I just love the aerial perspective on things, so ive driven an audi before, but never an electric car, so im really interested to see what its all about um, i mean its obviously packed with tech. This touch screen is massive, so its really going to make life a lot easier. I think call Music, good, paula, hi, paula im on my way, ill see you in about an hour great news: okay, bye, bye. We generally use a lot of kit in our work, so yeah cargo space is so important and im really genuinely impressed by the amounts of boot space in this car. Im really excited about this shoot. Weve got a cool location, a great car with a precision driver. So we should get some awesome shots first person view is an awesome way of flying a drone when you wear the goggles its like youre in the cockpit, so its a much more connected flying experience. I think we got it nice driving precision flying with an fpv drone is really essential to getting great shots and yeah. This car is so precise, particularly in the corners. You really feel like youre stuck to the road, which is awesome. Music right were done, uh time for a few more shots somewhere else. I think so. Im just going to hit the road and get a quick charge in the one concern i had with electric vehicles was the charging time, but ive just stopped for 10 minutes.

For a quick coffee and im really impressed with how much charge its taken so im ready to hit the road again im, actually really impressed by how little the battery depletes after quite a bit of driving. And you can actually conserve energy by switching the driving modes, which is really handy, its so comfortable inside its just really easy to find a good driving position. The virtual cockpit on the dashboard is, is really nice to have that in front of you, as well as on the touchscreen, to the side, its all very responsive. And if i just turn this down its so quiet. My lasting impressions of the audi q4 e tron. So i was really impressed by how smooth and quiet the ride is. I got in its like. I was in a bubble of quietness being on. The phone to people is, is really easy to hear, which is really great, just arriving at the end of the journey.