All right so now were going to be doing a review specifically on the drone first, so yeah um, so yeah. So some of the features on this drone are the camera, and the special thing about this camera is compared to other drones, usually like um. This camera will actually be able to tilt like straight downwards, as you can see here, but also um like straight forward. So also you could just point it like in between so yeah like that, so that helps um the user with uh like um in showcasing many different perspectives, sort of yeah like it can be used for multiple purposes when trying to capture something so um. The next feature is like its really poor, its like really small and its really portable, like you can fold the wings and it becomes this little tiny bomb like shape its really lightweight too, which is really light weighing in at about 187 grams. Its super light and efficient its even smaller than the remote when you like, put like here in canada, the um the weight limit for a a drone um is 250 grams, anything past 250 grams. You would need to get a drone license for so this drone is perfect for beginners and um uh. Basically, anyone who wants this ones have a little fun. The battery also is very long lasting, like the battery lasts, pretty long so uh about a half an hour. This is a 7.22 watt hour, um lithium ion uh battery, so its uh, its 3.

8 volts and 1900 milliamp hours. So this will last a very long time its a great battery for us whenever we used it. It works like around like 30 40, like 30 40 minutes yeah, so its amazing um also another thing about this drone. Is i like how it has a lot of lights around here as well, so it just looks really cool in the dark like even like at the front. Yes, these two lights. They look like eyes in the dark yeah, so they have like red lights at the back and just bright white lights on the front, its really cool yeah, and it has like padding all around the bottom as well. So it also has these like um things that stick out at the bottom yeah, so on one side so like it can land easily yeah yeah. All right now well be doing a review on the remote and some of the other things you need to um you. You need to operate the drone, such as the micro sd card here, which is a sandisk 256 megabyte micro sd card. By the way we are not sponsored by sandisk or uh or ascend aeronautics whatsoever. We are just doing a review on this okay, so basically, this drone, this drones on rimmel, has the normal features, the power button and the takeoff and lan button and heres the two joysticks one for altitude and one for uh longitude and um yeah, so uh also, It has like a speed button here, so theres like three modes of speed.

One is just regular like how anyone would operate the drone, but also um theres, like a higher level, where its sort of more responsive, the drone accelerates faster, and it also helps for the drone to cope in high wind conditions yeah when its like a windy day. If you want to use a drone, it really helps yeah. Also one thing: uh, sorry theres, also another level of speed as well, which is, i guess, its just used for extreme conditions and also um its also used for doing flips like apparently in this drone. You cant um do like a flip or speed. I think i think its like the second level yeah at least level two or else you cant flip, the drone, i guess probably its just because it doesnt have any acceleration yeah. You need a lot of acceleration. Just get the flip yeah, so um speaking of flips theres. Also, of course, this flip button here yeah, which is um so for to operate it. You just press that and then, with this controller, the altitude line, sorry yeah the longitude one actually um yeah the longitudinal one, and so you use that to um control the direction. So you can either flip left or right, um. So yeah, that is the controller theres. Also, some extra buttons for more features like different tricks, probably like calibration – maybe yes, also um, like some of them, are for, like the camera settings and stuff yeah, so uh.

Those are more advanced features. We wont be really getting into those in this. Video were just doing like like the basic ones like just how to operate this drone yeah. Also another thing about the sub remote control is that the weird thing is um: it uses four aaa batteries. The only thing is theres like um, two different, uh sort of how to say, like uh covers at the back, so you have to unscrew those and its really a pain to unscrew, both in the butt yeah, because um like when, when you first unbox the remote Control they actually put like a plastic washer behind the screw. You have to really pull it out and its really hard to do yeah its really hard to um put them in the triple battery. You could have just put like them here, but i guess maybe they had the reason or just looks cool this way yeah. I guess they wanted to have make it have like a slim, fit yeah sort of so its more easy to control. Okay, so one last feature for this remote is that it comes with this snap on uh thing for like attaching your phone to it. So you could just like extend this, so you could just snap on your phone and you could like watch like you, can see what your drone is watching through the camera yeah so like as youre controlling it. Its just really convenient instead of looking at the phone somewhere else, if youre, if youre like at a high a really like high altitudes, it looks really cool just looking at like the scenery and yeah um yeah, so thats, just one extra thing i forgot to do, But uh yeah, so otherwise than that those are all the features of the drone and them okay, guys so um.

The final thing we have to cover in this video is the sd card, so um, so for when you want to record videos with this drone, what we will do is usually what one would do, what is um, they would use a microsd card. So this is a i think i covered this before a sandisk 250 megabyte um microsd card, not sponsored by the way as well um this isnt. I know this isnt really like uh the most uh, how to say, like this isnt, a micro sd card, the most storage out there theres, like even like pot like uh, better ones, theres, better ones out there theres like uh, even like microsd cards, you could get With like a couple of terabytes of storage, which is a lot so um i get, i guess like you – would use those for some pro, like the professional ones like that yeah. What like the drones you need license for. This is only like. This only records an hd other drones are probably recording something like 4k 5k or even getting into those cinematic drones. That would even record an 8k yeah like the ones they use for movies yeah, like those uh dji jones. I think its the inspire series – they, i think, uh dont quote me on this, but they probably record in like a high resolution like 8k im, not sure exactly, but that would use a lot of storage but so yeah.

But this is a pretty old, um micro sd card. So getting back to the point here, if you just want to have fun, this is perfect. You dont really need it, so the drone yeah, so the drone actually over here, has a um hold on one. Second. Actually has a port for a micro sd card right here, where you insert it um so yeah right there up. It actually has a port where you can insert the micro sd card and youll hear a little click once it um goes in and yeah so thats. So um, when you press record on the app to control the drone wheel, i can show that in a bit, um itll record on the micro sd card, but also itll transmit the footage to the phone as well. That youre recording on and youll be able to play it back on the phone and then once youre done flying the drone um. You can take the micro sd card out and you can actually put in this adapter where it has a slot for the micro sd card um right here at the bottom yeah like theres a little slot there, and then you can um put this in your computer And you can also play back the files over there, where you can do whatever you want with them so yeah. So this is just a regular like uh usb stick uh pretty normal, so this would plug into almost any usb port, so thats that microsd card so yeah.

Also, if youre wondering what this thing is its just an adapter. So if you dont, so if you dont have one of these like or i, for whatever reason you dont have one of these, you can just use this too. If you have a micro sd, sorry, not a micro sd card. If you have a regular sd card slot, you can just use one of these where you can insert the micro sd card into it and you would um still work the same way by the way. Theres, a motorola micro sd card adapter, not sponsored so um, yeah thats, pretty much it so one last thing about the drone is that, sadly, it does not come with any blade guards, so you cant use blade guards on this, like it looks like theres like this Little piece, but no, you cant, attach blade guards to this yeah. Unfortunately, no blade guards come with the drone in um, like sort like in the box, and also you cant buy any aftermarket blade guards yeah. That might be a huge factor in some of your decisions. If you wanted to buy this drone, especially for beginners, if um you, you need light guards yeah for like beginners its its important, it really helps like also these blades are pretty thin as well. So if you crash they may crack yeah like uh. This drone weve played with it so like theres, no blade guard, so some of the like propellers are a little bit cracked yeah, so thats one thing thats only if you crash it, but its still safe its going to be safer better if you had blade guard It looks its look.

It looks like theres something for bit blank cards here, but no design, i guess or something. Unfortunately, we do not have access to a phone right now with the um app installed so um. However, we will just show you a couple of screenshots and a few seconds of the app itself, so um yeah, so uh itll come up right about now, so guys. In conclusion, the drone is pretty good its worth paying the price and yeah. It has a pretty good features like the remote also comes with the fallen like thing and yeah, so yeah, some pros and cons are that this drone is very lightweight its very efficient, its perfect for beginners, because its very easy to control. But the only downside for beginners is that theres no blade yeah there are no blade guards and also i would say that it would be um better if they, if the manufacturer could include a micro sd card in the package. That would be much easier for some um if you wanted to record videos like right on the go, instead of having to use a micro sd card from something else, so otherwise the drone is perfect for the price um perfect for beginners and intermediate users alike. Its around 50 in the us yeah and like around 70 and 75 yeah 75 ish canadian dollars yeah all right. Thank you so much for watching um. I hope you uh hope you subscribe uh, please uh, please uh uh like yeah, just like yeah.

Just so, please, like the video helps us helps us with helps us with the youtube algorithm and um yeah.