It does a few different things like it has altitude hold one key take off and land. It also has the throw and go feature but ill check everything out later in the video, but it does come in four different. Colors and i got the blue one so lets crack this box open and check out whats included. Music first thing here is like a battery safety guide, and then you get a quick start guide and if you need even more instructions, you get a user manual which goes into a little bit more detail on how to use the drone. So you do get a full set of spare propellers, you get a phillips head screwdriver and you get a few extra screws because if you ever do have to change the propellers youre gon na have to take out all of these screws to take the propeller cage Off and well, you might lose a couple. They include two usb chargers for not one, not two but three: 3.7 volt 300 milliamp hour lipo batteries, which is a good thing, because then you can charge two batteries, while youre using the third one. So here is the controller, its a altitude hole, controller and ill go over all the features of it, but it does require three aaa batteries: Music, so im going to turn this on and check out the lights. I like to see the leds, you get a bright blue one in the front and then you can see leds a red one and a blue one on the bottom.

So there was a quick unboxing, but the real question is just: how good is it so lets check it out? Okay, lets test this out now were gon na try and get through the whole demo on one battery its 300 milliamp hours. So i think i might be able to do it its a really light drone. I feel like this battery is going to last a while lets turn it on turn. This on well do up down the bind and to calibrate you can go either down to the left or down to the right. You see that light flashing. There theres three ways you can take off and three ways: you can land actually theres, only two, but if youre including crashing, then there is three ways to land. So first is you can hit the auto takeoff button and then you hit that button again to land. Next way is you can go with both sticks down and out it arms. The motors. You see them spinning and then hit up on the throttle, and there you go so this is altitude hold and its holding pretty good. Oh, oh now, its going up higher and oh the second way to land is, they said just hit down until you land and then the propellers will shut off. So the third way to take off is called, throw and go so lets see how good throw and go is. Last time i had a throw and go drone, i threw it and it went and uh i never got it back toss it again whoa.

So here we go lets, try the throw and go supposed to be able to just toss it. Oh yeah itll work. Okay, so we do have speeds now lets go cover the speeds so right here left, stick press in now were in the second rate, lets see how tight we can get these funnels here so thats the funnel, in the second rate, its still kind of slow lets. Press it again because yep three beats: we have three different rates: oh there we go still not the fastest lets. Try these funnels here, ooh theyre a little tighter a little bit better. There we go there. We go okay, so theres the three rates. Yes, this does do flips, oh also, if you want to do so there, this isnt in the manual – but i just discovered it by accident, because i was messing around with this just a little bit ago. If you hold this button in the landing, the auto take off auto land, if you hold it in for a few seconds Music, it comes down by itself. So if you get into any type of trouble and you need to land it hold the auto, take off auto land for a few seconds, lets throw and go all right. I like that. I like the fact that it works pretty good, so we did the rates lets. Try lets push in on the right stick. Now we can do flips any direction and wow strong flipper.

I like it flips pretty good, so this also does have one key return. Lets lets see if it lets see if it comes to me, which is this button right here, whoa its going to the door, why did it go that way? Lets turn it its still going. I thought if i turned it my way, it still wants to go that way, so it does have headless mode lets see if headless mode works a little bit better than one key return. Well, no somethings messed up, because when i go forward it goes backwards. When i go right, it goes to the left, so maybe it had to do with how i took off lets get out of headless mode because i dont know which direction im going. I pretty much covered it covered all the features that i know of on this everything thats listed in the instruction manual, so lets just fly this around see how long this 300 milliamp hour, batterys gon na last. Actually, you know what im gon na land it lets. Recalibrate it lets have it so the head is facing away from me controllers facing this way so lets recalibrate it well take off and lets see if we can get headless mode to work right, okay, forward, all right lets see. Ah there we go there. We go now yeah there we go now now headless mode, see headless mode for all the newbies out there. Headless mode means it doesnt matter which way the head of the drone is facing.

Whichever way you input on this, stick is the way it goes so head could be facing towards me. Itll still, and you hit forward. Itll still go that way, so hellas mode works there. I just showed how you have to have the head of the drone facing away from you and the tail towards you and headless mode will work just how its supposed to and uh lets get out of this headless mode, because the beeping is getting annoying all right. Well, lets try the one key return since now i have it recalibrated the hellas mode worked pretty good, so lets try one key return and oh yeah here it comes lets see if i turn another direction. If it still comes towards me, oh yeah, here it comes so it doesnt matter which way im facing lets just keep flying this around so far, not a bad flight time getting through all the options lets do some flips. While we have the capability, because once we go into low voltage and that led starts flashing, we wont be able to do any more flips Music, so there was option three on the landing and that was crashing Music. This is great is a great flipping. Drone lets. Do a throw and go Music: oh theres, the led, the leds flashing. That means low voltage, but you get the flashing led and then you get the beep on the controller. So oh there it goes thats it.

That is the entire battery here. Lets shut this off. So that this is a really cool drone with the throw and go option also the altitude hold the flips are fantastic. Everything just worked pretty good. The only thing is its just not that fast its super light. This is an indoor drone. I would not recommend flying this outdoors just because of how light it is, and it is slightly underpowered, so i think any type of breeze. This thing would be fighting with the wind, but hey the battery lasted long enough for me to get through. All of this i did not explain the trim, theres forward and backward trim. I didnt really need to use the trim and then theres your left and right trim, cool little drone and im gon na put this in for the april giveaway. So lets talk about that giveaway thats right. This will go in for the april giveaway and to enter. All you have to do is be a subscriber from the us and comment down below, and your comment is your entry. You can also be entered by commenting on other april giveaways. I have more rcs coming up for the month of april. So if you get a comment on those videos, thats an entry as well, so you are only allowed one entry per video and then on may 1st. The winner will be picked through a live drawing and that winner gets choice, of whichever rc was featured for the month of april in the april giveaway.