This guy is, i believe, uh seven inches tall. Its got some led eyes inside of him. I guess i dont know if it comes with batteries, so i dont know if ill be able to show off this feature. Unfortunately, i did not prepare ahead for this im. Just not realizing um the box. Art is pretty basic. Uh just has some static images of him on all the sides. A 3d render on the front, little stencil designs there and then uh on the back. It has a little description form here. I guess their little made up universe form. I dont know im making up my own world for him. I dont really plan on uh having this guy stay on any particular shelves or anything. He might just be my new desk spot to just fiddle around and mess with from what ive seen from this guy. He looks like hell be a lot of fun, but um on top of him were gon na have to uh pull a double review because right going with him, weve got these boys, the tarantula and wasp drone which become their own little weapons and backpack modifications and A whole bunch of other goodies hold on. I got cats, acted up, sorry about that. We just had a little hiccup with the cats for a minute, but uh hopping back to it. These guys can be used as a modifications pretty much for the main character apollo here they can be broken apart and made into guns, backpack modifications or just roam around as themselves as theyre seen in the box.

Uh really excited because, honestly, this box is a lot heavier than this guy and i was expecting them to probably be lighter, so i dont know these guys might be bigger than i was expecting, but um yeah got ourselves a fun little double review going here. Lets get these bad boys opened up now. All right lets start with getting apollo out of here. Battery installation led light up automatically. Oh, it goes its a little back. I guess okay yall id be lying. If i said i wasnt excited right now: oh wow, i love the colors on him yo. This guy looks like he pops straight out of some awesome little mecha anime wow. He feels very solid, whoo nice little noggin and, oh, my goodness, the fingers are. We twinning, my goodness, all of them, have like three joints on them him with some finger guns, easy peasy, curb lamb. Look at that, oh baby, little tiny toes! Oh, my goodness, hes got his little name on there. The articulation on this guy is um, pretty gnarly. His uh fingers here all have their own own individual joints on them. They can hinge in and out and around a little bit for the sides and the thumbs, but they all have three joints to curl around and do whatever you want with them. Pretty much its got a really really good double joint in the arm here that he can get a lot of reach with and lets get this back in focus a great swivel with a kind of like a butterfly butterfly butterball.

Turkey butterfly ball joints for the shoulders. Here uh, the head weve got a little turn on the neck peg here and the neck peg connects inside deeper in here. I dont know if you can see it well, i dont really wan na i dont know. Can i pop his head off? I dont know i dont want to try it just yet, but um hes got like a little neck joint down there. That adds like an extra bit of movement all around. On top of that uh going lower down hes got this great little um. I guess i guess this is considered his waist waist like a ball joint this. This is a lot of flexibility. He can go very far back with this, not so much forward, but um Music. That back is just its ill, forgive it all for how far back he can go for this. This is pretty amazing for the poseability um excuse, beatrix, howling shes, just greedy. She already had dinner. Dont worry. I dont abuse my cats and starve them uh. We got a little swivel joint on the uh inner thigh here and next to that, weve got another uh, just a little outward uh joint for the leg. At first, when i saw the promo images, i thought this little ball here was a joint, but actually the joint for the knee is just below that actually uh. Just above that, my bad um, Music, but yeah i mean you got so much movement on the sky.

Like look at it, dude come on going lower than that at the very end. Here weve got a little bit of ankle pivot and up and down movement for it on the hinge, joint and a little bit of movement for the toes for a little bit of extra pose ability lets uh get into some of his little companions here, the drones. Sorry buddy my bad astro all right now we got some drones to check out lets. Get these bad boys opened up and take a peek. You all know the drill im gon na get this with my nails, no special little instructions. Oh, they have two separate trays. Damn these things look big holy. Oh my god. What is this more goodies? Oh, i dont know what youre for, but im excited to take off the video. Oh, my god, i didnt think they were gon na, be this big man dude. Oh jeez, holy crap. Oh man, oh my god, big boy, this thing comes with like no instructions, folks, and they just got this random bag here boy and maybe the instructions are on the side of the box like the last one, no bruh guys. What are you doing to me? Okay, maybe, ah no all right lets get the other one opened up. Oh hey, jackie, these little boxes, aint for you! Oh oh wow, jesus man. These things are big. This guy is big theyre all massive. So this guy right here is the wasp drone.

Let me uh get the focus going for you uh, so basically their legs here they all come with these little parts on them. That can be then taken off and its really sweet. So let me get that going for you, so you have your little piece here. This was originally on his leg and theres this little notch down here, you hopefully have big enough fingernails to get in there, pull that bad boy out, extend that sucker boom. Now you got a gun for astro or apollo hes. An astrobot named apollo its like me, saying: heres a gun for human anyways cool stuff. You can also put it back and clip it right back onto their little body here, but you got ta make. Oh, i keep messing this up when you put it back, you got ta, make sure this grip is all the way in or it wont go in all the way and its just gon na keep falling out every time you tap it back in, but you put It back and now your boy is back to having his armored leg look uh, so hes got like the thruster look on his guns, this guy right here, um. Let me plug them back in here. For you, he comes with these cool little uh. I dont know machine guns. They look like the light over here for you, too whoop, okay, but uh yeah. You know you do the same thing with these.

You make sure you tab them in correctly snap them in and then you can put them on the legs. For him too, just like that, and with these little um whats really sweet, is you see he has two guns up here? What you get is im just gon na have to set him down the table for this one folks, its a lot of hand work. So this one, you have this little adapter piece thats like this and basically kneel for me. Basically, youve got this little tube port right here and you plug it in and after that you take his various leg pieces off and just like how you plug them into his legs. You plug these into the little uh side, port right there and boom bop. Now youve got a big cool turret that can be placed right on top of this sucker and boom bop. I really like the look of these drones man uh. If anyone knows me, they know im just a complete sucker for all things: cyberpunk and uh. My little kit bash cyberpunk display ive been slowly making up the last six months. Um these guys can definitely have a spot in it as little. I dont know corporate delivery, droids or just something that helps mercenaries on their little jobs. Uh theyre just really cool, and this isnt even like their final form, you can still combine them with this guy. All right, thats said and done lets go ahead and show you guys apollo, combined with his various little spider drones here.

Lets get it going so personally for mine, i uh like to have him geared up kind of. I know you like you, can mix and match these either way, but i kind of like to have this guy be on his back, because these are more like thrustery like so it looks like its a nice cool jump pack for him, but sorry buddy, but uh For these youre, basically going to just have to slightly transform them a little bit its not much but youre just going to pull the legs up in the back, keep in mind the heads up here and then pull these guys up here and you might have to Like spread them one out a little bit but boom bop, you got a little nice bulky jet pack for him, and what you do is he comes in his back with lets, get the focus going for yall, oh dear, with this little thing and in the box Of these guys, youre gon na find another tab, thats um. They give you two of them that looks like this and youre gon na need this gray one or a dark gray one. They both look kind of gray to um hold on. I have cats. Acting up. Hey all right back to it! So what were we? Oh right? So you got these two boys right here, um this one. You get two of these one for each little uh little spider, drone bot you get, but basically youre gon na attach this to the back of him.

As you see, i already have one youre replacing the one he comes with, and now because of this little tab in here you can now tab this in and its a little slot right here. So, on top of that it gets a little more complicated with them, because its a little finicky – you have this little hook at the bottom here, and this is going to go up in here. So you kind of got ta see if i can get a good angle for yall, while taping so got to get the hook in back here. Applause like that and then wrap it around and oh its a little difficult, fellas, all right, im, gon na start. This way, actually so im gon na clip it in first and then do the tab all right, you lost a thruster, but luckily they clip on very easily but um. Look at that. As soon as i get in focus, then you can look at that beautiful. This man is ready for submission. So let me tell you something: uh yeah, and on top of that, if you want you can have it be a combat mode and you can bring the arms down swivel them around and now he is robotic doc ock with some guns. I like this a lot and obviously you swap them around, and you know you just have a version of these guns on it. Instead lots of looks to this guy. I prefer the jetpack mode for them, because um too much guns, i feel, can be a little overkill.

Dont tell that to cable, but i like to go ahead and take two of these guns, because youre always go for me at least im always gon na have two guns on top of this guy, because i, like the look of his little recon drone with the Skinny legs and just the two guns on the top, and after that i can go ahead and give these guns to apollo here and because he has these great fingers, they, basically you just hold it like a real gun. Man like theres no trigger on it. So you have to worry about really getting any finickiness for that, but you just make him grip it good and hes not going to. Let go of that thing, its very solidly uh put together and, of course you know if you want, you can have him dual wield. He has two hands. I was looking around on him because i see theres like these little ports on his hands. I know theres. Another version of him thats black and yellow that has like little guns coming out of his wrist. So i think thats like a little plug for that, because i was curious to see if i could port other things around potentially. But it looks like this is about this is about as far as it can go, but who knows i mean they have a lot more accessory packs. They could release for this um, the lions. Looking like its going to be slowly growing over time, their kickstarter didnt seem like it went as high as it could have been, but you know once the first batch of reviews went out.

I feel, like i know, d amazing got his hands on this guy and you know everyone knows hes great with his pose ability and his photography, and he was talking about all that too, and i think you know a lot of the reviews went out and kind Of boosted the sales for these guys – because i know i think its toy alliance or joy toy – they have another one of these guys and a bounty hunter variant and hes constantly selling out back and forth. But i dont know im kind of on the edge for trying to get him because this guy 60, this is a good bang for your buck. For all this, the other bounty hunter comes with a hat, a pipe, a little belt with a knife and hes 130 dollars. I dont think all those accessories are worth it. You pack some things like this and yeah ill pay 130, because thats pretty much what i did 60 plus. I think these guys are 50, maybe im not sure i just buy things adam to cart, dont! Think too much about it. If i have the money, in my account its bad but uh yeah im really satisfied with this guy. If youre all into articulation and posability, i would highly recommend this guy uh the poses you can get off of him, because this is my part. Two from my review, i reviewed part of him yesterday and i got distracted because i took a break to do photos and i looked up and its two in the morning but uh i cracked out the second half of it today.

Man, this guy is a lot of fun. All these fingers, man the pose ability you can get with this. For oh hey, guys, jackie, is trying to distract again say: hi girl, hi, um shes on my lap now. So if you hear some purring uh its the kitty cat one of them uh, what was i saying, yeah man? He can touch his toes boy. I mean hes got short legs and long arms, but you know what i mean. He could probably done it anyways if he had longer legs just the movement on this guy, the color palette. Everything about him is just love. It highly recommend this guy hes only 60., that is a freaking steal. To me, this is the same price as a mythic legion after you missed the pre order window like come on man and with cosmic legions coming out. I cannot wait man to get my little imaginary bounty hunter display and have this guy be someones little robotic assistant or something like the potential for this guy is amazing. You can put him on any shelf transformers. Yeah. Just have him be some. I dont know human built nest, bot thats been uh manufactured to hunt, autobots and decepticons boom. You got yourself a little story going, i mean not to mention the the toy alliance bounty hunter version. This guy was talking about hes supposed to be 1 18th scale, so that means you know the concept of this guy being a freaking bounty hunter with these drones chasing after you and your ass.

Is this big man? You got me so this guy should fit pretty. Well with your neck and your marvel, legends ive got a bunch put aside here, lets jump into some comparisons with him and see how he measures up. If everybody in the various universes, you might be placing this chunky boy in alright. So here is apollo and the tarantula drone next to a transformers war for cybertron megatron. I think this one is the spoiler pack kingdom, one that came with the purple paleo trex uh, pretty much a good size for these. I believe hes a voyager class for uh transformers he can go toe to toe with megs. I mean thats good enough for me. Uh lets see him next to some other bots real quick. I think he fits very well in the transformers universe. The little tarantula drone like lets see yall lets, see. I mean its a bumblebee whip. Now, yeah, you can do a lot of fun stuff in this scaling with this universe. Here we have him stood up next to a neca alien. These guys are seven inch scale and i believe this one is from their uh aliens game, universe, wave man, i cant, stop man every time i put something next to him. Im like wow. You belong in this universe, the government. Instead of sending you know, space marines decides to send something that cant be infected by a xenomorph. To do some bug. Stomping beautiful whole plots already been made now apollo is on a space mission, getting cannonballed to the nostromo uh yeah make up whatever you want.

With this guy man thats, why i love toys that have no existing ips theyre really supposed to go for like i know his box had a little description for him, but we all know that was just the creators just being nice, giving us something this guy doesnt, Really belong anywhere. You can do anything you want with him, and i appreciate that so much moving on putting him out with one of my favorite marvel legends releases. Weve got this year, the deluxe war machine uh. I dont know this ones. Another simple one: man tonys dead, again hes an ai. Maybe this guy is some one of his rogue projects. I got turned on by some intern that was in the wrong room, and now rhodey is the only one that can stop him uh. I, like him, being a good guy, maybe eventually he gets to him and then he reprograms him and boom bob. When i get the black and yellow one he might be the bad guy well see, but hey. This goes great with marvel legends you can have whoever you want fighting this man, like hey man, we all know spider man likes to get involved with everything you put him up. He fits pretty good with him, like whatever you want with this guy man. Im telling yall buy this thing all right. Another one we have up to compare to is going to be a jazz wares, fortnite figure. I couldnt tell you the name of this character.

I bought him a while ago because he looked fun. He had some fun accessories. He was one of the first figures i bought honestly when i was hunting and uh yeah. I dont know anything about the game. I played it originally when it was pve. It was the save the world thing. I was really into that and then pub g came out and epic games was like nah were gon na just start doing battle, royale stuff and stop updating this game unless its a halloween or christmas thing um. So i havent played in a while i dont i dont i i cant fight people when they build mansions in front of me. I dont my brain doesnt work that way for fps games, but uh. They still found a way to get my money, epic games, man, because i buy a lot of these figures. Dude um, just like this guy, where i keep talking how he can be placed anywhere. All the freaking time same goes with this guy ive put him on so many various displays and no one knows who he is when they come over but theyre like you know, he looks like he belongs, but yeah i dont know. Maybe this guy is um. Some guy from an aquatic planet that was recently destroyed and hes out surveying the galaxy for a new place to call home and hes got his trusty surveillance bot and his surveillance drones to help him look around on different planets.

And who knows what happens next man? I just like to build my universes, and this is a cool guy to do it. I have a lot of stuff that i can do with this man lets do another one neca, godzilla and apollo next to each other. Anyone that knows me knows that. I love me some kaijus and max i mean look at the youtube channel name guys i mean you should know what im kind of into from that, but who you can get some fun kaiju fights with this guy man. He scales great with all the monsters king kong, two man. This is basically a super articulated mecha king kong. What i wanted to get from the new king kong versus godzilla, because wouldnt that have been way cooler guys, i mean, i know the godora thing was cool. Seeing that as mechagodzilla, but it was king kong versus godzilla, weve, seen mechagodzilla a million times how badass would have been if the government just was trapping king kong to make a mecca king kong instead, that thing would have been scared, been swinging all over buildings boy, But who awesome look together really can be battling each other. I really want to get a nice little city diorama display for these guys, so they can be throwing blows at each other boy. Moving on all right – and this will conclude our apollo astrobots and his tarantula and wasp drones review its kind of a big one.

To do with uh this guy in his little accessory pack, because these arent really accessories theyre their own figures to be honest, um. But if you like what you saw here, man or girl leave a like. If you got something to talk about, if you have conflicted opinions or if you just want to chat, leave a comment, im, pretty uh, quick to respond, and if you like what you see and you want to see more man drop us up. Im always going to be talking about toys its just what i do at this point. Um were planning on putting some podcasts out pretty soon. The cosmic legions will be getting announced next friday me and some of the boys at uh. The toy store plan on uh. Doing some discussions with that a little round table were probably going to put some stuff out that friday beforehand and probably something afterwards after everythings been announced and the pre orders go up. And you know our reactions, all the cool plasticky goodness coming out. But in the review territory im a little right now i want to try to start doing things where i open up stuff in front of you. So my reactions are all kind of live and untamed im discovering stuff with you fresh. So for my next review, uh, you guys got ta. Let me know because i dont know which one to open next kind of caught between doing this bad boy here and this other well good boy here.

So let me know in the comments which ones you guys might be more interested in im kind of leaning towards pac man myself.