This was a gift for my birthday from lovely mrs pesci fpv, um and i’m chuffed to bits with it, and i just wanted to share it because i think it’s, one of the best uh best bags on the market really um. First of all, we’re just going to the outside, so you can see. We’Ve got one two room for one more drone on the back there. Probably if you had smallers you could um use a. You could probably get more drones on there if you’re using three or four inches, but these are all five inch drones. Really nice tactile finish it’s, like a sort of leathery sort of finish. You can see the zips really nice quality and if we open it up, you can see just how much storage this thing’s got. So you can see in here. I’Ve got my whole cinewoop and the beta 85x um easily stored. You know with no pressure on at all: i’ve got some props, i’ve got a long range antenna and a selfie stick, and then here is my um lipo safe. Where i keep all of my batteries, you know that’s full size that fits like 10 um, 1554. S’S. In there, so you know loads of space, um there’s a waterproof carpet that comes with a bag. I keep mine in this over here, just because it’s, nice and out of the way, but that goes over the whole rucksack or it’s snowing, or if you just want to be stealthy, you can cover up the drones and stay outside.

I put that in there lots of protection added protection to the front and what’s inside there and i’ll just zip that up, and you can see again like how nice these zips close up they’re just really satisfying. They feel really waterproof and high quality. And then so. We open up the top now you can see, take the drone off and these clips have actually got magnets in them, so they close themselves. I just think that’s a really nice little feature um, so yeah let’s open this up and you can see the top compartment’s completely separate to the bottom and in there i’ve got my tango 2 and my fat sharp goggles again just amazing space. I have seen you can put a full size, dji controller in there, jumper t16 stuff, like that – also fits inside there, so you don’t have to have it set out how i’ve got mine, but for me this really works, and then you can see the side pocket Here, i’ll just take this off, so this comes with the bag. This clip um the image on the website has a tripod in here, and i guess you use that to strap the tripod down, stop it wobbling out and in this side pocket. I keep all of my like repair tools, prop change tools. I’Ve got some pliers, some cable ties and some electrical tape in there literally i’ve never needed anything else. I’Ve been soldering, sometimes in extreme cases, in the field, again loads of room for more than that.

More than what i’ve put in there um and all of these are hoops, so you could even put more velcro straps on and you know you could carry even more stuff, more drones and on this side, we’ve got two side: pockets again same zips, really, nice quality. I keep my lanyards in there. I usually put my gopro in this one and i’ve got my one cam orange in there and this lower one. I think i’ve got yeah some spare props and some spare antennas in there for when you rip those off or something goes wrong or someone needs something. You’Ve got everything you need um and then moving on to the back panel, this back panel. Here i really like this feature so it’s like a laptop pocket but it’s so hidden that you’d never know it was there. So if you want to do tuning in the field – and you don’t want to do it with speedy b apps or whatever you can get a full size laptop in there completely outside safe waterproof between your drone stuff on your back again just another really nice feature. All adjustable on your shoulder, straps and then also you’ve, got a handle in here that you can use just to carry the bag. Lift it up. You’Ve got chest harness to keep it comfortable when you’re doing longer, hikes or whatever or you’ve got extra weight on there and then on your waist and you’ve got two more pockets.

I guess you can put food or tools or you know whatever you want in there. Really but there’s two of those one on each side and i’ll just put it on, so you can see how it looks, but it’s, just really nice really comfortable. You don’t feel the weight of your drones and all your gear when you’re walking either. This is all adjustable lost, a bit of weight from when i wore it last shoulder chest, strap all adjustable up and down as well as well as in and out so yeah. All in all. I just think this is one of the best um drone bags on the market best looking best looking drone bag for sure i have to say and yeah highly recommend it. If you want to grab yourself one, we have managed to get a discount code so that you can get five percent off um.