Okay, it is suitable for both 3s and 4s batteries, youre going to need an xt30 connector. It is fully assembled pretty much ready to fly. You need either a fly sky, free sky, radio link or dsm x. Receiver. Main features of the drone is as powerful, durable, super strong and lightweight. If you consider 96.5 grams lightweight, okay, its running 1106 4000 kv brushless motors. The props themselves are 2540s, its running with an esc, its a 20a four in one d shot, and it has a an accessible micro, usb port slot right here, um to connect to betaflight um. The camera itself is a run. Cam swift mini with a 160 degree view. The vtx is a 5.8 g 48 channel and the flight controller is an omnibus f4. The flight time with a 550 milliamp battery is anywhere from three to six minutes a couple disadvantages. I noticed right off the bat with this is with this inductor style frame. There you either have to snip snip it off or go and buy yourself some shorter screws. If you wanted to take them off or if you wanted to switch frames, um thats thats, one of the downfalls that ive noticed from this. Also with this inductor style, um coming out of a power loop or a split s, youre gon na have a little bit of prop wash in there. I feel um, but overall um flys, pretty sturdy, um and so yeah. I like this drone its a good beginner drone, its a good intermediate, even advanced drone, so lets go, fly it and uh see how it feels and well give you a review on the flight itself.

Hey guys just got back from flying. The x110 had a pretty fun time. It was a blast lets be honest. Um lets see, lets lets just dive right into the review itself and lets point out all the good things and lets talk about some things that we noticed um. There could be improvements on uh overall, pretty good drone, pretty happy with it um. As far as the cost goes for the drone itself, its its pretty on point, its its definitely worth the value um. I, like the some of my favorite features, are the wide point of view i like being able to see whats coming up. I dont like being surprised by any branches. Um lets see what else i like battery life is pretty good thats with the one thing i didnt mention earlier. Is it comes with a nice battery strap and it comes with velcro, so theres theres velcro already on the frame itself, and so you just put some velcro on your battery and so its double protection. So it doesnt slide out if youre looking for a good gift. Here is the drone to get um Music, also, another good drone that this reminds me a lot of is the mobiulus 7. I know theyre completely different classes, but it is very similar and, if someones looking to get if someones, already flying the mobile 7 and theyre. Looking to upgrade to 3s 4s, they might consider um looking at the heiress x110, all right there, you have it.

Those are the pros. Those are the cons that weve noticed out of flying um. One thing i forgot to mention is that it does have a pretty cool feature down here on the bottom. It has velcro on the bottom of the drone itself, so you just slap some velcro on your battery and you wont lose it if you hit a tree and spin out. It does remind me of the mobile 7. So if you have a friend or if youre, if you yourself are looking to upgrade from the mobius 7 to maybe a 3s or 4s battery – and you want something similar to that – this is fairly similar, um and yeah there.