We are out on some Lake you're flying over deepwater. How do you make sure the quads don't sink cuz? The last time I checked most drones, aren't buoyant science. Boy explained buoyancy: drones are denser than water, so they sink Music well way that you can make something float is to make it more buoyant, which is to decrease its overall densities, add volume without adding as much mass there. You go so look at this. This is my favorite hack when a water bottle is empty, it has a lot of volume, but it is very lightweight there's, nothing inside it. So if you strap it to the bottom of the drone, you have really increased the volume of the drone without affecting its weight at all, and it is going to float and the only other downside I can think of is because I've flown with some water bottles In the past – and they do fly a bit weird just because you kind of have any extra draggin here's what it feels like have you ever actually flown over water before I have, and then the footage look terrible because I didn't get the exposure right on the Gopro check your settings: kids, Music, Music. How is it staying in every time comes from here it looks like wait: Music what's on the prize here the thing to keep in mind, though the quantum summers what you want to do when you unplug it to give your electronics the best chance of surviving it's Unplugging underwater so holding it underwater, I've unplugged it now we've got it out of pods in one piece.

The only difficult part was when it's floating. It looks like bad guys, a little bit hard to the scene, but now we're gon na let these we're gon na. Let this dry out overnight and we'll, see if it's all right, awesome kay that wave you killed it back at the workbench. It has been sitting like this all morning, I'm, only concerned really about two things: the camera, because water could get inside and hurt the image sensor and the VTX because that's one of my only components with heat shrink – and I was too lazy to take off the Heat shrink it, but in this battery was underwater there's. Nothing really that you need to do so long as it's, not saltwater, because salt water can really mess up your electronics. Can I get the beeps? Oh okay, that's, a good sign good just to test the camera here looks pretty good to me other than that. Maybe the only thing you could do is go around and replace all the hardware. Oh because you don't just rested yeah the hard water dressed it out. Music Music I've had this for a long time. I'Ve always wanted to try it, but I've never tried it. Yet. This is called the Gator back. It was made for fishing poles to strap to your fishing pole. In case you dropped it in the water. It says it works in less than 10 feet, so that's scary. It has to go ten feet down before it activates, but then what happened? Well, it takes a minute from what I've heard I haven't actually is activated by waters.

It activated by pressure, probably pressure. You need to go down deeper, like water for life, so what's it supposed to do. It has a whole bunch of string wrapped up inside and when it gets down to a certain depth. This pops off floats up. It'S got a little floaty bobber on it and it floats up to the top with the string and you just go, find a little orange floaty thing and pull it up. If we need to retrieve a drone, it's gon na be easier to find, because we'll have a nice bright orange target. To look for the downside is I don't know how confident I am it's gon na work that's. Why I built this. So I built this quad out of spare parts that I don't use anymore. Conformal coded all these electronics it's, not gon na hurt my feelings too bad if this gets lost at sea. So a conformal coating is an ancient art used by some of the old monks of FPV. Essentially, this sacred technique of baptizing. Your quantity, you would say well you're, actually doing, is you're just taking conformal coating material and you're waterproofing your electronics, but it's, something that pilot Sam knew for a very long time, even before fbb, to essentially waterproof your gear. So that way, if you fly or around water or actually end up in the water, you hopefully know completely totally you're here, Music that way. Okay, now we need to look for our very visible, bright orange bobbin.

It was super insane like I flew through the water a few times it kept going. So then, the last time around I just decided to try and fly through this wave and it didn't happen. Look at this yeah. I see it. I see it it's on it's on your sidekick, so I see it yeah. That is garbage, so we haven't gotten the Gator back back. Yet we found the same leaf like three times, which tells me that if the Gator bag works, we definitely would have found it because we keep finding the same leaf. So we're able to see things, I think it didn't deploy. I'Ve talked to other people that have used it. I'Ve had some other people tell me that it took about ten minutes four minutes, so it might still work and we just have it. I guess we'll just keep our eyes open for it, but yeah that sucks. Why is it that every time we take this boat out, we get stuck one more try come on baby. Can we just plug in a battery just plug in a lipo right, we're gon na jump the boat with the drone battery, so we had a balanced board. This isn't xt60 that shawn has rigged to the battery, so we just plug the boat battery into the balance board bunch of two and one there. We go yeah Music, so the first waterproof drone I ever flown it was called the aqua copter.

This was essentially the first waterproof burn I've ever seen. They used some kind of a thermal forming technique to create this hollow enclosure, and all your electronics go inside floats on the water. It'Ll take the gulf of water back when I was filming pearl recorders using a hero 4, which has no stabilization. So it was all jelly footage, but it was the first drone footage ever wait for. So this is the second version of the aqua copter that they came out with called the bullfrog. This is like the smaller version. It'S gon na be better for acro. I actually have upgraded this since the last time I flew it. It was on Simon ke SCS and a flip 32 flight control board. Now it's got a cat X beste. I was worried about the cat exposed to getting hot inside of a closed container. So I put a little tiny fan on it. Yeah I've got so sick. It seemed to be okay, I've already made a 3 minute flight on land and it didn't overheat. So hopefully we'll be good. This one you're supposed to be able to take off and land in the water right Sean is so confident that this is gon na. Be fine that you want to went ahead and put the digital in there, so he's gon na get to fly in Music, Music, nice! You got it just watch! This is awesome! The last time I flew this in flew like garbage, because the electronics that were at this is way more fun that was way too much Music.

Music. Oh, come on, come on baby it's, not happy! Oh wait! No there's water droplets inside right here up top. I don't think this hot glue gasket for that cord. I don't think that is we've got to find a way to bring this back. I don't know if someone could take our production of this it's so much fun. It is so that is so cool Music we're. Actually here with some pro surfers and some pro wakeboarders today, Danny's on her hair run, some wig skating, wake surfing, wakeboarding, there's Dallas Friday. We are gon na, take all those techniques and everything that we just discussed with you guys and we're gon na put them to the test by chasing these guys out around the lake Music. Guys, really, a great time today, hanging out on the lake trying different ways to keep our drones from sinking getting some wakeboarding in. It was a great time. Thank you guys for hanging out. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit the like button subscribe to.