Our GOAL today is to get the Super Structure together. But first, there are many pieces that must be assembled. I am fortunate to have several special guests in the studio today. First, the 5th Scale BOSS, Everett, is on hand for an evening of building.. To our surprise.. a huge snowstorm blew in.. and we had to send him home sooner than we would have liked! Our studio is far outside the city.. and the roads become very slick. But, before he leaves we share some great stories as we walk down memory lane! Then, the following day, Krazy Joe, Rookie, and Sluicebox Steve show up to help finish the upper hull.

This build is very time consuming.. and what a pleasure! It is definitely
something that can be shared with friends, but be careful to read the instructions carefully! Much filing, fitting and placement needs to be done with all of this pre-drilled aluminum. It is no small task.. and a "normal" builder can expect at least 200 hours of work – assembling this tank destroyer (Panzerjäger Tiger (P) Ferdinand/Elefant). I was so happy to see my Son come into the shop to check out the progress! What a great opportunity to get him inside the tank before we close it all up! Being 5 years old is so much fun!!

Many people ask me about the products I show in my videos – so I have learned to link the sites here for you to discover if you so choose. I ordered this tank kit at

I did choose to get all of the options, to make this Project build tank kit all it can be! This is my 10 year celebration, of being on YouTube. For more than a decade I have created RC ADVENTURES for the world to see. More than 1.2 Billion views later.. we wanted to do a giant project together.. something that is truly astounding for us, and the viewers. This ARMORTEK TANK was the largest kit we could source.

We hope you are enjoying the show, and leave us a THUMBS UP/LIKE CLICK on the video, and maybe a comment?! THANK YOU!

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