Rc! Please do subscribe because going to do tons of giveaways and reviews on this channel. It almost seems like we have a new drone every day to review. Now today I have the AR fun 90. It also goes by Aurora 90 on the box, and this one has seems to be everything that I want in a brushless Micro. All in this little compact frame, it has OSD a 4 and 120 12 BL heli ESC stack combo on the bottom. It has an f3 flight controller on here, which is tunable in beta flight. Has extra large motors on here from what we've had on previous brushless micros on this channel? This one has 1104 7500 KBS and to top all this off, it has OSD and a beeper on here. So I'm super excited about this. One let's go ahead and put it on the bench and take a closer look at this little AR fun 90. So here it is on the bench and you'll notice, it's wearing different props. Then it came with if you seen another review of the AR fund 90. You notice that it came with five bladed props. I got some gym fans, they are 20 35 props and I decided to use these now. I did start out with those original props and I broke them all and the reason that I broke them all here's. One of them, the reason that I broke them all was because something was happening with es es they kept restarting, and I was using this original Aurora RC.

This is a three hundred milli, amp 2 s 25 C battery and for some reason it wasn't enough amps to keep this 20 amp speed controller happy, so it would reset might be something to do with the jst connector that they had one here. It might need an XT 30 to get the full amperage from the battery for the ESC, so they don't have a problem, but I've seen other reviewers. They had some of the same problems with this one. Now what I did was I used my eachine battery. That came from my Aurora 90 that you saw this review on the channel. This is the same battery that came with that one, this one's a DC and this one seemed to do fine. It didn't flip out of the air and crash now. I also did update to the latest version of beta fly on here, the most recent version, so that might have also helped but I'm having some problems with the OSD on this one I'm, getting like 25 volts reading on the screen, so it's kind of strangest doing That and I've heard of some of these boards having that defect on there, it seems like that some of them do have that problem. So there's no way for me to fix it. If you know a trick to fix that, please let me know I love to have the proper voltage on this one, but that's. What you know an on screen display is all about is actually having the proper voltage for your battery, but I do have a low voltage beeper on here, so not the end of the world, but I also have my RSSI values on here.

I have my copter name on there, that's kind of cool. You can change that inside beta fly in the OSD display, so you don't have to hook up minim display to this and use the external software. You can actually do it right inside beta flight, so that's super super nice. Now. What is really excited about with this one is that this one has much larger motors on here than what we've seen previous brushless micros. I don't bring this in close here, so you can see it see if I can get it to focus for you and that's an 1104 7500 KB motor. So this one is quite powerful in the conch out. It really has a nice punch out on here. 20 amp BL heli es es also that's an amazing amount of ESC for brushless micro, the most I've seen so far. Now the camera, it does say, it's a 600 TBL camera on here. It also has an extra button on here that you can flip the screen up and down and that's kind of nice. We give you a little side view, and this frame looks very similar to another frame I've seen out. There called the chopsticks and I believe, it's very similar to his design. It'S called Timbo quads. Now this carbon frame is actually pretty thick, it is 3k carbon fiber and this top plate let's just measure that real quick for you guys I've got 1.5 there on my display and this bottom plate is three millimeters, so we have a three millimeter bottom plate.

Super rigid 3k carbon, fiber and it's way higher grade than what I've seen on some of the other brushless micros out there. So this is not chintzy carbon fiber, very, very nice. So what else impressed me about this one with the fact that it does have a beeper on the back? If you look back here to see that little black box right there, this is your beeper and there's, also an LED really close to this beeper. Now, it's nice, that it has a beeper, because this is so small that when you crash it in the grass it's almost impossible to find it. Or if you crash in in a series of trees. And you have no idea where it went down. Because you're watching your goggles that's really nice to have this little beeper on there now the battery that came with it was that 300 milliamp, and that seems to be the right size for it. So if I could find a 300 milliamps to s, that was a DC or maybe 6 DC or higher, that would probably be great. The 450 just seems to be a little bit heavy a little bit large for this quad. In my opinion, now let's go ahead and compare it to some other popular brushless micros out there on the market. Right now, you might want to see it just a little size comparison between these two. This is the little baby hawk by Emax and sitting next to it.

They are extremely similar size. This one looks like it has beefier motors on there. The Emax was actually running let's see what size those were really hard to see. Those those are 1104 5250 s on that one. So very, very similar. This one has higher kV, but they are the exact same size. Motor both have 1104 s, but this one doesn't have a beeper, and this one doesn't have oh s D. Now, next up we have the mosquito 70 and a lot of guys like this one, but this one also doesn't have OS d it's a little smaller because it is 70 millimeter. It is quite smaller and it does have smaller motors on here. 1102 10000 kv s, but this one had a lot of punch out and had a lot of fun with this a little smaller crops, but no OS d was kind of a drawback, but it does have a low voltage alarm on there. The only drawback of this one versus this one is the price. This was way more affordable and then this one is going to be in the 250 dollar range, whereas this one is around 125 dollars, 137 on gearbest website. So next up we have the King Kong 90 GT. I had a lot of fun with this one. It has a 4 and 1 ESC on here, but it has no OSD. It has smaller motors. As you can see, the King Kong has King Kong.

They are 1103, 7800 s, so a size down from the 1104 s, but look at how much taller these 1104 s are. 7500 kv s quite a bit taller. Now the ESC on this one is quite higher as well. I believe this with a 6 amp and look how big this is. This is kind of big on the bottom of here so more susceptible to damage. It is open the frames not covering it up right here. Your battery will be over top of it, but still this could get damaged a little easier and having your ESC foreign one right in the center here. So this is what everything is moving towards is having a smaller ESC stack on there. Now, next up we have the Chaser 88 and this one's 88 millimeters, and this one also has a pretty small little four and one ESC on here, and this one has smaller race. Star motors on here. These are 1103 is just one size down from the 1100 4s, but this one performs way better than the chaser 88 chaser radiate does have that nice guard around the cloverleaf up the top, but I did have to put some hot glue in there because I was Having quite a bit of damage on this now, this one has a dipole on here, so that's going to be a little better for crashes and trying to avoid damage to your antenna. Now next up we have the Pico X and the Pico X already.

Has my carbon prop card on the outside here, so this one's going to be a little more durable in the field as far as bumping into trees, or things like that and it's going to save these props? If this one had prop guard around it, I think it would be a lot better quad for outdoor flying and kind of bashing around. So if I do bump into something with this one, it does say that these props are unbreakable, but I've already broke these crops. So the gym fans are not totally unbreakable but that's. What they're called on the package? It does say that, but this is a very nice quad in comparison, but this one does not have OSD on there and it's running the same size battery you can do to s 300 milliamp that's, probably just about perfect, and I don't have any issues with this. On whatsoever, so this one is a very good competitor to the AR fund 90. Now, last but not least, we have a little brushed micro here. This was one of the original SP maker. This is the believe. This is the 90 size version, so very similar and x frame, but this one has brushed motors it's, going to be a little slower and not nearly the punch out that this one's going to have also no LSD and no beeper on this one as well. But these are a little cheaper to run if you decide to run these because the props are actually maybe a dollar fifty for four of them, so really good deal very smooth flying little quad, but not quite as much power as the AR foam has now let's Go ahead and weigh the AR fund 90 and see what kind of grams I get.

I get 56 grams right there on the scale. If you can see that they're 56 grams that's super lightweight now the batter that comes with it, I will put the scale as well. You guys can see what it mice with the battery the total takeoff weight is 75 grams. Super lightweight now let's put that little. Oisin, 450 on there and see what I get so: 87 89 grams total takeoff weight with the EC and battery that works with it. So let's give some honest opinion and final thoughts about this quad before I end this review and we go flying now. The carbon fiber on this quad is extremely nice. I do think that this is really nice. Carbon fiber, a 3k carbon fiber and it seems to have beveled edges on it as well. Some of the other reviewers might not have noticed that, but it's really rigid. It feels strong in my hands and I don't think there the arms are going to break at all on here. I did experiment with different props, the props that came with it weren't the greatest props. So I ordered some Jem fans and those are those 2035 props. You can get those on flex, RC coms website and you can get a variety of different colors blue, pink purple, but I think that this is what I've been looking for. It has OSD on here it has a beeper and it has 11 of four motors on here that I think, are really awesome.

It has tons of punch out and if this really is a 20 amp ESC on here, I can run 3s on this one. So later on, I might switch this out to an XT 30 and try it out on 3s and I think it might be huge huge amounts of power on 3s. So this is going to be a lot of fun for spring and summer. Now, one of the other things that I had a problem with with this one was the fact that the props came so close to the camera. I actually had to trim them back a little bit with the pair of nail clippers, because I was hitting the camera with the original props that came with it. If this camera shifts or adjusts at all or moves at all it's going to hit the props while you're flying, so that was one drawback and the issue that I had with the original battery that came with it. That was causing the ESC to reset. That was also another drawback, so you will need to get a higher C rated battery. Something like this, oisin or 50 right here. This is that a DC battery you can get those somewhere on the internet, banggood or possibly gearbest, but overall I'm, pretty impressed with where we're headed with brushless micros. I think this is really exciting direction and I'm going to say that I'm going to keep this one and I'm going to keep flying it and experimenting with different props and I'm.

Probably going to flash this board again to get back to the correct voltage.