The box lets have a look. We got a qr code right up top. You can scan that get 24 7 assistance, thats pretty cool. Look at this thing and that golden black is sharp love. It got our blades right here. The propellers, very nice heres, the remote so well need looks like double as right. There is it nope triple as three aaa batteries theres some kind of prop and check out this little pack. We have here it does come with the batteries. It looks like so we got our user manual. Tell you everything you need to know. You get another qr code, thats really extended warranty, actually a good idea to look into that. Looks like these one at a time well plug into this little end right here, im going to get something to fish that out in just a moment, it looks like they plug into each other. All right, we got it there we go. We put one end into the other end and thats. The better were going to take this whole thing out here so well get into the instructions. Look at how to do that in just a moment, looks like we got some extra blades to work with just in case anything happens to the original ones. So you get for the blades here. It looks like weve got some landers, so your device will land on these whole lot of pieces to look at so theres some assembly right here, all together, some pretty good materials.

This will open up the battery pack so thats the tool we need to get inside. This and this, of course, will charge the batteries again here it is you get two in a pack, you get a backup battery to keep you going longer. Im getting excited were getting close im gon na try this out. Of course, batteries for the remote so youre good to go right out of the box. Youre good to go and heres our user manual so were going to get into the skies, were going to get this thing together and give it its maiden voyage.