Seven. Now, if you have the screen off on this watch and youre, trying to tell the difference between a series, six or even five, it might feel like one of those kids games in the magazines have spot the difference. Is there actually any difference at all, and i actually think the display makes a big difference. Apple said that the new display on the series 7 apple watch is 20 percent larger than the series six and, while percent may not sound, very large and even seeing it in images and here in the video, it might not seem that big of a difference. I think the larger screen size and the one millimeter increase in the casing size weve, went from 44 on the large apple watch to 45 millimeters. I think it actually makes a big difference, especially in day to day use. Weve only had two big updates to the display on apple watch since the beginning from the series three to the series: four, it increased in the display size going from that square postage stamp size screen to an actual, rounded corner, larger screen on the series. Four, and now this going from the series six to seven, we actually have a larger display and whether you like to make text big for legibility or make it a little smaller, just to have more things, viewable in a list or more text viewable in a text Message the larger display size actually makes a big difference in those use cases ive actually found.

I can lower the text size one notch and get more text on the screen and still have it legible to my eyes, if you leave the text size as the default size, both on the series six and series, seven youre not going to see very much difference There, but if you lower it one notch on the series, seven, i think itll still be legible to you and you can fit more on the screen. Now. As far as hardware design, the series seven is very similar to the six you probably couldnt, even spot. The difference at a glance theres one major difference from the series six to seven and thats the speaker grille on the side, the series six had the two lines on the side and now series seven has one line which i think is a clean look. In addition, apple is saying that the screen, when its in standby mode of the apple watch series, seven, is actually seventy percent brighter when its in that standby mode wrist down before you flip it up over the series, 6. ive actually noticed that its brighter all around Even when i was outside with the series 6 and 7, comparing it side by side, i found the series 7 to be a little brighter, which is welcome and theyre both on the same brightness settings as i was testing it with the larger display on apple watch Series 7 apple has actually put a full corded keyboard when youre going to reply to a text or email with series 6 and earlier you could do voice to text and you can do the drawing letters.

But this is the first time theres a full keyboard im. Not sure why they couldnt do a full keyboard, at least on the series six and earlier on the larger sizes in watchos eight. But i will say it takes full advantage of the larger display on the series. Seven letters go all the way up to the edge. Even over that little curved display, i actually found using it as a swipe keyboard was pretty good, its not always accurate. I did mean to say i like this keyboard and it said i like eggs, which is also true, but not what i was trying to type you also get. Two new watch faces unique to the apple watch series. Seven you cant get this on earlier devices. One is the contour watch face which youve probably seen in a lot of photos and videos of the apple watch series. Seven around it looks pretty cool. I didnt think i would like it just seeing it in the announcement, but ive actually found myself using it. You can do two complications, one on the top in the middle of the dial and one on the bottom and theres. Also, a new modular duo watch face where you can get a small complication in the top left corner and then two large landscape complications. Previously there was an infographic watch face on series six and earlier, where you can get one long, complication and then three small ones underneath that.

But here you can actually get two full landscape complications and its pretty nice, especially if you want to see the weather in a long complication and maybe your heart rate throughout the day or you can use an app like underscore david smiths, watchsmith app. You can actually put a photo in one of those landscape spots. Ive had the apple watch series 6 for the past year, and i never had to worry about it being slow and the apple watch. Series 7 is no different, its super fast. I never have to wait for it to do anything. It would have been nice to have some kind of performance improvement. But again there was nothing to complain about before so itll be fine for most use cases. Even third party apps, like my favorite podcast player pocketcast, is super fast to navigate directly on the watch. Even if im listening directly with the watch and not my iphone around one use case that i really love the apple watch for is when i actually go grocery shopping, i use an app called any list and you can sync grocery lists by store and with a Partner, so you can actually share it and cross off items and it syncs back and forth, and i use any list directly on the apple watch and performance had always been good. I dont usually have to wait. I can tap things easily, but having that larger display and if i make the text just a little smaller in settings.

Its still very legible. On this size display on the apple watch series 7, and i can actually see one or two more items in the list than i used to. I really liked that as far as health and fitness tracking features, the apple watch series 7 has all the same features as the previous apple watch did: theres no additional monitoring or sensors. You still get blood oxygen. You get heart rate. You can take an ecg directly on the apple watch, but a lot of those features have been available for a couple years. The tracking is great workout tracking, either with apple fitness plus or doing bike rides, which watch os 8 has been updated to support better bike. Ride workouts, all of that works really well, just like you know, from previous apple watches. Another new feature to apple watch. Series 7 is fast charging. If you use a proper usbc power, adapter and the usbc to apple watch, charging cable, you can get up to 33 faster charging. Now i actually use a belkin three in one tree charger. I guess you could say has a magsafe charger for my phone. An apple watch charger and a place for air pods, so i dont really experience faster charging using a third party one like that. But if youre in a pinch or youre traveling, the faster charging is noticeable and welcome. If you use a proper usbc adapter theres. No great improvement of battery life in the series 7 over the series 6, but it is plenty of battery to get through a day.

Apple is also touting this as the most durable apple watch ever the crystal on the front is 50 thicker at its thickest place. It has wr50 water resistance, like previous apple watch, but one of the new features is ip6x dust resistance. This is unique to the apple watch series 7 and so because its new, i figure, we should put it to the test Music. Then i have to go to some sand dunes here in central florida to test the dust resistance – probably not, but its a good excuse to show you this drone footage of florida, because it was a great Music Applause. Now this dust resistance will help with sand and dirt apple even made this part of the promo during the event showing a wrist crashing down from a bike ride into the dirt. And so i tested it out in some of the sand here on these dunes and i hit it a lot of times in the sand over and over dropping it hitting it with my arm, and it was fine. I will say im glad that it is still water resistant, because i went home and washed it off under the faucet. I did find that the digital crown actually stopped spinning for a moment. I had to kind of force it to spin while it was running under the water – probably some dust caught in there, but once i was able to make it start turning. There was no problem, everything washed off and its back good as new working, great digital crown and all so heres.

The big question: should you upgrade to the apple watch series 7, and this really depends on what apple watch you have right now now, if you have no apple watch, youve, never worn one, you dont have one and you want to get one now. You have a few to choose from apple is still selling the series 3 apple watch, which, let me encourage you. Please do not buy the apple watch series. 3.. Yes, its the cheapest model. You can get its 200 starting, but it is not a great watch in todays world, especially when you have the apple watch se and the series 7.. I would encourage you if you dont, have the funds to do an apple watch, se or series 7.. I would encourage you to look on amazon or even apple refurbished or just see, whats on facebook marketplace or craigslist and buy a used series 4 or 5 or 6. Before you get the series 3., the series 3 still has that square postage stamp display its much slower than the more modern apple watches. So i really dont encourage you to get the series 3.. Another option you have is the apple watch, se that starts at 280 dollars and its a pretty good apple watch. We actually got one for my 12 year old son. We have it in family setup and its a solid watch. It doesnt have the always on display, and it doesnt have some of the health sensors that the series, six or seven has but its a good watch, and so that might be a good option too.

I would really encourage you if youve never had an apple watch before i would get one with an always on display, and that started with the series. Five series: five series: six series: seven all had that always on display and if you can do it, the apple watch series 7 with the 20 larger display is really compelling. I would do it. It starts at 400 dollars for the 41 millimeter its 429 dollars. For the 45 millimeter and its really an excellent apple watch, its the best smart watch, you can get now what, if you already have an apple watch? Well, if youre still rocking the series 3, which i rocked until the series 6 came out its a great time to upgrade the series 7 display – is actually impressive, im going to be pretty bullish on it. I know a lot of people are saying it doesnt make that big of a difference, but actually i think it is significant. It changes how you interact with the watch, what you can see on the watch and its a great experience with that larger size display. So if you have a series, 3 or series 4, i definitely think its a great time to upgrade to the series 7.. Now, if you have a series, 5 or 6, the differences are definitely less. You already have an always on display. You can do an ecg if you have a series: 5 youre missing out on the blood oxygen sensor, which was introduced in the 6 and the larger display hold on till next year.

See what apple does then, but i would say if you have the funds and you use the apple watch, a lot, maybe its for workout and fitness tracking. Maybe you really want to have an eye on your health with heart stuff or you just really like the notifications and responding on your apple watch. I do think the larger display is a compelling reason to upgrade. I think the six to seven differences in the display is even more compelling than it was last year going from a series 5 to a series: 6. apple watch series 7 comes in 5, aluminum colors midnight, starlight, green, blue and product red. It also comes in silver, graphite and gold, stainless steel and natural and space black, titanium and so check one out in the store. If you have an apple store near you and you can actually see the displays in person, i think it makes a big difference. Seeing the display in person, as opposed to seeing it in photos and videos, im, obviously going to be sticking with the apple watch series 7.. The series 6 is still great im going to give that to a family member, so they can use it. But i do think that larger display is worth it for a lot of people, especially if you have a series, 4 or older, well id love to hear what you think in the comments leave a comment below in the youtube description ill be in there replying love To know what you think, if youve got an apple watch series 7, if youre, considering upgrading, if you have another question, let me know down there.

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