I love air tags. I still think they are the best and cheapest way to give you a little bit of insurance for bike theft or scooter theft, and there are an increasing number of stories across the internet about air tags being used to find stolen items. So i think theyre awesome. Ios 15, which is coming out this week, has some additional features, uh, which ill discuss in this video and put to the test. But things went horribly wrong when i i did technically did i crash the drone or the drone crash itself? The mavic mini has a tendency to just drop out of the sky and it did Music. So excuse me for being – i guess not straight to the point technically for this one, but i tell you what im going to put this video together because everybody loves to see a crashing drone and i found it, although it took some heres the story. This weeks, release of ios 15 for most newer idevices brings along with it some additional functionality for air tags around geo, fencing in particular being notified when you leave something behind functionality that wasnt there upon release of the air tags. Now this got me thinking. Will this enhance the functionality of these air tags being used as a brilliant bike tracker for bike theft? Hmm! So, today, two test scenarios. First of all, i will leave this here and i will take off so ill leave these behind and well check.

The notifications. Second scenario: i will get the air tag to somehow leave me as im sitting here, simulating a bike theft. Will i get notified lets find out. First up the setup of this. I have my bike configured here called yellow bike. We go down to notify when left behind. That is enabled right now. You can also have some exceptions as well. So if you leave your things at home or at work, and you dont want to be notified when youre, leaving that you can set up exception locations there and you can configure small, medium or large radiuses for those locations. So, for example, if youre on a large campus or something like that anyhow, that aside lets check out the scenario where i leave this here and what notifications do i get on the phone lets go okay, i have a distance meter on the car and ill read Out the distances until i get to 100 meters, 200 meters ive left it behind 300 meters, 400 meters, 500 meters, Music, 600 meters, 700 meters, Music, 800 meters, 900 meters and im now one kilometer away from my device with no notification. Finally, im a kilometer away and ive been told that yellow bike has been left behind. This does say its time sensitive. What was the option on that? The item is no longer detected near you. It was last seen near foreshore, road, okay, that was a kilometer away. Hmm lets go back time sets your notifications on find my allows you to do the import notifications of me, thats, okay, okay, so ill turn it and go back after so one kilometer away to be notified of that thats, a fair distance! My question is: is it time based so if i drive a little slower away, will it notify me sooner were going to find out? We just need to get i cant see.

My bike has fallen over, so one kilometer were back well turn that well clear that notification go back into find my its now nearby its now with me again, okay, so this time ill drive a little slower away and see if we can get a notification less Further away, a kilometer was a fair way. Lets try starting now, so the leave behind scenario test number two pull that off the screen. So if i drive at maybe half the speed i was driving at before will be getting alert at 500 meters still no alert. Okay were at about 500 meters, now im gon na pull over here, not as fast as i would like it to be. To be honest, id expect that proximity to be at least to 300 meters and alert a lot sooner still waiting. Okay, so not time based lets just see where those people go. I dont want to go and take my camera okay, coming up to where i turned before. Okay, now, a kilometer away, no notification! This is suboptimal. Do a drive by well go north! This time. Okay, im technically a kilometer north. Actually i am exactly a kilometer north and nothing happening no alerts at all. Go back to the Music, its start left behind Music. The functionality works its definitely not as fast as what id expect it to be um, but there we have it. Its just alerted me then, has been left behind, so it works radius of around a kilometer, maybe 800 meters, in the testing that im doing right here.

The interested to know, if theres any technical documentation on this as to how far that proximity is or the timelines the test we did out the road just before indicated that it wasnt time based, though i drove half as fast, and i didnt get an alert at All going the same distance a little bit too random for my liking, but i am keen to test the next scenario, which is what happens when it leaves me: hmm: no, it fell over again, hey buddy, so yeah it works, but nowhere near as quickly as i Wanted it to do now for the fun part? How do we get this to leave me ive got an idea. Should work shouldnt it. We have air tag, we have bike, we have two cameras. What could possibly go wrong? Actually magpies could go wrong, but well ignore that for now hey good day, mate magpies will take care of those guys. First, okay, so were ready to fly. We have the dji with the air tag. We have my bike, so my bike is going to technically be stolen by the drone. We have another camera on top, which ill turn on now has a range of over a kilometer. We have the screen recording on here, so it should alert me of things that pop up on screen, namely my bike, has been stolen. If i do get an alert for when things leave me lets, give it a shot maximum flux, altitude, Music.

So technically, my bike has been stolen right now by my drone. The air tank is no longer in range Music and no notification. Music, maximum flight distance reached Music maximum flight distance reached Music. I cant actually go any further forward Music. I guess we just bring it home Music. I guess ill be using my air tag to locate my crashed drone. This is going to be fun. Yellow bike has been left behind, yeah its its in here somewhere uh. It might take me a while to find, though, its seriously its going to be a bit of a task to find the drone uh air tag, not reachable okay directions. So it still thinks its behind me because its thats, the last known location of the tag, but what i need is for it well its probably going to be underwater but lets say its not. I need it to update. As i walk past good thing, i had an air tag on it: hey because not only was it the drone and the air tag and my yellow bike, it was the insta 360 go that has taken the plunge too, but it should only require me to walk Past once with my phone, i dont think it sunk all the way it cant sink. All the way can it. This is going to be messy very messy. Nine minutes ago, all right ill, find you buddy whats the drain written off. I can pretty much guarantee that, if its sunk, its gone, hmm well, technically the footage of its where it crashed is on the drone.

But i did have the screen cap of this, so i should be able to check lets just say its, not looking good right. Now, okay, in reviewing the footage on here that i got from the screen record, obviously not the sd card thats in the drink somewhere, i can see that it didnt get too far past the chair, thats behind me, so ive narrowed it down to in here somewhere. So its going to be within this general vicinity that i cant see it went splush somewhere in here how waterproof are hocus. I think im about to find out uh status, update Applause uh, not looking good, but i do have the airtags not going to work underwater, but i do have a stick and a clump on the screen, Applause that allows me to pinpoint where it pretty much landed. Uh is james cameron around. I might need a uh. I need a submarine to find this one – hmm Applause, so Applause noah, i think its gone – that waters cold, not to mention stinky hmm. So i was just about to give up and call it a day and maybe wait for someone to find it in summertime Music, this birds having a laugh. This is literally needling. I hate that kind of stuff and look literally it is it is just. Can you see it through the water thats, the insta 360 go there, it is uh. I dont think the insta360 goes still recording Applause but hey its all still intact.

Oh this aint gon na be pretty Applause. So i guess the question is whats recoverable from this. I suspect the air tag is going to be fine bikes, fine uh, the drones going to be thats gone to drone heaven now im sure of it uh the insta360 go to lets, find out okay first test. I i cant. I seriously cannot believe ive just found that in and i smell like absolute find my air tag wait for it. Air tag still works not in about 20 centimeters of water. Ah, the insta 360 go uh blue light still working. The drone is having kittens, though, so i will turn that off no surprise, surprise the buttons dont work hang on. I think why i think a wise thing to do here would be to remove the battery so definitely not waterproof inside i cant, but i seriously cannot believe i got that back um. This makes the terminals are clean, thats about it, um, oh god so anyway. In conclusion, for todays video as we go back home and try and sort out that footage, the if left behind functionality, only works when you leave something behind with your phone, if something leaves you youre, never notified of that now ive been doing some testing a few Weeks back with this as well, so i pretty much knew the outcome of todays video except the outcome of this happening. Hmm, all right and with that well leave you with it.

Do your ios updates the functionality for, if left behind its, probably not going to help very much for bike theft, but its worth having just in case youre at the cafe, and maybe you forget and walk home in your cleats.