If youve some have seen her, some havent um were were going to be testing a mixer, so i figured for testing the mixer i might as well. Let harley cook me some brownies, i think thats a great decision. So this is it its the i cant even pronounce it aqua, and we actually have the akma uh toaster, oven, air fryer, which which actually works great. We use, we use the toaster oven part of it a lot yeah right. So this is it decent sized box. As you guys can see here, we havent we havent even opened it, so we are going to just do that now, real quick! You guys may be able to see this. I dont know how close now it does come. It looks like in a bunch of different colors, but we uh. We have it in this. I like this color because it i dont know it just looks older yeah. It does kind of have a vintage like a vintage. Retro type look to it, but on the on the top of the box ill show you a little cutaway here. You can order in all kinds of different colors, but we actually have a cuisinart mixer as well, which costs significantly more than this one uh. So the hope is that if you can save yourself some money by getting this brand, like i said we we use the other one, the toaster oven, thank you uh and it and its been working, fantastic, zero complaints at all and well unwrap this.

Now the smart thing is, we kind of set this up like a real cooking show where harley actually got all the ingredients for her her brownies does that have oh isnt that nice, i dont think the other one has it? Do you see the bottom of this? Oh sucks, i dont, i think the other one has grips, but not suction. No right this is you guys, see that suction suction cup mounts or suction cups on the bottom. So when this is down like youre not going to like it, no it doesnt shift very much now, depending on, of course, the surface. If the surface isnt suction cup friendly yeah, then thats going to be an issue but thats thats cool all right – and this comes off usually try like twisting. Is there a twist when i was in cooking, you look at your cooking class. I learned not by cooking class. Is there a way to lift this up, maybe thats, why i brought her because ive been here all day being like so its broken, it doesnt work, but it does work so theres a little little thing on the side here right there, which does it just lock. It i guess it locks it yeah, so you push it down and then it, oh, so, no matter what its you have to push for it to release, so it wont go down until you push it its convenient that is nice right and then on the front.

Here, im guessing these are going to be your speeds, so you have all the way from parked parks to parks park to six here. So its got six speeds right: oh yeah thats got a its got a hefty lock on it, really like it really sections on there. So thats thats, good okay were gon na it comes with a little. I guess this is like a i dont dont know rotating tree nope its not going in there. That might be you put it on this, so that when it goes in it, doesnt get everywhere like if you have a lot of powders, it doesnt like fly out. Thats, smart and it looks like its dishwasher, safe, possibly yeah, so smart with that see, yeah theres reason. Now we dont have we dont. What we dont have is a plug here, thats overly close so well see if this reaches, because supposedly thats important so were going to keep this running im going to find an extension cord hold on all right. So i found an extension cord uh, so just realize the cable not overly long, if youre using it on your counter, you should be fine, it doesnt have a ground which is good, so you dont need a three prong right. You can just use a two, a good length. I would think for us now. We wont plug it until we need it, but i dont know do we need it right away, uh fairly shortly, theres, nothing, okay, but all right.

So you want to put this top part in after maybe yeah, okay, and what do we have in here? My guess would be its its to measure things like like butter and anything, so it sips it a little bit. So it takes the chunk stuff out or maybe like an egg, so you get just egg whites and itll grab the yolk. Oh anybody is that what this is for you guys can see that my guess would be so. It grabs the egg yolks. So you fear, because a lot of recipes require egg whites right, so this would grab the yolk part out, see okay, some smarts to me. Okay, so which one are you using? We got three different, this one of course, which is what okay. So we got the whiskey one just to show them the other ones. We have thats, probably for dough, for dough or if you want to be captain hook, but he got another car accident thats right and then this one, which is what i this is the one that you see a lot of when you see like advertisements for them. But its i cant, i think its metal. It feels like metal, so thats good. All right so were going with this one yeah, all right, so im going to just drop that down very cool and then this i guess you just snap it on there and it spins there. It goes and thats it voila thats, simple, simple! Okay! Now does it have to be mixing as youre, adding it with this one? No, i dont, i can pour this stuff.

Well, do you want lets, put it in here first because it probably needs to, but lets do this hold on im, going to pause this for a minute were going to give this a wash, because we should wash it before. We do that. So yes, when you, when youve, got food containers washing, probably good right, yeah, okay, so this just goes in and then it does it lock. So i think that seems yeah, so thats thats in place now yeah all right, so we got it suction, cupped, oh thats. The oven, preheated okay, so this is locked. The suction cup is locked youre, going to put the butter in now right actually hold on before you do that im bringing this camera over so that we can? Oh, yes, okay, get some action, shots action, shots butter! So we did kind of get everything ready so that you didnt have to sit around here watching us melt butter for three minutes not very entertaining well, it could be for some that have a thing for butter. I guess okay! So now this is going down. Speed wise, what do you figure? Okay, so dont just remember, i got ta plug it in first attempt at a cooking show right. Lets hope that this has power. Okay, ready, go: okay, oh yeah! There you go there, it goes im, loving it Laughter. What level are we on now? Two two: all right get it! Oh, you can see it thickening already.

Yeah Applause, nope wrong way, put it back in the park and you can kind of just get everything down there, good, maybe or how about we? Do this nice? Sweet butter, nice, sweet butter, good good back on yeah too good. You should go faster. Lets, try faster lets. Try faster were going up to three. Let her go and set until smooth. So once thats done, you can stop it before everything im going faster until smooth all Applause all right. Hopefully, you guys could even hear us because its its not as if its louder than our other one, but its definitely got some volume for sure yeah right, oh yeah, thats, thats, smooth for sure eggs and vanilla extract okay, okay, oh rolling up your sleeves yeah, its Happening yeah, it is eggs, eggs now do you want to crack them into a bowl, maybe yeah so just in case theres, shell be smart. Now do these go in while its whisking as well or no, you just add them, just add them and then start whisking. Okay – and it goes very nice all right, yeah now just realize this is not a cooking show, so were not giving you instructions on how to make brownies. What we are doing is just testing to see that this this functions. I do again. I do like this color. I really do good thanks. I can close it if you want im just closing it. Yeah and speed.

Lets try two again all right Music. There it goes there. It goes Applause yeah, the last yoke broke. Oh yeah, that looks, looks nice and creamy its good, and i dont know how fast things are supposed to be whisked but lets just so you guys can see it. Uh thats two oops, two three four, four five six so shes got shes, definitely got some speed to her yeah yeah. Maybe certain foods you really needed to punch the speed up yeah, i think thats, good okay, put it back in the park were back in the park now its the melted, chocolate, okay, melted, chocolate, oh yeah, like look at that its like drainy gooeyness. So when do the just the chocolate chips go in id say at the end, like once, everything else is mixed up its mixed up: yeah thats, what i usually do when i okay big stuff gotcha, i like what im seeing thats good thanks. You have to eat him soon. No, i know im excited for that part, thats it more blending. Yes, i think it was just chocolate this round. Yes back to two back to two back to two. Now, of course, it would be easier for you guys, because you would have the speed knobs facing you right, whats next uh, the rest, everything else yeah nice id probably do that mix that and then i have a chocolate chip, oh yeah, its just different. So, flour and cocoa and salt and salt im going in next and then after that mixes just the chocolate chips just to so they dont get over mixed yeah right.

That looks good. I think right, yeah yeah, that looks good, oh yeah. I know thats smells chocolaty and buttery everything you need thats, so true, clog up your arteries yeah and this just goes in you dont – have to mix it in just in she goes nice salt, not very much salt, which is good salt, nothing like salty brownies. Nobody wants salty well, some somebody might want salty brownies. We dont we dont. So this really, i think now that it has some flour in it now this is where it starts, starts to thicken up, so the more work for the blender or the mixer or whatever. This is called whatever yep, whatever okay no see here, can i love to take it off. So if you want to take it off, okay, okay, bring it down, it should get there. We go. I see this. This actually has a seal on it. So when its loose, you cant really tell but now and theres little pieces of rubber here which are going to help with vibrations and kind of keep it in place. So all you do, is you just push it up to it, and then you have a pouring area yeah right. This is so you could have this on all the time yeah and just pour through this open spot right here. Aha, we learn stuff so that you dont have to make the same mistakes. We do yeah, oh yeah, see thats thats good, see that thats perfect and no mess, no mess, no mess and thats a good speed.

I guess i want to give it a little. Little stir: okay! Well, dont. Do it now stop it, because if not its going to grab the spoon always make sure with anything thats powered you stop it before. You start sticking things in there, its good enough for now good enough for the brownies we make yeah were not. Professionals were not professionals, even though you look at this and be like thats professional. No, no, no, its lies supplies, oh yeah thats, coming together, good. I think yeah once thats all combined, i can add any chocolate chips. What once thats all like mixed, i can add in the chocolate chips gotcha, it seems mixy. I just need to like sweep the sides. Okay, so do this turn it off and lift it. So we dont really need this right, but itll stay on so thats fine and just pour it in there. Now i would just yeah let that stuff drip out, maybe so it can get down there better, because i think the key is that this can stay on. All the time, maybe just try to knock that stuff off if possible. Maybe i dont know if you can all right chocolate chips going in now sure, okay, but its mixing, dude yeah yeah, its mixing nice and its a good size like really like, were not even its its not even using like not even a quarter of the physical Size that it needs yeah back to two all right, all right, so this is this is getting close to done now.

Is that it now we just pour it in a pan now i just pour it in the pot, pour it in the pan. Put it in the oven, all right well were gon na. Do that and uh well well be back when its done, because really the proof is in the brownie youre welcome. Thank you so much you can. You can use that when youre at school – i wont – i know – i know all right well be back when the brownies are finished just going in the oven, now, Music, so Music, Music, all right so were were back, were back and were way off to the side. We should come over here a bit more there. We go come on in mom, moms moms, our sam sampler shes, coming to to test it, shes, not miked, so she has to yeah and you can see unrehearsed completely unrehearsed um, it turned out. Good looks well looks, good, yeah looks good um. What did you think of it so good it mixed and it mixed yeah stuff right, see it just like me. I know so. You actually said that theres some features of this one that you kind of liked when you were looking at it for sure over the one that we even currently have yeah, which im sure you can get for it right, but this was a big one. Here was this piece yeah right, so we have already a win with that, but lets lets.

Try the try the brownie. Shall we okay, so lets move our cutting board back here. All right, are you ready, mom, try out harleys brownie. Do i get like i cut? It like a pie, cut it like a pot like a pie, all right, mom get in there, get in there thats too much. Yes, you dont need to its quite thick its very thick. Maybe this is why we dont do cooking, shows right here. Music. My mouth is full, no, i get it, i get it thats really tasty nice. So i think i think we can say this is this is a win? Yes right. Yes, you can get it in all kinds of different colors, which is fantastic. Its got a really nice, at least this one has a nice little retro look and comes with pretty much everything you need to kind of get yourself started into using a mixer. I guess plus some things that some other ones dont have so more expensive ones. Actually, sometimes i find that you get that in the ones that are a little more budget friendly. They kind of try to maybe attract you with more stuff right right.