The model number is asc: 2500. Ascend aeronautics premium hd video drone with optical flow technology, no clue what any of that means looks like it comes with batteries, a camera that and that Music its hard to see those lets flip it over see what the back looks like thats. What the drone looks like you guys want to read that lets, see okay, im going to unbox this and see how it goes. It took me a while to open the box, but heres everything that comes inside this kit. This drone kit see we got the drone. There controller some instructions, this little package of something who knows what it is: some batteries that look like duracells or thats. What theyre called yeah duracells thats, what those batteries are called and we got some spare wings and then we got some kind of looks like a battery pack, a charger, and i think that hooks up the controller, i believe so you can put your phone there and Thats, what the drone looks like lets flip it over. Oh, its got a camera right there. It says the cameras 1080p. I think i saw on their instruction somewhere, but i doubt it is well test it and find out soon it comes with this. Battery pack were just gon na shove inside there i guess we got ta charge it now, but how we charge it i dont know, has a little uh cable with the micro usb connector and the usb connector lets charge this and see.

If we go fly it soon, so i just found out how to charge the battery. It actually has a little portrait on the battery itself and actually see that its actually pretty tiny, which is pretty good, because if you could find another battery, maybe from their site or something you could have one charged. And then you could fly with the other one. But it only comes with one battery, so thats, not too good. There is an app you could download. I guess it works with the camera of the drone, also inside the instructions. If you guys read there lets see if you guys can see that it says that uh average charge time is approximately 130 to 150 minutes. A fully charged asc, 2500 can fly for 15 to 18 minutes depending on environment and user input. So im going to let it charge the battery and maybe head to applebees to kill some time and get something to eat, so you have to put batteries in a controller. It actually comes with this little handy, dandy, screwdriver, to take off this side and some batteries and take off this side. Also, two batteries on each side and it comes with four batteries, so were set for batteries. This is the app that comes with the drone. Well, you download it but its for the drone and yeah as a setup. I set it up already tutorial. I looked through that too. Oh my phone just went off here.

Come back to this lets start it and youre supposed to be able to see uh. You see the picture youre supposed to be able to see uh what the camera sees on the drone, but when we go to start or record videos and photos, this is the black screen and we take photo like we could hear. I could hear taking a photo. Also, when you go to record video, you can hear it beep like its recording and when you stop it youre beeping again, but for some reason the apps all black. I tried uh on two different phones. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but i guess the apps not that great. If you guys look at the drone, theres uh, some red leds flashing at the back and some white ones at the front. So you could tell uh the front from the back. Looks pretty cool actually, especially when youre flying it at night. Show that again before you guys fly your drones, you guys should actually look into like local or uh provincial federal laws. So i know in canada anyways, if your drones over 250 grams, you actually need a license from transport canada to fly it, but this one right here this is about 150 grams, this one, so we dont need no license so now were gon na. Take this drone for a flight start, it up, looks pretty cool, looks like a blackhawk helicopter Music now were gon na land it there.