I had a comment the other day from somebody, and that sparked me to make this video and im also gon na chime in on the little hubsan drama, and what i tell you about this drama trust me: you can take what i say to the bank: okay, So the comment the other day was from some guy. I dont even know who it was. He said i came here for the drones, but all i see are bike videos. Okay, so i replied to him: uh yeah. I posted three drone videos. This week i mean i dont know if you think im supposed to post 20 drone videos a day, but i posted three this week, two on the evos and one uh skydio, or no, the bebop two or something like that, which is basically more than even most People do so, you know be that as it may, but so one of my subscribers chimed in on that guys, comment and said. I dont know exactly word for word what he said, but he said something like look. Drone reviews, arent even necessary anymore, just go, buy a dji or autel and youre all set. Well, i got to thinking about what he said and im like yeah, throw skydio in there and pair it, but parrot. I thinks out of the consumer market now, but if they were still make a consumer throw them to in there and basically everything else is garbage um. I dont even know what the point of buying this other garbage is to be honest with you im not going to go out there and spend my money on this stuff that i know is gon na be garbage when it hits the door.

I know this. I knew this femi thing and when i say garbage i mean okay, i got a 50 chance of getting a good one. I made a video about this already yeah thats, not good enough for me, im, not gon na shell out four or five hundred dollars. I know maybe itll be okay hold on pray and you know, and then this uh and then the uh, the hubs and minizino pro you know so im not going to just shell out dough for this stuff and just to make a couple of videos. You know of it crashing and burning, spend 500 bucks. No forget it im not doing that. Okay im, just not you know when you buy a dji product or an autel product for the most part i mean its its gon na be tight. I mean i have a phantom one, phantom three phantom 4 inspire mavic air mavic air 2 mavic pro a mavic mini 2 and two regular minis of all of those dji drones. Only one of them, which was the mavic pro, did it ever break the cable for the camera broke, and i think that happened actually on a lot of of them. I think there was a, i think, theres some kind of design flaw in that thing, um that caused that uh to be a problem to be a sore spot. You know, but nevertheless, so of all of them dji products, not one of them, has ever flown away.

Not one of them uh ever did didnt work. Uh didnt come back to me, but i dont hit return to home, but you know what i mean: they always work and they always the video always looks good. So those are reliable products that you dont even have to worry about. You dont even have to think about it. You know get man was right, just go, buy a damn dji and then you dont have nothing to worry about and if it does screw up, theyre gon na fix it for you and replace it. You know buying all this other stuff is just like taking a you know like the deer runner, putting the damn the bullet, the gun and spinning the thing and blowing your brains out its just a waste of time. Youre just wasting your time. So these new products from these other companies come out. I i had no use for that. Crap, none, none whatsoever. Okay, so i just wanted to get that out there and then i want to talk about the uh, the hubsan drama, for a minute uh. You know the drama im talking about between uh was it alibaba uh, hubsan dan and chris yeah? Okay, so you know you know im on the side of dan and chris on this deal. Okay, so what im gon na tell you right now you can take to the bank all right bank this, if hubsan thought for one minute, they had a winner on their hands, a real winner like man, we just made this.

We just designed this. We just produced this. This thing is the this thing: is the cats ass its its gon na blow away the competition its the its the king of kings of many drones? Believe me, they would have got somebody other than alibaba to pitch it mark that bank. On that, okay, nothing against that guy! Okay! I dont know him from a man on the moon. I dont even think ive ever watched, maybe one video of his ever but bank on it. If they thought they had an ace, a real winner, they would have got somebody like flight path, or somebody like, i think, guys, air photography, sean or one of these types of people. You know dc rainmaker was one of these kind of guys. They would have got them and paid them to pitch that thing, not alibaba. Okay, so trust me when i tell you that okay believe it so thats uh my little story for that yeah they would have got somebody. You know i justine they would have just pitched paid somebody else, but they knew it was a piece of garbage, so they just rustled up that poor guy – and he said here you know – do this for heres this heres this.