My name is max, and today we are taking a look at the all new 2021 audi, rs etron gt, the electric saloon, the electric sports sedan by audi. Of course, its basically a porsche tai can um, but were going to see today if it feels any different and how this audi stacks up against the porsche tai can, which we absolutely love. So today, im going to show you around it im going to show you the spec weve got it in and then well take it for a drive towards the autobahn for an ultrabomb blast. And if you enjoy the video, do me a favor and leave a like, because it really helps us out with the algorithm now. The rs etron is a very wide car, wide, not white. It is suzuka gray. This car, which is super super light grey, but its very wide. It looks like i dont know it sort of looks like an a7, but a bit wider with an e tron front. I im not sure about the look of it im curious to see what you guys think. Let me know in the comments. I think it looks like a a broad, build frog. You know one of those frogs thats like super stretched out and low and wide yeah. I dont i dont hate it. I dont think its ugly per se, but uh. I dont think its pretty now weve got the audi matrix laser, whatever lights, the super fancy ones uh with a cool animation.

Of course, weve got a front with a lot of black. In there now, the rs etrons ive, seen so far all had the bumper painted in the body color um. This has the full black grille im, not sure which i like better. I think i liked it better when the bumper was body color, because it looks kind of futuristic down there. Weve got some more, you know sporty stuff going on. This, of course, is the rs model, so it should be the most sporty one. These are the optional 21 inch wheels. Two 65 section tires at the front 305s at the rear, and it has this blade design, which does look pretty cool behind that. As you can see, weve got carbon ceramic brakes optional, which is super super nice to have, because its quite a heavy car over 2300 kilos, its nice to have that insurance, because its its hella fast and hella heavy so yeah its good to have those brakes there. Even has an rs logo on the wheel there thats new, so weve got some charge ports on the right and on the left. This is the fast charge port on the right, its the same as with the tycan, even though it has a regular like cover you dont have that swipe to open cover, which is super cool on the thai can a little bit of a wide body here with A vent which looks pretty cool and i have to say that the creases on this car theyre, quite sharp and and there are a lot of them, which it does make it feel and look quite futuristic.

I do quite like that, like this line right here with a double crease, it all looks really cool. Now weve got a glass roof which i think is standard on the etron, but you can also go for carbon fiber roof, which is cool and at the rear. Weve got the big led light bar with those arrow lights. Now let me see what happens thats a different car. Let me see what happens when i close it now. We dont get the animation now, but you know the animation where they go on and then they separately go off and whatever um rs badge on the rear, with an e tron gt badge and a little bit of a diffuser, pretty nice, okay. So anyway, i dont know where to open that thing um, but its called 85 liters of storage at the front as well. Now on the interior, there are a few things i like and a few things i dont like so lets start with the things i like. I like the fact that they ditched the screen down here so, as you know, um the a6, a7. A8. Q7. All the new audis have this like two screen setup with all your climate stuff in here and its way too complicated, and i dont like the fact that you always have to look at what youre doing. I just want buttons, so buttons are back. I dont know why? Because this is the most futuristic car you would put it on, but they decided to go old school with regular climate control buttons and weve got this like ipod wheel, which you can use to operate.

The audio dont know why that had to change all of a sudden again, but anyway they will never stop with reinventing stuff that doesnt need reinvention just have a knob its way better. So on the interior, weve got piano black accents and a lot of carbon fiber. Here, on the dash little illuminated e tron badge there, which is pretty cool alcantara on top of the dials and on the center console as well little storage down there and the shape is pretty futuristic with all those lines and those textures in there. Um yeah its. Not bad, i do think it could have been more exciting. Its a bit dull, sometimes like this could also be in an a1 or something like that um. But i guess i you know – i should forgive them for that, because ive got my buttons back, so i wont complain about that. Weve even got ventilated seats as well, which is nice and an alcantara steering wheel with the rs badge right there. So, on the inside its definitely a different car compared to a porsche tycan and uh. Well, underneath its its basically the same so weve got the same j1 platform um with the air suspension set up so that came from bentley and porsche from the panamera. Then, to the tycan now to the rs e tron, but the setup is a bit more comfortable, so it should be a bit more gt. Ish and weve got a 93 kilowatt hour battery.

Now this is the rs model, so that means thats the most powerful one. 646 horsepower and 830 newton meters of torque in overboost uh regularly its 598., so it is quite powerful not as powerful as the porsche tycan turbo, because that has 680 and the turbo ss 761. So its just below that now lets find out what its like to drive. I think it was already turned on when i got in yeah. Okay, so well turn that on now, if we switch to dynamic mode, do we already get the sound? No okay? So we do have fake sound. There are a couple of speakers in here two in here to outside that generate fake, sound, but its. It definitely sounds different from the porsche, so were going to test that as well. All right so weve got the gear selector down here, ah thats, when the sound turns on i dont know if thats just cooling, Music, yeah, okay, and we also have the four wheel steering just checking so thats optional as well uh same as the carbon ceramics. Both are options. I would definitely go for, because the four wheel steering shrinks the car makes it much more easy to handle in cities and the carbon ceramics are just delicious now. A very smart trick in this car is that the first bit of your brake pedal. So when i brake now, the first 0.3 gs of retardation, so slowing down, is just recovery.

Energy recovery so youre not actually using the brakes, which i thought was very clever and im not sure if porsche uses that as well because ive never heard of it or read about it. But this car has that – and i think, thats very smart, because that means that youre actually not using the brakes when you just want to slow down a little bit so launch control, dynamic mode foot on the brake full throttle. Man that is intense and thats. Also, a very good way for me to demonstrate that weve got a gear. I dont know if you heard that, but as with the porsche weve got that 800 volt architecture, which is much much better than the standard 400 volt. Everyone else uses, and it means that energy can be discharged and charged much more quickly. So that means that theres, better heat management and if you combine that with a gear, the rear electric motor. So there are two one at the front one at the rear. The rear is the most powerful one and theres, also a gearbox, with two gears back there, which is mainly used for acceleration. So the second gear you use when you drive around the first gear you use when you want to do launch control and is also used as sort of a kick down version of electric acceleration on the ultraman or whatever it just gives you a little bit more Flexibility but the sound, the fake, sound, so the fake that was a weird sound as well.

The fake, sound weve got i quite like it its a bit deeper than the porsche. Oh man, this thing is freaking quick, so we actually measured the zero to 100. Of course, uh audi says it should do 3.3 weve been able to do 3.2, so that is pretty insane and as with the porsche you have that over boost power. So 646 is an overboost with loss control. If you do a regular start from 0 to 100. So without launch control with the 598 horsepower, it did 3.4 seconds so theres definitely quite a big difference there, but i mean theres a lot that we were expecting from this car, but the performance is better than expected. I mean yes, we knew the air suspension. The platform the chassis was all going to be amazing, since it came from porsche and we love the thai can. But this one is a bit more comfortable, theres, a bit more roll in the body which makes it more comfortable and a bit more suitable for regular driving. I think the porsche feels a bit better because it feels stiffer, and it also has the 48 volt anti raw stabilization, which this car doesnt have but performance wise. This car is outperforming itself because its not supposed to be this quick, its not supposed to be this close to a porsche tycan turbo s, which we measured from 100 to 200 at 7.19. This car did a 7.31, so that is just just over one.

Tenth of a second slower, which its not supposed to be that quick, i think its supposed to be close to a turbo, not a turbo s, so yeah its definitely performing there um. The thing goes around corners like i mean thats the benefit of these cars. With that battery pack in the floor, the the center of gravity is so low that it just feels like its on rails and uh, its just very clever and, of course, the benefit of this 800 volt electrical system is that, as i said, discharge can be done. Much quicker, and it means that you dont have the heat issues or overheat issues that teslas have. So this is 175 kilometers an hour flooring. It still goes and has no problem, maintaining the acceleration, maintaining the performance for longer periods of time, for example, on the ultraman and thats how these cars separate themselves from the teslas. Yes, the teslas have better range, better performance, but they cant do what these cars can do. They overheat after one run or during the first run. Basically – and this car is made to do this a lot of course, we havent driven the new tesla model – s plaid, which is supposed to be. You know crazy and the craziest thing tesla has done up to now. So maybe they fix the problems as well. With that car were going to find out in the future when it finally gets here, but for now the titan and the audi rse troll are in a league of their own when it comes to doing stuff like this, should you go for a tie can or An rse throne.

Well, i guess it just depends on your preference uh. They are so close in performance in in technique that it really doesnt matter. It is up to you if you like this audi, rs stuff more or if you like, the the porsche stuff more. I think the tycan handles a bit better and it just feels i just like the feel of a porsche better than i like the feel of an audi but thats entirely up to you. I havent talked about range, yet uh, weirdly enough, so the regular e tron gt has a range of like 485 kilometers. This is 470, something like that, so thats pretty decent. The only thing is the porsche. Of course you can get that as the cross turismo. The cool station wagon off roady version, which i personally think is super cool. There are no plans for an rs, eatroll avatar or something like that. So, like an rs6 competitor but electric, i havent heard anything about it. Havent read it audi. Hasnt confirmed it. So its probably not going to happen anytime soon, which is a shame, it would be very cool to see audi do a fast electric station wagon because its really in their blood, you know the the rs6, the rs4, the rs2 are all legendary audis and part of The legendary status has been derived from the fact that it is a station wagon that it is in avon, so it would be really cool if they could maybe do like an rs2 wish not to the past with this each roll, but other than that.

Absolutely great cars surprised me surprised us, especially when it comes to performance, its super comfy, super quiet, super quick and super wide. So thanks for watching im going to end it here, fun is over. As always, you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle.