My name is stefan and welcome. Back today we have a very, very small item but its fun on the box dimension plus 10.. This drone, we can say its for beginner and advanced 2.. They say the camera in front is 720p. I try it and youre going to see a video, its pla, its more 480p, whether its fun with it. You can take picture and do a video live when its time to wear. I dont know: if, if you want to take a video about your car life, you can do it with that small drone. What is nice when you buy that kind of drone? Look, you have three kind of color. You have the blue, the red or the black. Be the one i choose: it was the red um here they tell you all the future and on the other side they explain you the drone, the size and everything here they show you some future again here you have a barcode so like that you need to Go on the google apps or apple store and lets open it now, like always user manual, this a discount. The drone, like i told you, this is the random name – is eight toys, but the model is eight. Like apple key, like thomas 96, uh yeah, you can see its already broken here, because i have fun with it wait here we have a remote control. Lets look all the way down the charger usb and the cell holder when its time to take video or picture and a voila thats going to be what we have inside the box.

Like i told you, the size of this drone is 5 inch, 5 inch by 5 inch and 2 inch of thickness this remote control. When you turn on right, you have like a green light to tell you this. This is on in the back. You need two triple a battery of your choice and the only thing i dont like about this drone you dont, have like its like a switch on and off each time. You need to wait im going to show you to plug it in and unplug plug it in and unplug when its time to uh to switch on thats. The only thing i dont like, but for the rest, its its fun trust me its really fun. So what im going to do im just going to put the holder on the on the remote control and im going to show you what exactly look its easy just take it put it right, quick, just going to go here, bring it down! Okay, up and now you have your cell holder, look at that thats easy you can its plastic youre going to turn it off and voila so like that this guy tell you everything was okay, so lets turn it on. I hope youre going to see it. Let me show you what what it look like to plug the battery with the drone, because in the front you have two light belong. Wait. Voila were going to see two white light when what one voila so youre going to see the black and the white light flashing like leafling fast thats, tell you.

The remote control is okay with the drone, its connect together, hey voila, you just did so now. You can see the light theyre on they stop blinking and let me show you a video about it and were going to come back okay, so you can see im outside in my backyard uh. You can see the quality of the picture at the same time, uh its not really like. I tell you its normally 720, its more 480p, but in the back we have a lot of wind, so the drone is not really stable. The weight of the drone is 46 gram include the battery inside the inside the manual, the user manual. They explain you how to to download it the app so like that on your phone when you download the app you need to go on 80 and after that youre going to see like a few number and letter after that and dont forget to put your cell Phone on hotspot, wi, fi hotspot, so like that you uh your your drone is going to be connect to your cell phone when its time to take picture and video at the same time or if you want to remote control with your cell phone. Like i tell you, dont forget to put it on the hot spot, download it hotspot and after that you can have fun with your drone yeah. So the the time flight, the flying time, the flying time its about five to seven minutes and for recharge, is going to be roughly 40 minutes the distance you can fly with this drone, its roughly 30 to 50 meter.

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