Acting like yeah yeah. I dont know why i did it. Why are you the way that you are okay, so these are the new studio displays by apple and they go for about 1600 usd, so youre, probably wondering whats an apple display well for one, it comes with this sticker on it like that in and of itself, Your price go up right, okay, so where does this display stand and what exactly is all the commotion about? So overall looks like these things: look beautiful, theyre, also well built and nice and sturdy like some monitors um. When you shake the desk or anything like that, then you can feel like some rattling or some noises creaking or something like that. Nothing from these guys these guys are well made, but something to know – and one of my biggest gripes with this display and this build is what they decided to do with the actual stand. Yes, the stand looks good and everything like that, but just out of the box for sixteen hundred dollars, all the stand can do is pretty much this, which is the tilt action. If you want the height adjustment, you got to fork over an extra 400 in order to get the tilt height adjustable stand. Other thing that kind of annoys me is the fact that, even if you pay 400 extra dollars for the height adjustment, you cant do any rotation on the actual monitor like this studio. That im in its a very custom job and the flooring is not exactly even so.

There could be parts of the studio where, if i were to put the monitor in then its not exactly going to be straight, so there enters the third option we have, which is the vase amount and weirdly enough, like you have to basically decide before ordering the Monitor whether you want it with this stand with the tilt height adjustable stand or you want, the vase amount option pretty much every monitor ive had you could, just you know, convert it to a vase amount and throw it onto an arm. So its really weird to me that you cant do that out of the box, but yeah. If you want the most flexibility, then you have to go with the vasa option. I mean the stand is quite limited as you can see. Okay, so the next thing i want to talk about is nano texture or standard glass, typical thousand fashion. I just bought both its for its for research, its so you guys dont have to its for you guys. Obviously, in any case, ive been using both the standard glass as well as the nano texture for the past couple days, and i can confidently say that ninety percent of the time i will choose the standard glass 100 of the time. In fact, i would go as far as to say i would pay extra to get the standard glass over the nano texture. I was not a fan of the nano texture at all.

Now, yes, it does its job well, and you can probably see that as well, where it just cuts the light, reflections and everything like that heres. The thing that took me by surprise with the nano texture now i knew the nano texture is kind of like a matte glass cover so that its not going to be as crisp as the standard glass. Because things look a lot more crisp and clear. On the standard glass, it was tough for me to keep focus for longer periods of time on the nano texture. My eyes were actually getting fatigued, trying to read stuff on the nano texture that i didnt expect. Now, of course, this can be anecdotal. I mean i wear glasses. I have pretty high power, i have astigmatism, so all of those things do matter. So if you ask me personally, i would much rather save the 300 bucks extra you have to spend for the nano texture and just save that money and just go with the standard glass. And another thing to note is with the nano texture you can just clean it with the willy nilly cloth that you have lying around. You have to use the apple polishing cloth, which is their fancy microfiber cloth versus a standard glass. You can just clean with whatever you have whatever cloth, but at least the good thing is. This comes in the box with the nano texture, so you dont have to go out and spring for it.

Okay next lets talk about the size of the monitor. I do wish this was a little bit bigger at like 32 inches like im used to using that lg ultra wide 5k monitor extra utility you get with an ultra wide monitor is not to be joked around about. I will say this, though, watching content on this. Even though its smaller looks better because it actually fills up the entire screen versus on like an ultra wide or something you have like these, like black bars on the side but yeah it just comes down to performance preference. You know people are moving up from like an imac or something like that. This is going to be much better because youre getting a bigger display, but if youre coming from like an ultra wide like me, it is going to seem a little small. Next lets talk about window support because there is none. If youre thinking about using this would a windows computer, then yeah just dont bother getting this, because it just doesnt make sense right: um, theres, no buttons on the actual monitor so other than like the actual, monitor working and like the webcam works, at least but like. If you want to control brightness, you wont be able to because theres no buttons on the actual monitor. Also, i dont know how software updates would work, because i would assume that they would be using the mac to push the software updates um. Maybe they they work.

Something out and youre able to do it with windows as well, but yeah at the current moment, um thats, another another thing to keep in mind next question is: how does this monitor work with an ipad? For example, it works pretty well like you can. You can plug in an ipad and use it, but you still get the two black bars on the side. A part of me was kind of hoping im like hey. If this has like a chip in it like an apple chip, maybe its able to you know, communicate and get rid of the the side bars or something like that. Unfortunately, thats not the case at the moment, could change. Who knows it works with the new ipad, air and usbc as well? One thing you should probably note, though, is the fact that you again cannot control brightness if youre using the ipad with it like. If i was to control brightness on the ipad, it just changes. The brightness on the ipad. Next, i want to talk about the i o on this thing, and this is a problem that ive had with previous apple focus displays as well like the lg ultrafine 5k. I want to connect like an xbox or a ps5 or nintendo switch, or anything like that. Couldnt, do it uh, because all they usually give you is usb c ports and a thunderbolt port and again theyve done the exact same thing like at least just give us like one hdmi port in case.

We need it and another thing which is of great annoyance to me this year. Is the power cable like this power, cable, thats connected back here it you cant, pull it out. I i dont know what apple was thinking there, because, if, like a rat or something chewed through this or like your kid uh, you know chew through it youre like out of luck. That just seems like a very surprising omission to me and yeah. I i dont know why why they left it out, it boggles my mind. Next up, i want to talk about one of the features that does have me very excited about the monitor, and that is the webcam now im. Somebody who docks my laptop, like my macbook pro um, into a monitor, but the problem was, i was having a lot of meetings and every time i wanted to have a meeting, i had to undock my laptop and kind of just set it up at a higher Platform, so that i could use the webcam on my laptop and that got really annoying, because i had to do that again and again, every single time. Yeah. I see your point. I could have probably just bought an external webcam, but i didnt okay, and i am where i am right now, but the fact that this monitor comes with a built in webcam thats cool. I like that, and you know it has center stage as well and center stage works, really well.

The quality of the camera im pretty sure youve heard, but it is quite grainy and its not the best. However, apple did come out and say that this is a software bug and theyre working on it and it will be fixed and its going to look a lot better im just happy theres, a webcam period, because that means you know if im using this, then i Dont have to unplug my laptop every time, its just like those little things in life. You know just make it so much better lets quickly talk about the speaker system on this monitor. The speakers are actually really good. Sounding for a monitor speaker at least im kind of used to like having like these monitors here so because of that um im a little spoiled. But if i was to just listen to this monitor speakers, theyre, actually really great everything sounds super clear everything can get pretty loud. They also have spatial surround that gives kind of like mimics like a surround sound sort of system. Overall, i think its great to have. We dont write anything off literally anything can happen. Of course you cant expect like really like good bass and all of that stuff. It still sounds a little bit tinny here and there, but for the most part they get a pass. Now lets talk about the display. I know this is this is a little bit of a sour point, because basically people are saying that this is the exact same panel exact same display as the lg ultra fine 5k, that came out in like 2016, and they may not necessarily be wrong right.

I also do kind of wish that this was an hdr panel, especially considering that even their iphones now can shoot in hdr and theyre people out there recording an hdr on their iphones but wont be able to see it in true hdr on their own monitors. However, i will say that the monitor does look really good. Its got really great colors and i think thats, where the difference maker really comes for apple, is the colors and how you know the monitor handles all of those colors theres been times where i would be editing something and i would be color grading it as im. Making a video – and i would color grade it on my lg ultrawide 5k back there and then when i would take a look at it on my actual macbook. It would look like quite a bit different now with this. It just matches so much better, which does make a huge difference, so i would argue for a video editor that is reason enough to upgrade to one of these guys, but for the average person who doesnt really care that much about color accuracy and stuff. Like that, i can see how its not as big of a deal now do. I wish this was a mini, led panel, like the ipad pro or the macbook pro and had xdr um yeah, of course, obviously thats. What i was kind of expecting to be quite honest, because i was really excited for apple monitors, because i thought theyre going to bring that same technology also, 120 hertz.

I was hoping that the new monitors now would all have 120 hertz. Again, we dont its another 60 hertz panel im, like i want 20 hertz, all things like im so used to it now with, like my iphone having it my ipad pro having it my macbook pro having it like anything that isnt 120 hertz just seems dated to Me now talking about software now this is something that apple generally does really well and thats. The reason why you know a lot of creators tend to stay within their ecosystem because it just talks to each other really well and thats. Another thing that you know theyve done well on this because its all integrated and its all part of the software, the experience is really cool like, for example, just to increase like volume or you know, brightness. All you got to do is just press the buttons on your keyboard and you can control all of that, usually with a monitor. If you want to change the brightness or volume or anything on the monitor, you got to do it on the actual monitor with the physical buttons, so that whole experience is a lot more seamless, and i do like that quite a bit now. The last thing i wanted to hit here is using multiple apple studio displays, i frankly thought i could daisy chain them, and you know you cant it kind of sucks, because you have to have right now, im using both monitors and i have both of them plugged In to my macbook, like you literally, have to plug in both, ideally, you want to be able to plug in one to your laptop or or your computer, and then have that plug into like another monitor, and it just daisy change them.

If i have both monitors, can it maybe use the speakers and in like a stereo configuration, because that would be kind of cool? No, you cant. You have to basically select which speaker you want the audio coming out of um, which again is, i think, a miss, because it would have been great to have both monitors and just use them as stereo as a stereo pair. All right lets conclude on these bad boys and close this video out heres the thing, if youre in like production and like a client facing environment, where you can maybe justify the costs of this for better color accuracy across the board and stuff like that, you could Probably pay for that. You know price tag of 1600 usd and be able to justify it, but for the average person, i think that price is pretty steep for what youre getting here. Also for the price tag i do wish it had some of those features. Like 120 hertz – or you know, like a xdr mini, led display and stuff like that, but you got to keep in mind that thats not apples goal with this monitor. This is apples. Mass produced monitor that apples going to pretty much be supplying to you know all the schools and libraries and offices and workplaces that are looking for an apple monitor, which is why apple probably did not see the need to bake in all of those extra goodies that You know were looking for, and i mean overall its a good product.

I would just say its a few years too late. I mean in a time where you know we have thinning bezels and you know higher quality displays and lower prices and higher refresh rates. All coming out, i think, apple, has a tough battle to fight with this monitor, also heres the thing. Nowadays, all tech has become so good, literally if youre looking at, like phones or laptops or computers, anything everything has become so good. It comes down to a matter of preference and in my opinion, it comes down to how that tech makes you feel and the mood and the aesthetics that it delivers. And if it gives you that sort of satisfaction and experience that youre looking for or that sort of mood that youre looking for from a monitor, then by all means, go for it. But if none of those things actually matter to you and youre. Just looking for the best bang for buck, then thats another question entirely: all right guys. Thank you so much for watching. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it beneficial and helpful. I had to really you know, spend a couple days with these things. Thats why this video is pretty late, and i wanted to answer as many questions that i had in my mind possible, or i you know had friends, ask me so hopefully that was beneficial if theres anything specific you want to know. Let me know in the comment section down below and ill try to get to it in any case, subscribe to the channel ill, see you guys in the next one.