks like 32, 33, okay and that's. It let's go turn around still looking at that choppy fpv gosh. I really hope the 4k video is much better because that choppy fpv is very um very choppy and that's a lot to be desired there, okay, going back around towards me i'm at this park. Above straight overhead, there we are okay, so ludacris can go about 32 to 34.

. Full stick forward i'm, getting some wind now from this direction, probably about five, okay and let's just test these punch up speeds in ludicrous real quick, get it back over towards us here. We go so full stick up, let's, just rotate that gimbal all the way down i'm pressing. This left roller to the left. I do want to just see how it looks, even though this fpv screen is so choppy gosh what's up with that full throttle up seemed like it was going slow for a second going about 11 that's about the same right. Guys remember that as the gps mode. So about 11 and let's see how it is coming down full stick down six and a half yeah so same up and down speed, it's, just a faster lateral, speed. I'M gon na rotate this camera back up as we're coming down, go ahead and keep an eye on that 4k. Guys i'll have it popping in and out so you can see. You know how stable it is. I am on the side of a mountain, so that's, not the gimbal that's. The side of the mountain is sloping down gimbal's, not crooked, okay. Here let me turn it into this fence. This fence should be perfectly level, so you can see how the gimbal is level on that fence. There. So remember, ludacris turned all the sensors off and if we press on ludicrous again, oh there, it is okay, you see that mileage below ludacris.

I can actually go up to 45 miles per hour, let's. Try that should have done that initially, so i don't have any sensors remember in this mode, so we want to go up full stick forward, let's see how fast it gets going now. Here we go still only going 32., okay, i'm, not sure why it's not going the 45, they claim it can i'll turn and come back seems like see. Look at that the fpv got a little bit smoother now that's what's weird about this. One is it's. Just now, it's smoother now we're going 45 see that on the top right with the wind we're moving now let off it's right above me, i'm going to bring it down. Let'S see if this 45 mile per hour, okay, now we're coming down faster at, like eight, sees the ground coming down a little slower whew, that ludicrous is funky, it's, crazy, fast! Okay, before we do these advanced functions, i just want to do one more ludicrous uh. Flyby here see how stable it is and how it stops so here's going Music right over the ground, we're gon na. Let off turn we're gon na come straight at us. Do a flyby, wow, yeah that's fast it's, like you got ta, have a lot of room to stop. I let off right when i was at my face and it didn't stop all the way to that fence like 50 feet away, so need a lot of room guys if you're gon na go fast with this thing, so let's go back into standard mode.

We'Ll just leave it in the 22 mile per hour, so we have all our sensors on get back out of there and let's try to do some of these uh advanced tracking functions, okay guys. So what we want to do is come on up here. We were in manual flight, you see over there uh on this left top of the screen. Let'S do a dynamic track. Okay, so we're gon na have to press continue and it will cancel the recording when it goes in. I guess the camera will keep the target in camera frame finish all right, so let's try this of course, i'm. The only one here and i'm gon na have to track myself, okay, cool. We got a little reticle on me already kinda, like what other drones, i had to say it, but they're very similar. I just pressed right on me there and you saw how it stopped recording automatically on the right. It'S, not recording anymore, but it had a countdown and now it's tracking, so i'm gon na have to remember start, recording again see that so don't forget to start recording. Now let's just do our track, so this is kind of a close up track and you remember it it's, remembering the distance. It was from me and it's height, so it's just going to lock in there. Unless you do something else, let's try to walk at it. Of course, we want to test all this stuff walking towards it, jogging towards it.

Wow really good and let's see if we can put it where we want to put it with the controller. I want it to go over there. We go yeah, so i'm holding full stick right, it's doing a slow orbit. What, if i wanted to coming back, go up still tracking me good. I want to do an orbit so i'm holding full stick right. I want it to orbit while it's kind of tracking me and i'm walking. So this is another one, of course, where you're going to have that infinity tracking ability – and this is just kind of a manual orbit. But you can do this like, say: you're, piloting and you're trying to track an object or a person riding a bike. There you go let's, see if i let go and just walk right under it. I just kind of let go and it started to move on its own, a little more cool, so it's a little bit overcast, but this is how it's dealing with uh just being overcast at this moment in time, it's doing pretty good man cool. So what do we do? Uh? We can stop it. You know what let's see how low and stuff we can go. I like always like to just push those limits. Say you want to get some super low shots. Aircraft has reached the minimum tracking altitude. Okay, remember the mavic air 2. I was able to bring it down like just a couple feet off the ground.

This one needs to be five feet up, see it's, giving me that warning to the left and it won't go any lower than that for safety. Precaution that's because that's just over it seems like people's, head that's, definitely higher than four five feet because i'm, six and it's above my head, so a little bit strange on the sensors there. I guess anyway, um let's, see how close we can get minimum tracking distance. All right, i just it stopped, i let go and now it's doing its own thing. By going back and forth so let's see how it is at the maximum, close and lowest distance, it can possibly be, and if it can track something, and if it loses it, just at least me just jogging let's see what it does. I like to just kind of do these little weird tests. Just so you guys can see what's up juke to the right wow, not bad. For being that close to me right back at it right under it. So there you go it'll lose you! I always like to do that just to test it but totally lost me, and it went out of its tracking. So remember if you want a fast speed tracking drone get that skydio2, because that has the beacon and it will not lose track of you if it. If it can't see you anymore, the beacon it flat, the drone flies up, it goes to the beacon's coordinates and it retracts you cool whoops.

I just pressed this bottom right a button. You want to be careful with those buttons, so it went on a dynamic track, but it's still in the mode to track. Something so remember guys you can do that. Let'S, try a tripod track. Sorry, if i'm out of breath looks like this one will not move it'll just move its head. Recording again don't forget to record press the subject. Three, two one getting ready to track tracking let's see what it does guys. I think it's just gon na be stationary. It'S not gon na, come towards me or move around it's just gon na track with its head. Okay let's see how low we can go with this one same thing: we have a minimum altitude. Okay, so for some reason you want to say you're in the middle of a who knows what a frisbee match and you have a cordoned off area for the drone. You could use this as a tripod, just make sure nobody ran into it and it would just track, but it would just stay there. So that's kind of cool let's walk right under it. I'Ll, lift it up a little bit a little bit, give it the benefit of the doubt. So let's see oh great, so i can position it wherever i want with this controller, but i cannot turn the head. You see this with my left and right thumb. Stick going left and right, my left thumb stick so let's try to go right under it and just see how good it is at tracking an object if it'll spin.

This is something that a lot of them have trouble with i'm, just going to walk at a normal pace. No, you can see it turned around, but it still lost me so same kind of problems. These drones – have you know, of course, if it's in moving tracking it's not going to do that said fail on the bottom over there, and now the the gimbal is totally downwards. So i got to pull it up myself with this little roller let's. Do that one more time just give it the benefit of doubt still recording i got to see what how much power i have left. I have no okay, 11 minutes of flight time. You see that if you don't want to press this and look at your percentage, you know what that's my controller percent, i think yeah. So you want that middle time. Uh 11 minutes right there to know how long you can fly let's do another one really slow what's it gon na do real slow man, it can't, even retract, okay, that's it. It fails at tripod, going under let's. Stop that get back up and let's do some other modes we're burning flight time, okay, so that's what you can expect guys, of course, we're still kind of recording, but we want to go through all these functions parallel track. Now this is a good one where it won't turn the head, but it will just track you at a set distance and height, and it will just keep going and following you sideways, going to parallel track, continue finish pressing on myself.

There you see how it stops. Recording so you really got to remember to start again and let's, just try recording with this button on the controller yeah, so you can do that too so you're following either yourself riding a bike or somebody else or doing anything, let's walk this way. You see what it does. It just stays in this parallel motion and it should keep the distance. If i turn away, you see how it's coming at me and trying to maintain that distance back let's try to go forward towards it. Yeah see. This is what drones are supposed to do in this parallel um. I was having trouble with the mavic air 2, had issues with this it's supposed to back up and maintain its distance, but the mavic air 2 is having trouble this one. Does it very well walk towards it? It maintains its distance, walking, left and right it's doing really good at just tracking the subject. So, if you're trying to track sports or whatever somebody running a boat car, whatever excellent, so that's working, really good we're gon na stop. This go back into these intelligent photo functions. Let'S try a viewpoint. I have no idea what this is. Okay. This is just kind of a um press where you want it to fly on the screen. So if you look at my phone screen i'm just going to press to the left of me over there and you see how that's, where it's going to fly to so let's just go start and it's defaulting at two miles per hour.

So there you go. If you wanted to fly like that, you could just, i think, dji calls this tap fly, but this also does it so it's trying to triangulate where that is let's see if it stops it's going down now, it's going back up. Uh looks like it's having a little bit of trouble determining where to stop there we go so it went up and down which is kind of strange okay, you can always press pause on the screen if you're kind of panicking out and it's still going forward. Let'S see what happens guys, since this is remember it has these sensors on it, let's see what happens if we fly right into this tree here. Sorry, not much to look at but i'm just going to tap right on that tree and continue this one's still recording. I didn't have to re record. Remember, looks like this one's fine, so let's see what happens when it gets to that tree. If we're using this tap fly, all the sensors should be on so i'll have that 4k up it's a little far away from me. So my hat cam's not really going to do it justice, but let's just see if it hits this tree all right. I have all the functions on wow it's going over the tree on its own. Look at this. Oh my gosh. Okay, stop! I don't want to get into the traffic. You see how there's cars over there that's really cool that's kind of like an a pass guys, so it won't really avoid obstacles and keep going forward if you're, if you're controlling it with your sticks, you see how it'll just stop because i'm behind it.

Okay, but watch this use case i'm gon na go right into myself and watch it go around me i'm, a subject in the way of its path. Right. Staying here continue. So this is the one let's see if it goes flies. Okay on the side of me, see that guy he went around me and he went back on his track after he went around me, so that works really well really happy with that. So it looks like it just kind of wants to keep continuing on, but i love how it just avoids obstacles: that's, fantastic, okay, so that was viewpoint. We'Re going to cancel viewpoint mode let's do an orbit circle patterns around a center point. We are getting low um. So maybe we don't want to do this. Let'S try just a return to home real quick, so let's get out of this and we'll we'll do all the other stuff on the next battery. All right, let's just fly out here, see what it does see. If it tells us we need to return to home we're getting a low battery warning. Oh there we go so you see up on the screen. It'S saying aircraft will return to home i'm. Just still flying forward i'm still pushing forward there, we go so it's turning automatically oops wasn't uh recording i'm gon na start recording again on that 4k. Just so, you know what's up let's, see where it's lan, where it lands on its return to home, like to just see where these things will try to land i'm, going to try to stay far away from it critically low battery warning man give it let it Give it to me to just always like push it to the last critical.

So hopefully it will still do its precision landing let's, just see i'm, not touching anything at all i'm just going to let it land and we'll see how close it is and then we'll pop in that next battery looks pretty good i'm, just hoping that critically low Battery isn't, throwing off its precision wow very nice don't want to get too close to it and throw it off okay. Now, if that is not a precision, i don't know what is that is better than any recent drone. I'Ve really done honestly only about an inch off. You see that i launched right in the middle of that hexagon and it's, just barely touching the side on that side, so excellent, it stopped recording. We don't have to worry about stopping recording and losing our file. If we turn it off, it just automatically stops when it lands cool guys. So that was awesome. We want to do some more functions. We want to do the rest of these smart functions and then i'm going to have it. Follow me through the woods here and let's see if it hits any trees so pop in that new battery and let's do that and that'll be the end of it. We'Ll do a pros and cons after that see how this thing all did: okay, guys new battery and we are ready to go again. We'Re gon na do those finishing touches. We'Re gon na go up, take some pictures and then we're gon na track it through the woods.

As the last thing we do just in case it crashes, you know we don't mess it up and can't do anything else. Remember not only do you have your phone screen here which i'm recording, but you also have this other screen in here i'm. Not sure how easy it is for you guys to see it's very easy for me to see very bright and i hold totally forgot. You got the percentage of your drone down here on the bottom left of this controller screen, as well as the controller battery power. So we used about 30 percent on all that we did with the updating and that first flight on the controller – and this is the second battery which was remember the first battery i had in when i did that update – and this is already down 93. So we used up about six to seven percent. Doing that update in the beginning. Remember this one also does uh mission planning so check it out. You can do waypoint, rectangular or polygonal. This would be great for like mapping. If you wanted to just map out a section so say i'm, just going ahead and pushing on create project and see that there on the screen, you can actually move this around see how i'm stretching it – and you can do this whole project and snap pictures and All kinds of stuff – if you ever wanted to do that guys and use this for mapping, you see how i'm just grab grabbing the bottom right too and i'm expanding it or moving it around.

You can always do that so i'm. Just going to trash this and go back, but you see how you can do that there you can also do polygon just want to show you this real, fast, um, okay. So i just basically pressed on the middle of the x, and you see how you can stretch all this out. So if you have a farming field or an area that you just want to do a project on, you can do this and it does all this automatically. You see that so up on the top right. You see how we have our square footage it's going to take 128 pictures, so you can do this for aerial mapping, photography or aerial imagery, so isn't that awesome. I think that's really amazing, that you can do this straight from the autel, app dji and stuff. You can't do it directly from their app on their consumer drones. You have to get an aftermarket, app or they're more high end commercial drones, so pretty cool. I just wanted to show that to you, we're not going to really go into that today, here's the regular waypoint flight, though, if you wanted to do waypoint flight, you can do this if i'm just clicking on it there. You see how you have all this information here, you can go, you can have your altitude confirm, you can plot all these points. You see how i'm just plotting points and then each point.

If i click on that point, you see how you can adjust this i'm clicking on the flight altitude, the mile per hour, so you can adjust each point. However, you want here's an action. Fly flyover hover, payload action, wow what's that there you go gimbal pitch at a certain point and it will take a photo remember. The parrot does this too anafi and para bebop. Even the parrot disco do this kind of functioning, so that is really great heading route manual custom, so really cool features to have. If you didn't already know, you can do all this stuff, waypoints and automatic picture taking, etc. With this drone not going to go into that today, maybe we'll do another video on that. Just that, but today is just all about the initial first flight. This time, let's just push up on the throttle. There we go so you can also do that to take off just like other drones. Let it sit there just for a second we'll see how accurate it is with this manual push up take off compared to that um automatic takeoff. We did last time when we did the return to home, so let's get up here, it's a little overcast where i'm at let's see if we can get out here to over these trees and take a few photos of this immaculate west maui view here. Just kind of want to get up out of um, really kind of out of audio range, a little bit from everybody and let's just take some of these photos.

So i am recording – and you see me touching the screen so that's doing an exposure value adjustment on its own. You see how it's kind of changing the exposure on the screen a bit, so what we're going to do is we're going to stop recording up here. I just pressed it that's, taking a while to stop okay and now let's. Take some photos so just right here, i'm just going to click. This photo button on the right top of my controller okay, that's taking it puts it in photo mode and it starts taking a photo. Okay. I'M gon na tilt the camera down a bit. So you guys get a feel for how this lighting is. What a beautiful day wow oh yeah, guys i totally forgot this thing, does zoom remember when you have this menu up if i'm pressing it on the screen. Remember you can do all of these adjustments check it out. There'S digital zoom. You see that so i just pushed on it and now what i can do is just with my right roller check this out. I can adjust my gimbal. I will have my um screen recording, so you guys can see this up on my phone screen. Just make sure that's recording yeah but check this out with my right roller i'm zooming. In now. I think after four times it starts to go into like a digital zoom, so you're going to lose resolution, but let's see how far we can really zoom in guys to uh the west maui.

This is going to be malaya bay eight times. So you see that seven to eight times so that's the maximum zoom we can do but check it out. We can still move the gimbal around while we're zoomed in and even the drone. You see that there are some windmills up on the ridge of that west. Maui mountain let's see if we move the head of the drone to the left yeah, so you can still move the drone all around. While you are zoomed in to eight times zoom let's zoom back out, and so you get a feel for how far we zoomed in there look at that so that's another feature and you don't only have to be in picture mode. We can go back into video. We can be recording our video and we can go back into our digital zoom, so now we're recording in video and say we want to get some zooming in while we're in video let's zoom into the kahalui area. There we go using our right roller again and you can see it on the screen adjusting look at this, so we can do all this let's see. If we tap the screen yeah, we can automatically do some exposure on the screen on the bottom of the screen. I can move this reticle around and once you're on your function, you just pull push the roller in and it clicks makes that sound. And then i can go back into my zoom cool huh let's go back to our one percent, zoom we're going to stop and we definitely want to have uh see.

We have 26 minutes left remaining let's go back in the photo guys so now i'm rolling the photo here so there's our sizes. If i click in the right trigger you see our sizes. So i like 16 by nine. This is the maximum whoa yeah right there. This one's kind of off the screen can't even see that one that we got ta drag it actually with our finger. So i like the 16 by nine, so let's try this i'm just pressing on that roller and let's. Try some photos like this so i'm, just gon na be pressing the photo button on the right top of the controller i'll. Have these popping up on the screen as i'm? Getting them remember this gimbal. You can also adjust it to go higher than level elevation. If you wanted to in the settings i'm not going to do that right now, but you can so if you want to get some pointed up shots, there's, uh, west maui and then that's um molokai over there, or is that lanai no that's lanai over there there's Kaho olave over ulupala cool we'll get some pictures. Let'S get a photo of haleakala. You see how the mountain just goes way up, and you see how those let's take a picture of this. You see how those clouds are all washed out. If i click in the clouds, you see how it clicked in the crowd, the clouds and everything got dark.

Eventually, it kind of auto exposes in the center say i wanted to brighten up the ground. I can either tilt the camera down or i'm pressing on the ground. Another photo let's do a more of a downward shot like this. Now remember. This is auto exposure and you can adjust all of your aperture, your iso settings all that stuff guys. This is a very in depth. Adjustable camera let's get like a straight down shot see if these jacarandas, i think, they're pretty much done blooming. Yeah there's, a new um playground area yeah, the jacarandas are all done blooming, so no more purple but i'm. Just taking some photos, so you guys can see those when they pop up. Okay, all right well enough of this let's get back to recording here's the map. I wanted to show you guys this. I totally forgot, but this has that map that it pulls in with your data connection. So if you wanted to like you're flying up at distance – and you want to see we're going to use this on a range test which is coming up next see, you got your map there press on the screen again, and you can also close that little map There on the top left, so lots of stuff – you can do just like other drones – let's bring this thing on back and come down. This is full. Stick back and down keep an eye on that camera.

Now let's look in should be pretty stable, even though we're flying around a little crazy just turn to the left turn to the right yeah. It stops really good i'm, not seeing any like wavy in the picture. You know you guys. Let me know sorry: the sun kind of went away um, but you know what we want to do guys we want to before we run out of too much power let's go into our flight modes. Here we never did an orbit um or gesture control, so let's just try those real quick before we do this tracking in the woods. So finish, okay fly above center point all right. I guess i'm just going to use myself as a center point again like i. Normally do so. This is where you might want to tilt your camera all the way down, and you can ex you can adjust the speed of your camera too guys in the settings. Your tilt speed, that's too float slow for you, so i want to get get myself right in there. You can either press set on the screen there, or i can press this button on the bottom of the remote i'm just going to press the remote wow and it just glitched out okay um, something they want to work on there. That was weird it just like reset the whole app, so maybe don't do that. Let'S! Try this again! Leave it to me to find problems.

Okay, let's, try that again so i'm. Above myself, good don't need to really touch the screen, but i did let's set a okay adjust the radius, so i'll tell you what we'll do guys is we'll, adjust the radius low and far and let's see if it runs into a tree. How'S that sound, remember how i like to test these things: let's get the camera back up, so it's 69 feet away, we're having that choppy camera glitchy issue again, which is kind of funny, so it should know where i am because we already set it. Let'S set a again and let's just start see if these sensors, oh, i got ta increase to 33 feet. Okay, let's go up boy; okay, so you need to go to 33 feet. Another little con here and let's start let's see if the camera does anything on its own or if we're gon na have to move the camera yeah. So we need to move the camera down. You see that i'm pulling down on the camera to tilt it let's. Just let it do one revolution and see if it hits those trees over there um. Could we speed it up if we wanted to by pressing the right controller button, you can see it's going five miles per hour i'm not going to speed it up yet. Can we pull it back? Yes, we can. I want to see if it's going to hit that tree over there see what it does.

Is it going to get close to that yep wow it stopped. I don't know if you guys can see that on my hat cam but it's, seeing that tree with its side, sensors and it's stopped and look at it. It sees it on the left hand, side and the back. You can see the sensors on the screen, so that's great it's, not going to avoid it like that. Remember that tap fly feature and fly around it, but it just stops so that's cool and then i can press pause and at least it won't hit that remember. We tried that with the mavic air 2 and it just hit the tree because the mavic air 2 doesn't have any side sensors remember so that was awesome, we're still recording, so that kept it recording gesture control. Let'S just try this real, quick, so hands up to do gestures, hands flat, take photo or one hand, so why hands flat one hand up let's, just try that okay, so it's kind of waiting for me to do something see how it's not doing anything. So let me do both of my hands up um supposed to be gesture control right how about both of my hands flat i'm waiting for it, but it's not doing anything. I don't see it doing anything. I don't see any lights beeping on it or anything. So maybe something they can work on, because i thought i was seeing all those functions correctly, yeah so i'm, either doing it wrong as usual or i thought i'm in the mode it's just not doing it.

Maybe we have to go in maybe into photo mode pressing on the photo let's try that again nope not doing anything: okay, i'm! Having trouble with that mode! Sorry about that guys, my bad! If it's my bad, if it's not working, they need to precision flight what's. This this is kind of like the tripod mode of flying in dji. You see how it's just going super slow whoops. We forgot to start recording let's, get back into video and let's record again. So if you wanted to get this really cinematic stuff and fly super slow in precision there, you go just go into precision mode let's, see what it does here. Slowing down sees my head yeah. So this one's really good all right decided to fly over my head because it was high enough see how i can adjust all these in precision mode, speed, vertical speed, rotation speed, so you can really adjust and tune those in if you wanted to right in this Precision flight mode, okay, let's, go back into manual. Flight i'm gon na do a quick return to home i'm gon na change, the camera battery and then we're gon na track it through the trees, and that will be enough for the day. Okay. So this time i'll fly out there and i'm going to hold in return to home there we go, i just held in that home button on the controller let's, get it to return to home, see how precise it is change this thing in my hat cam and Then we'll go track it in the trees.

I know this is a super long review as usual, but you guys will see how good this thing is at tracking in the trees at least walk tracking, going to also do um vehicle tracking too, with my forerunner over there remember where we did the skydio2 review Up on the mountain up there going through the woods we'll do that with this one, just to see how good the sensors are tracking the vehicle going, a little faster, so coming on down i'm just going to get away from it, so it doesn't in any way Affect its return to home, looks like it's really good at adjusting and seeing that landing pad, it really does give dji a run for its money on its precision. It seems because look at this not touching anything coming on down 14 minutes of flight time and same thing, just right on the edge of this hexagon, fantastic, just an inch or two off okay. That time check this out guys it did not shut off the video, not sure. Why not remember i was saying last time: oh no, it did there goes. It just takes a second okay, we're gon na launch again and we're gon na track it through these trees. No joke let's do it. All right looks like we have 13 minutes of flight time and i'm going to track myself through the trees, so let's get at a pretty decent distance here kind of where the skydio likes to track just to give it a little bit comparison.

You know 20 feet away or so let's go right into our dynamic track. Okay and of course, it's gon na stop, recording so i'm gon na have to start recording again clicking on myself tracking start reading that recording again can't forget that and let's just walk over here, oh good, the sun's coming out again that's great. I was worried about that to have like a really low light, um tracking so i'm, just walking around here around this fence and we're going to go on these trees, all the meanwhile. This drone is going to be just following us and i want to see if it's just going to stop if it's going to try to go around stuff what it does. So here we go coming through these low hanging. Trees, what's it gon na, do all right. It'S, coming down wow, really that's great watch out for that tree trunk. That was cool, hey man that um you know what i had trouble with, that was the member of the mavic pro 2 had trouble going under trees and tree branches. Look at this thing! What'S! It gon na do i'm going around this tree. Awesome decided to go out that way, it's using all of its sensors. Remember. This thing has like 360 degree sensors. It got close to the ground that time i'm not doing anything guys i'm, just holding my controller up. Just like this, without touching anything let's go around this tree and see what it decides to do, what's it gon na do what's it gon na do ooh lost track.

Will it retract? Oh, it wants to. Ah okay there's a limitation. Remember right: there was a limitation let's see if it'll keep recording, yes see how it deals with this. Is it going to come under this tree good, big giant branch? It came under all right i'm going to run up through these trees right here. Let'S see what it does ready see. What this thing does total skydio comparison even right through here, what's it gon na. Do oh nice, okay, well, i'm impressed. I thought it might have hit some branches or something but it's using that complete tracking nice man, so that's pretty cool. The only thing is: can we do an orbit orbit while we're doing this right again? I'M, not touching anything it's doing all this on its own it's, adjusting its altitude i'm going down the hill now and it is bringing itself lower all right. Well, cool let's. Try this i'm going to use my right thumb, stick and try to start to do an orbit to that way to the right so i'm. Just holding my right! Stick! No see! Okay, there's, a limitation! You can't do that once i let off the stick now it's coming closer again: okay, good to know i'm gon na, stop it right here and real quick, stop let's! Try this um parallel track and see if it has the same functions. Of course it's going to stop its recording, i want to get it parallel, where i want it to be: okay, so i'm going to have it grow right here, so it's kind of in these trees and whatnot right there.

So it has to go like through these trees and we're gon na start. Recording now let's see what it does. Okay see this tree let's see what it how it deals with this tree. Wow, nice, okay, it's gon na go right into that tree. Trunk what's. It gon na do it's going low okay. It totally avoided that tree trunk trying to maintain parallel let's see what it does with this tree, not bad at all. Guys. Okay now check this out i'm gon na go this way still in parallel mode run straight through these trees, see what it does. Yeah it's trying dude whoa whoa what you gon na do man. It almost hit those little branches, but it didn't awesome, it's, trying it's trying wow. This thing is really doing pretty good behind this tree. Okay sticks and trees and whatnot would run kind of toward it. Okay, it resorted to going behind me now, let's see if it tries to get back to the right. It sure is wow it's really trying to maintain this parallel. So you see what it did is since i turned to the right. It knew what position it was away from me, even though i'm going in a different direction. So it tried to get back to that locked in compass heading that i was and it did it see how it still just spits in that position and it's just gon na follow me. This is the parallel talk about unreal.

That was great. So definitely it does give skydio a hard rub, except for its ability to retract if it loses you and that's what the skydeal is going to be great. With with that beacon for the end of this we'll go up. Recording and i'm just gon na fly uh either gimbal back up i'm. Just gon na fly that straight. That way, as far as i can until it tells us to return home, so this is a little nope there. It goes.