Kepler im super pumped about this. If you like the channel, please subscribe, hit that thumbs up button and also ring that notification bell for future notifications of my videos. I also have an affiliate link in the description below you can use to purchase your own aerial rider. Ebike. All right so were going to go over a few things about this bike to make it really special lets start with the battery. We have a 52 volt 20 amp hour battery a nice long range get up to 75 miles on a single charge. You have a buffen, 1000 watt rear hub motor, so some really nice, torque and power. With this bike, youve got the 26 by four fat tires, which make this bike very comfortable to ride. Got a nice super duty, rack very sturdy, very highly engineered. I love the rack on the back. You can use it for a lot of things because its just very sturdy, you can definitely tell the quality of this rack. Youve also got a rear tail light, which also acts as a brake light. Youve got the fenders in the back nice long fenders to keep the mud and the water and the dirt off of your back got this nice bike seat, which is very comfortable. I was very surprised of how comfortable it is and how long of a ride i can go with this bike without actually feeling uncomfortable, so a very well done with the seat.

Yoyo router. You can also replace it. If you dont, like the seat, you can replace it with one that you do prefer. Youve also got a front zoom fork which definitely lightens the load and makes those bumps tolerable, its actually very comfortable paired with those 26 by four fat tires. So this bike is a very comfortable ride. You dont have to worry about a rough ride with this bike. Youve also got the front fender as well, and this is a fairly long fender which, like i said, will keep the rain the dirt and mud off of. You also got a nice headlight in the front which is decently bright, and i honestly wish they wanted a little brighter with that headlight and a little beefier headlight too, but it does work it does serve its purpose. Youve also got your tetro brakes best name in the game. Youve also got a nice color lcd screen, which i absolutely love. The look of that is just really sharp. Definitely screams. Quality youve got a seven speed, derailleur and theres. Your shifter cant go wrong with your mono another well known brand, so this bike does feature a lot of the known brands, unlike some of the other bikes which go with the cheaper parts, aerial rider always seems to go with a well known brand that you can Trust and theres that seven speed in the back there its also got this large chain ring here. So this will allow you to pedal at high speeds.

Weve also got aerial riders famous full leather grips here with the aero router logo on them nice little touch. I really like how they do these grips. Youve got a twist throttle here. So instead of your typical thumb throttle, you have the twist, which i absolutely love. The bike is a hardtail, but, as i mentioned before, these 26×4 tires make this bike as smooth of a ride as possible. I was going over curbs bumps rocks things like that, and this bike handled it perfectly. Another impressive specification of this bike is its top speed, which is 35 miles per hour, so it will definitely get you where you need to go quickly, especially with that 52 volt 20 amp hour battery and, to be honest, the best part about this bike is the Low price tag for what you get get it for 17.99, which is an absolute steal and aerial rider, just keeps putting out these high quality bikes for affordable prices and thats. Why? I love this brand and i really appreciate aerial rider letting me check out this bike. They put out a great product and i love telling you guys about them because i feel like this is the best bang for your buck on the market.