It looks like a little frog: okay it’s one of those nice little indoor indoor deals here, and it has the you know the normal stuff on here there you go variable speed, which I actually never could find out where that was okay. To be honest with you, the headless mode 6 axis gyro 360 flips, look sweet, let’s, get it out of the box and check it out. Okay, here it is out of the box and here’s. The quadcopter itself looks pretty cool. There is where the camera would go. If you had the camera version right there, but I don’t and then in the back here, is the on and off switch right there and the charge port and as sporting a 220 milliamp hour battery, which it says in the manual which is very well laid out. The manual is very nice, so you won’t have any trouble AB getting this going. There’S the manual there here’s the charging cable. They give you some batteries with it. Actually, these little golden Power jobs. They give you this little thing. It says free gift. I didn’t look into it, but they have a website. You can probably read too, sir, whatever screwdriver with the spare props here’s the transmitter here and the quadcopter actually folds up and goes right inside here inside of the transmitter. Folds up falls right inside there there’s the on and off switch for the transmitter there’s. The battery covers because s to triple a batteries that go right there and that this has two of these dastardly screws.

Like a do it not just one, not this one you got to, but I slipped some different batteries in there, so yeah that’s how it goes. Yeah it’s got a 220, so you’re, probably looking at like six minutes or something you know that’s, not that heavy, but on the transmitter on the bottom is the trims and then at the top. This one over here is a dummy, the one on the right, the one on the left is the takeoff and land and then the right stick that’s the flips now pressing down the left. Stick must be the rates, but it doesn’t say that in the manual it doesn’t say anything about rates in the manual. It just says it on the box, so we’ll have to see when we get over there and fire it up, which we’re going to be doing here in about five seconds. Okay, so let’s get it over. There fly and check the battery life. All right boys were out here with the a top x pac it’s, that real gem right there that’s a classic let’s fire it up: okay, there’s the level calibration down and in let’s start the motor Jay. Oh, that was to take off land. I thought it was the race there’s, the red button right there, even though it don’t say it in the manual that’s, the race that’s, what it is. Oh, who cares about a little crash right? Let’S, try some flips, now I’ll put the I’ll put the battery light in there, Music it’s, pretty damn zippy out there.

You had Music, yes, nice man, life’s great okay! So now you know that it steers wonderfully Music Music. Music, oh yeah, it’s, quick, yeah it’ll, get up on you. Real quick let’s, try to the first rate to see what that does now, that might be actually too slow to steal. Is it yeah? It is it’s not as crisp on the steering. So it takes a longer amount of time to make the turn and everything so who you’re maybe keep it on the second Music, Music it’s. Okay, I think I prefer the third rate bets though it’s a little zippy er Music yeah. Definitely you want to go with the third grade. If you have this kind of room, you know, say you got a den or something with a nice little open spot here. You know 400 square feet whatever this little area right here is 4 or 500 square feet. So if the basement, or something like that, you got something like that. You can hit the 3rd grade in it, some anything smaller than this or, if there’s, a bunch of furniture in the way I’d. Probably just go down with the second rate on it. Now this has that what 260 milliamp hour battery, so I was hoping we’d get 5 minutes out of it. You know any of these little quad copters like this. You have to get five minutes. If it doesn’t get five minutes, then don’t buy it seriously. You know unless, of course, it’s a you know, h20 H or something that’s, so phenomenal that even four minutes and 30 seconds is great.

With that thing, jjrc h28 that’s a hexacopter. What are they greatest little quad copters ever sold awhile. They didn’t make a big version of that thing. Man that thing was nice. I still have mine. Naturally, okay, there goes the lights flashing, so it’s gon na be crapping out here in a minute, but uh yeah there you go. It seems like about five minutes. No, my yappin going on Music we’ll try to make make it look as good as it can look. We’Ll run it out here to the bitter end: Music, okay, that’s, good enough Music, and there you go the a top x, pac yeah. It flew great man. This thing’s nice, it was cheap dude, I mean believe me. It was cheap, real, cheap, so yeah they have a camera version, but you know, like I said some of these things. They get to extremes with these cameras on these little things, which is gon na, be the next one. I’M gon na be reviewing it’s something similar to this with a camera. Alright guys there you go.