Well, this one is the a toy x, 80 at66c all right. This thing looks pretty much like this one: the eachine e010, my fairy b, f 36 and my eachine e013 check it out, but im assuming this one is a little more advanced all right impart these, and with this furry furibee, i actually put an fpv camera on This thing and this one comes with a 5.8 gigahertz fpv cam lots of fun back in the day man and this one i did put a fpv cam on this, also but check this out man. This thing has a lot more features than those three all right check out. These features. Altitude hold, does flips three rates: headless mode, um youre able to change the led color underneath the canopy here, one key return and no gps or anything like that. But it does come back in that general direction when you hit that button check the remote out. This top left shoulder buttons, your speed and your flips, your headless mode right here and thats that one key return thing im talking about, and this button here also doubles. As a button, you change the lights with, so it has three different colors um these around here are your trims and it takes two aaa batteries. So lets check out what else came in this box all right. So there you go two extra batteries, so three batteries in total extra set of props um – this screw here, is for the back of the uh remote keep the batteries in there and you got your charging cable right there, and this is your manual all right.

So let me take this thing outside guys and go for a flight, see how well this thing does stick around lets check this out its not that much wind all right, thats. Why i have to come out here guys, hardly any wind, its really windy wont be doing this all right, second rate, all right, this thing is fast guys, all right, third rate whoa. I was thinking how fast this thing is guys holy crap man, steady, look at that super smooth, guys check out that yar rate thats the rating two check out yall rating three check that out look at all the stunts nice. I love this thing see that the other way, oh, my gosh, i like it all right lets – do a flip. Nice lets do another one very cool, all right, nice, flips man telling you guys this is fun. Man, like i always say you dont, have to spend a lot of money to have fun. Look at this thing, guys look at that downward funnel and up see how high this thing can go still got control. I dont know if you guys can see that pretty high still holding its altitude with this little remote. Look at that coming back down. I love this thing guys. This thing is amazing. This thing is amazing. I might put a fpv cam on this, like i did with my fury bee. That was a haircut alright, guys, thats it man love this bird guys reminds me of back in the day all right drop it thats.

It guys have a good one.