Now, if you are unfamiliar with this van, their gimmick, i guess, is pretty much being the fastest tech depth band. Ive reacted to this band a couple of times on the channel and ive listened to a healthy health and other stuff on my own time, and you would think this would be a gimmick that would get old pretty fast, but i am just as if not more So impressed with this every single time, i hear a new track, so i am pretty hyped to check this out. Lets us dig in hawk spire drone corpse, aviator, okay, Music Applause, uh, Music, Music, get to the garage Music Music, oh Music, Music, Music, left, Music here, Music fields, Music, drone corps, aviator, Music, oh Music city, oh Music, dont, dont dont, be experimenting on me, not after What i just saw there Laughter Laughter, oh you know, i got faults i mean seriously. I was already prepared to go into the top of this. To say this is my favorite track from this band yet and then the video, the video was already really really really cool and then just the ending of this thing, video of the year, obviously track for contender of the year. But the video of the year is gon na go to this one for me personally, so far from what ive seen this is the best death metal video ive seen all year that was so cool man. I appreciated the softer the softer interlude, guitar interludes in this.

A couple of times that they had there to kind of like bring you down a little bit from the heavy heavy heavy. Because for the majority of the tracks, or at least the ones that ive listened to of theirs, its its less melody and just more straight brutal, there is some tracks that ive listened to that have some cool guitar melody in that in there, but theres. Not that much of like a break between just the insanity – and i feel like this track specifically gave just the right balance in between melody and brutality and technicality everything kind of all, blended together and very, very well. I i i imagine, and man the video was so cool i felt like it was them being like just like tested on as like robots or whatever just pushing them to like the absolute limits of humanity, with the drums and like that was just it matches this Band perfectly, and even when like in which i i wish kind of happened, was uh. The drummer started to go for, like the crazy, fast speed again toward like towards the end of the video where everything started to pop off. You can see like kind of like blood coming out of his arms. I thought oh man, how cool would it be right there if they hadnt done like a practical or like cg effect to where hes going so fast? That, like the tendons and in his arms, are just like ripping and starting to expose bone that hes going so fast.

I think that would have been fantastic. Didnt have to do it. I think the effect that they put there was pretty awesome for what it was. The scientists with the glowing glasses and was like really really cool we had his arms exploding from drumming too fast, would have been really awesome, but then just the heads exploding off and the special effects. Looking so realistic man ive seen some like meaty and like gory style, music videos, and even this year, even this year, ive seen some that were that were pretty brutal, but the heads exploding on this one that was so well done so so so incredibly well done. Man that was awesome. I was not expecting that i was more or less expecting what we got musically um, but that made my day that made my day, you saw the big dumb look on my face. Oh, that was good. What a great way, what a great way to start the week id say what the rest of you think of this. You think it deserves track and music video of the year. Let me know in the comments below the course will be a link in the description for this video, so go ahead and watch it for yourself for screenful audio and get the full experience here.