This is off their upcoming. Album bleed the future, which is coming out october 29th. We checked out golden mouth of ruin when it dropped and we both liked it quite a bit. This band is pretty interesting, theyre, pretty unique for just how technically proficient they are like. Everyone is just perfectly in sync, with each other and theyre playing fast and its just improv, its impressive, how good these guys grown, corpse, aviator, thats, a rad name for a song. It really doesnt make that much sense. I dont care, but perhaps were going to find out something or other from the video, so lets watch lets make sense of all these notes. Good sets the tone. Applause, Music gravity, blast, whats, going on Music community Music. Im really glad this part exists in the song. Yeah thats, really cool Music. That looks a little bit like danny phil. I can see it like tired hung over danny, though Music Music here controlled Music Music, foreign Music Applause, Music, draw here: Music, Music. There you go Music called it called it. Applause whoopsie with man that was great yeah. These guys nailed it at the park that song and video were both sick. That was just awesome. I love that they had a quiet section because yeah this kind of band, with this kind of music, its really easy to stagnate. Yes, so with this song, it doesnt do that and im looking even more forward to the album.

If theyre going to be changing things up, that makes it even more special and more interesting thats. Exactly why i mentioned it. I was so glad to hear something like that, just to break up the pace just for a minute or so other than that this was phenomenal. I loved every bit of that such an awesome, video. I just i saw him with the stuff on his head im like okay, his heads going to blow up. You saw how he was looking hes going crazy there like any except yeah. It was pretty good effects too, like that was good. The face melting looked good, yeah, im, im, pretty hyped for a new arch fire, album yeah man believe the future is coming out october 29th, which is not so far away at this point, nope anyway, guys thats. All we got for you today remember to like this video.