Lets get started with apple tv plus apple tv plus is a home to the worlds most creative storytellers and continues to expand with award winning programming. Apple original series, films and documentaries have now been honored with more than 130 wins, and over 500 nominations in less than two years. This new ipad starts at just 3 29. and thats, with twice the storage starting at 64 gigabytes for schools, its even more affordable at just 299.. It comes in space, grey and silver, and cellular models are available as well. You can order the new ipad today, and it will be available next week were giving ipad mini a huge set of updates, a complete redesign that puts everything our users love about ipad right in the palm of their hand, the all new enclosure features a beautiful all Screen design with narrow borders and elegant, rounded corners, the design is remarkably thin and light and absolutely stunning an ipad mini now comes in a gorgeous array of new colors purple, pink starlight and space gray, and this design features a brilliant liquid retina display. With this new design, we were able to increase the screen size all the way out to 8.3 inches, while keeping the same compact footprint with wide color, true tone: 500 nits of brightness and the lowest reflectivity in the industry. Everything you view on ipad mini will look great wherever you go, and delivering this edge to edge screen meant finding a new location for touch id.

So just like ipad air, we put it right in the top button of ipad mini the neural engine enables apps to deliver next level. Experiences like the new translate app in ipad os 15, which can automatically translate a conversation in real time, were bringing 5g to ipad mini. The back. Camera now features a 12 megapixel sensor with focus pixels and a larger aperture to capture sharp vivid photos, and we added a true tone flash to mini for improved photos in low light and now, with the ability to record in 4k. Ipad mini becomes your mobile movie studio on the front. Ipad mini features the new 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, which means it also supports center stage, as melody mentioned, this has been a huge hit on ipad pro and now its coming to ipad mini theres. A new set of slim smartfolio covers in beautiful, coordinating colors that complement the new ipad mini finishes perfect for expressing your personal style and now ipad mini supports the amazing second generation apple pencil, which magnetically attaches to the side of ipad mini the new ipad mini starts At just 4.99 and itll be available in both wi fi and cellular configurations. You can order it today and it will be available next week. This is the incredible apple watch series 7.. The new retina display on series 7 has nearly 20 percent more screen area than series 6 and its an even bigger jump over series 3, with over 50 percent more screen area, both the case and the display of series 7 have softer more rounded corners.

The new display refracts light at its edges for a subtle, wrap around effect, creating a seamless integration with the curvature of the case. It can also fit nearly 50 percent more text on screen than series six. This helps you read messages and emails with a lot. Less scrolling series 7 will be available in five new aluminum colors midnight, starlight, green, blue and product red. It will also be available in silver, graphite and gold. Stainless steel, as well as natural and space black titanium series 3 remains at the great entry price of 199 apple watch. Sc starts at 279 and apple watch. Series 7 starts at 3.99. Series 7 will be available later this fall and we cant wait for you to try. It lets take a closer look at iphone 13, starting with design. It has the sleek flat edge design that people love its also incredibly durable with our exclusive ceramic shield front. Tougher than any smartphone glass and has industry leading ip68 water resistance, iphone 13 has a new look for the advanced dual camera system. With the lenses arranged diagonally, the aerospace grade, aluminum frame is beautifully, formed and really shows off five new colors, an all new, pink blue midnight, starlight and product red. This beautiful design is the same across two sizes, iphone 13 and iphone 13 mini this new brighter super retina xdr display delivers an immersive viewing experience with support for dolby vision, hdr 10 and hlg at its foundation, a15 uses five nanometer technology, which enables us to include Nearly 15 billion transistors youll absolutely fly through demanding workloads, smoothly and efficiently, thanks to a powerful new six core cpu with two high performance and four high efficiency.

Cores a15 bionic features our latest four core gpu and we continue to push the limits of machine learning with the new 16 core neural engine that is perfect for ml tasks. Iphone 12 pro max introduced an amazing advanced technology, censorship, optical image, stabilization and incredibly, we are bringing this to iphone 13 and iphone 13 mini heres, a low light photo from the new wide camera with censorship ois. The larger sensor captures nearly 50 percent more light hard to believe this photo was taken in a dark room with just a little light coming through a window night mode. Shots are even more impressive for more creative control. You can tap to shift focus at any time. Tap again to lock and track focus on the subject, cinematic mode shoots in dolby vision, hdr for iphone 13. We have leather, silicone and clear cases in stunning, new colors and engineered to work perfectly with magsafe with all this iphone 13 still starts at just 6.99 and were increasing the starting capacity to 128 gigabytes for double the storage and adding a new gigabyte option iphone 13. Pro features our most pro design with exceptional materials. Like these surgical grade stainless steel bands, each band goes through a physical vapor deposition process to create an apple custom finish that is so elegant, yet incredibly resistant to abrasion and corrosion iphone 13 pro comes in four striking finishes: a rich, deep graphite, gorgeous gold, beautiful silver And this all new sierra blue and for these pro models, a15 bionic includes our most powerful graphics ever with a new five core gpu this year were proud to introduce an entirely new super retina xdr display with a new, more efficient oled panel.

The display now supports up to a thousand nits peak outdoor brightness thats 25 higher than last year and for the first time, were bringing pro motion to iphone with our latest technology. This pro motion display can refresh from as low as 10 hertz to as high as 120 hertz promotion is designed to respond dynamically and match your content. The advanced custom architecture produces fast frame rates when you need them and preserves battery life. When you dont, we also optimize ios to take full advantage of this. For example, when swiping between apps or scrolling, the system adapts the frame rates to precisely match the speed of the users finger. The result is an incredibly responsive experience that is fast and fluid. The new ultra wide camera enables amazing macro slow mo videos, thanks to the new lens design, and the new 3x telephoto allows you to zoom even closer to the action and offers a great new focal length for video. This is really awesome when using our all new cinematic mode, which uses machine learning and disparity to create a depth map thats built into the video. So you can change the depth effect, including the level of bokeh and where the focus is applied even after the capture. Even with all this incredible technology, iphone 13 pro still starts at 9.99 and iphone 13 pro max still starts at 10.99, and this year were introducing a new one terabyte storage option. This is a great addition for our pro iphone users.

The one terabyte joins our 128 256 and 512 gigabyte storage options.