After this hole, we can have a breather weve got to brush the first two, never easy, theres, always something to make it difficult ill. Tell you whats happening in just a second. Let me just tee off into brenda. We aint got time to admire the view, but look at that that is bloody, beautiful thats, like a postcard Music, look at the height on that, oh great, in the bunker b1, with the hill get up Music Music. Take that get out of here. I feel like it always starts with me laughing, but i need to yeah what Laughter weve been given, basically not even an hour, so weve had a lot of bad weather in wa. I know a lot of people wanted to be on the golf course. We had lockdown and then we had six weeks, seven weeks, yeah seven weeks of non stop rain, and that is nowhere for exaggeration, first good day out, theres a shotgun tournament on dunedin resort. Ive got to get out here and im desperate to give these a whirl on the golf course, and the big question is: are they for everyone? Weve got an hour to find out were all right here. Ive literally ran two holes, um whats the time whats. The time wheres my pocket, ive lost ive lost the plot, so i think weve got basically 40 minutes, not even 40 minutes to with two holes in thats. Quite fast werent it one over now because of that one.

So we need to get that deficit back id love to finish level or under par by the time the siren goes off, but the whole video idea we were going to have a really nice tommys just said we hadnt been on the golf course in, like probably Eight nine weeks, something like that, we wanted a really relaxing. Why is my anyway um you cant break this up? Could you the whole idea was to have a really relaxing first day back on the course and its become the total opposite. Like tommy said its like youre late for a flight, youve been told your playing leaves in an hour and youve got to pack everything up fast, but we can breathe because were here with this absolute beauty. It is stunning and the first few shots, even though we didnt have time to even make contact with the ball. It felt amazing. It looks so good out here and im sticking by its definitely bigger. I dont care what anyone says. These are definitely larger. 112 meters, its again easy distance, but its surrounded by caca p790 pitching wedge, and i need this. This needs to go in ill, be good, please! Oh! I like the green, so always that concern of whether the ball is going to stop or not and ill show. You in a second that was like a half pitching wedge three quarters ish and it just seemed to stop dead. It just stopped dead.

Did you see it land? It was like just there was no roll or anything its good to see. Ive got a pitch mark. You know i hit the green thats right, so obviously we havent got the clubhead speed with half a pitching wedge to really produce that much zippage see that to that then just gon na get my tortilla out torty, because its also not only a tee, its a Pitch mark repairer, oh well, honestly, rolling him. They just look so wet, but theyre rolling really well. No. You dont like to see that tom lets go well. Were gon na hit a beautiful little stinger fit tick. Tock dont do tick tock early, but there you go anyway. I want you to look at that thats your foreign view of the new p790 theres, no club id rather be spending the day with, even though its a rush today and having not hit turf ive not had that turf interaction feeling in probably about 10 weeks, at Least its nice to have something so comforting down at the ball. Still it could go in brendas, basement stinger for the for the gram for the tick tock yacht. I was too bad too busy trying to get the trajectory. It went right, but it was a lovely lovely flight i mean ill tells gon na get ditched were lucky in australia. We dont really get wet soggy soil sludge. So, if youre, looking for more info on these irons, tech, specs all that stuff and weve already reviewed that i put the review in the corner, thats all the curved net and the numbers that we got from it.

This is just well, it was, like i say, meant to be relaxed down the course. How do you lose a stinger? Oh kangaroos are there. Everyone wants to know how a kangaroo reacts theyre, not aggressive as what people think they are. You dont want to mess around with them like, but theyll all just hop away, theres. My balls here anyway, look at that. Look at that one who put it in your pocket ive got it tom run. That was toms idea. Um thinking canyon was a bit of a draw. I think thats gon na be gettable well, see, oh see that fly. That was just straight as its in a1. Oh, that is the cutest thing ever whats going for you tommy quick, look at it! Oh hes, just trying to have a pocket 10 past, like weve, probably got 25 30 minutes remaining, were two over now weve got showing to this par five. The problem is ive, given myself this half little horrible wedge, because im gon na use the p790 and its got to go over this canyon, so this could be an interesting shot, its very safe yeah. I didnt want to. I didnt fancy going over that canyon. To be honest, so, even though this video isnt going to be about the tech, spiel um, i thought wed do a little bit off away from the golf course. So i know currently were halfway around. We thought wed film this at the end, because we werent about time.

We are running around like linford christie out there um, if you dont know who olympic christie is. Please, google him for christy the man anyway, i thought i would ive left the 79 in the cabinet. Tommy did actually but um. The rest of the set is here. Weve got four to pitching wedge thats, exactly what it looks like down at the ball. Without the ball there down on the floor and as you can see that still for me is the winner, the winner, in this set of the long irons again, not too much offset so easy just to stick a lot of offset in there and its not there. Um and progressive minimal to little offset towards the wedges again, if youre wanting the distance in the longer iron, you can keep your p790 and you want a bit more control like you could potentially go for the 770 and we always hit on that split set so That would be my direction to get one attempt to try and get one back. I think this is going to be quite a lot. Um fast downhill. I just dont want to race it. After the last few puts weve had Music, oh hes gone again. What is coming off? Kill us from that distance, its a good job, because id be 25 over. We need a bird. This is not easy task, honestly, very, very fiddly, little place playing it from reasonably far back just with the iron sticks the play here.

I think we can go towards the quarry. Ideally that was a soft draw but honestly mate. I just want to make contact with the ball so youre doing the pros this is i havent many nightmares of the shop always end up being here. The pin always ends up being there just need a minute. Go, take a walk, tommy go and show him what were going to deal with here. What youre about to see is probably the best rawest one take of footage in the world ever. I know this is going to be too much, but this is this is what you dont want either you dont want it to think. Youve got too much ease it, because i end up going in that direction. Dont worry if youre on the green, youre, safe Music. All that green to work with left – and yet you just want to go for that pin i went straight at it straight at it, be long enough. Oh Music, you see it Music. That was a club. This is so good im. Good Music. Dad just saw that going towards the pit i was like if thats made it im, no longer nightmares of that shot until next time. The fighting look, the fighting theyre, putting on a show today, Music thats, your son aint. It is beating up savage yeah ive been down not physically down there. Many golf balls have been down there. I think if you physically went down there, youd never come back up Music again here, stopping power, Music tortilla, not only a great tee, but a divot as well.

It cant take too long. I got a long left, guys um. I thought i had longer. The siren has just gone for the golfers to come onto the golf course, so weve probably got 10 minutes. This is probably going to be the last hole. Why is it scary? Why was scared like that advance speech, keepers on the right im, just making sure hes gon na be okay, so were good, thats, okay, probably not enough club. There cut it. A little bit clean, well see big right to left fast again, weve been leaving ourselves a fast putts all day. That is honestly that first put the first ports have been absolutely trash. Im trash hole, seven still two over. That is what i expected first thing to go, though thats those first ports, honestly i dont ever want. I dont want to remember them anymore, theyre on the internet forever thats, the slight slight issue: weve got all right, so misjudged that club wise its all over again short mile shot, wasnt like too far away just level with front edge. A good club short and problem is ive left myself, probably the hardest or one of the hardest shots on this hole. Without a doubt, ive got to use the pitching wedge im going to mark with my tortilla, where i want to land this tea and also a divot tool there. If i hit it there get it to stop this, it should roll in.

Can you see that Laughter where you going what go out on the course they said it would be fun? They said thanks, guys, appreciate it just bad. This has been fantastic. This has been trash, not the putter me with the putter im trash. Really i dont know what i was expecting, though, either like what am i expected to five under what are you an idiot Music Laughter? We filmed our time. Yeah, guys proof the convoy survived, the shotgunners we are done. That is the end Music of the three over journey. What a devastating finish! Look i told you we werent lying convoy. Shotgun start we had to get off of there very quickly terrible end to the video, but the conclusion is for me that this has played multiple roles within that round. Having not played golf much at all, i had the forgiveness and he did what i wanted it to do and i was definitely wasnt striking the center, as you could have seen many times in that uh video. But when i needed a bit more precision, maybe a little bit of a shot shape. It also pulled that off and it had the stopping power on the greens as well. So in the net i did say i feel like this is pulling itself away from the 770 and mid to higher handicapper potentially, but this is still single. Handicapper could definitely play this still full set, but i think that blend of 770 to 790 just gives me the guys.

Thank you, as always for watching the answer is, can anyone play designs and i would say yes, yes, you can remember to hit the subscribe button and the bell notification if youre not already a part of tml, follow us on social media, facebook, instagram, twitter and im Livestreaming on twitch and, of course, follow the best discord in the world discord7l.