Earlier today i was at costco and i had another episode of impulse buying. I purchased this asset aeronautics camera drone for 50. I dont know if its going to be worth 50 dollars, but im going to give it a fair trial, lets open it up and see. Whats inside the box says open from bottom. Okay lets open it up from the bottom. There are some secret tabs that you need to bend and bring it through otherwise, doesnt come out. That is some packaging very well packaged. Look at that. There are some three thumb screws that you have to screw off in order to release the drone there we go. So this is everything the drone itself. I dont know its like its still plasticky and heres the camera. You just adjust it manually before the flight and it is a folding drone. So how do we its a little tight folds up nicely? Oh, this one goes first, the bottom or the rear landing gear go first, so nice and compact and the battery the charger charge is like a mini usb charger. It goes to a usb adapter heres. The controller feels nice and everything seems to be labeled thats. The power button – this is probably take off landing monkey, take off landing. This is speed. This says stunt im assuming its it can do flips, and this has altitude hole, so it has a barometer and the left stick isnt at the center.

Here is the phone holder because it will be sending the videos and pictures that you are taking to your phone looks like a full set of spare roller blades and a manual. They even included four aaa batteries for the transmitter, so for fifty dollars. You know my first question is: does it have an sd card slot and i dont see one i wasnt expecting it would have been nice. The reason is it the sd card. You can record the videos and pictures directly on the car instead of sending it to your phone. The reason sd card is better is because, if the transmission is not good on your phone, you may get some dropped frames or even gaps in your video, so youre watching something it jumps to another scene if it is far away and it does not receive the Transmission, so i like the sd card versions better because then you will have both the videos on your phone as well as on the sd card. Of course, the sd card is going to have higher quality without any interruption, continuous videos – all right so im just going to quickly put the battery in and just put the batteries into the transmitter, and they also provided a little handy, dandy, phillips screwdriver that i can Use, interestingly, there are two berry compartments. You know. One side takes two. The other side takes the other two interesting design and they gave us high quality batteries.

These are duracell oem batteries. So far, the quality seems to be quite good and the phone holder just clicks in just force it into these holes, maybe start from the top yeah. It looks like you start from the top with the tabs and the bottom clicks, and hopefully my phone will fit in here. Yes, it does, but this is not wide enough to hold my phone securely. I wish they made this tab a little wider, because this can easily pop off. You see, i have a thick foam, its heavy. I have to be careful, lets check the startup procedures and they also provided a little card with the qr codes. This is for scanning with your phone and it will take you to the app scan the qr code to install the 2000 series app theres one for ios and the other one is android os. The manual is quite good. The english reads very well. I havent charged the battery, but there should be some juice in it, so im just going to test it out, so i turn on the drone first and then the transmitter and it should go up down and it should be bound now. The lights are pretty good. You know the front lights bottom lights in the front it is, they are all white and in on the rear, we have red lights.