Please pursue please pursue possible bogeys coming out today were at the bower lab to do a series of demos. Adam smith is managing director of r d company intrepid mines, theyre one of the first companies to visit the armys. All new battle lab theyve had an idea that could effectively upcycle hundreds of redundant armored vehicles from previous conflicts. The armored vehicles that came back from iraq and afghanistan are currently sitting on an army base. We always go past just lines of armored cars to have those things sitting there and for us to know that we could be doing something about it. Their thought is to turn these extinct vehicles into platforms from which to deploy a plethora of different unmanned drones, a kind of swiss army knife inside a trojan horse. The old vehicle would become like a mothership, delivering the assets to the area needed and charging them when required today, theyre demonstrating how it might work using ordinary vehicles, tims bad guys, red team are in a transit van theyre, going to be making their way onto the Field that is going to be very closely followed by a team of good guys, uh green team um in a four by four um onto the field. The bad guys are going to get out of the transit van and rush into the hedgerow um. The green team are then going to deploy the quadcopter so that weve got an aerial view of whats happening and a ground drone, so that weve got on the ground perspective of where theyve gone and that type of thing once weve got those uh that information thats Going to be relayed back to the battle lab theyre then going to make a decision as to where the good guys are going to be positioned in order to set the trap were then going to initiate that with the aerial drone and the ground drone flushing the Bad guys out theyre going to come out of one side and then theyre going to be captured by by the good guys.

The idea of the armys new battle lab is that companies like this from any sector or even individuals, potentially with no connection to defence, can meet with the services. Talk collaborate, test out ideas and potentially solve some of the militarys biggest problems is the brainchild of 17 year reservist major ed edburn. We went from thinking about the problems that we had as a military and more to the problems that industry was having accessing us, and particularly the small to medium enterprises who may have no background within defence whatsoever. Intrepid minds are looking in fields that were interested in so primarily autonomy and really being able to take some of our a step back for our war fighters so that they can deploy this technology first in advance and to assess an area to make better informed decisions. Before they choose to deploy human beings or further technology, but to demonstrate that, rather than having to build from the ground up an exquisite, very expensive, very lengthy timeframe platform and just utilizing the assets we have, the same idea could of course be deployed in the case Of natural disasters or any situation where service personnels lives are put at risk, so weve got a number of people who are part of the company who either ex forces married into the forces or whatever it is. And frankly, you know part of what were trying to do this, for is because we want those people to come home right were doing all of this, just so that we can prove that theres other options that the army – or you know the services in general – could Go and explore the army battle.

Lab is still partly under construction when complete any company or individual will be able to easily book online to work, collaborate, experiment or demo potential new innovations. The ideas, it seems are already flying hannah king forces news at the army battle lab in dorset.