It can go up to 90 to 100 miles an hour, so you get a 4s lipo with it. You can use it with. It comes with vr. It comes with the goggles to use it with you. Have it comes with a really nice radio it’s, a three channel receiver, it’s all brushless, and when you i’ll show you all done, do it see? I just add extra strap because my battery is pretty short and it kept slipping out. So all right, so it comes with the 1500 50c 4s lipo and then i bought. I have a lipro balance charge right here and i chart and i bought this and i bought this evonik air. 2200. 4S lipo it’s still 50c, but this one lasts a little longer so we’re going to try this out. I haven’t i will uh um. I haven’t figured out how to put it the video on the fpv yet, but i will do that soon. So struggling your battery just slides up and right here and these are adjustable, so you can move it back forwards and backwards. I added another strap just because it and you can slide your battery forwards or backwards if you’re drunk, if your drone is unleveled Music, all right, so just because this part’s a little long, i’m gon na. Stick it through there like that Music, all right so you’re gon na. Do you want to make sure it’s on off right here, so this right here is all the way back.

Then what you want to do return your radio, then you’re going to get your drone here, you’re gon na plug it in Music. So your radio is off. So when you press the gas it’s, not gon na go anywhere again, this thing is pretty fast kind of hard to fly too. I’Ll show y’all it’s a quick run: Music here’s, the radio, again Music, all right and there’s the drone so i’m trying to video it yeah. I don’t know if it’s gon na go any good, it’s kind of hard doing it. One handed all right. So what you want to do you want to make sure right here, it’s all the way down: okay, see when it says beeper up here. That means it’s going to turn off the gyro, so it’s going to be a lot harder to fly. So when you just want to put it right in the middle right here right where it says on all right, then you can start flying it’s kind of hard. You can’t really do it. One handed so Music it’s a little unleveled. So when you want to go check it out, you got to turn this off because something goes wrong. It could really hurt you all right. So what i’m gon na do i’m gon na slide my battery i’m gon na do my straps, like this i’m gon na slide my battery this way and i’m imma close them Music. All right, let’s! Try this now: Music, okay, don’t! Forget! You got ta turn this up right here, yep a lot better Music, so kind of hard to fly.

One handed can’t really get it all in the video Music yeah. It definitely goes really fast. So right here let me get the shade real, quick – and here you got your screen right here on your radio, so right here mode, you got all that see that give her voltage for your radio here’s. All that it tells you your altitude how fast you’re going Music to me. This is a really fun drone and i know i’m not gon na be able to fly. I don’t have anything i don’t. I don’t remember how to connect it to the radio but anyways that’s gon na, be it on the drone.