This bad boy out to oh, no, so two theres, also his camera and um. The winds are very flexible and it could land perfectly and also because of these things and now were gon na try this guy out see ya all right guys. You have to sink this drone before itll work, so you come in here. You turn this on. It starts flashing fast, then you turn this one on it beeps and that starts flashing slow. Then you go forward, it beeps backward it beeps high theyre, both steady lights, and it is now synced and theres oil go forward for you hi guys so um um. It was very fun i liked it. I called it 100 times, 1 million out of 10., but dont fly over the fence. Like i did Music. Did he get it? Oh, yes, he did. He got it mess it to me. So yeah well, im gon na show you how to fold it um step. One dude. The first ones was not long steps step two to the ones that have long stems: folding them gently to the same side. They are and voila. You got a um thing. Compact compact, okay: how long did the battery last Music hour half an hour um? So what would you rate this out of ten? Oh one thousand ten million one million ten thousand out of ten okay.