A great thing about apple is that they support very old devices. A thing you wont find on windows and android machines. A bad thing is that they will do things like taking away physical ports, which, i might add they are finally starting to go back on and theyre bringing back the ports. The main reason we like apple products is the tight integration. Our jobs require us to efficiently use our phones and computers together every day and apple products have been excellent at providing that for us. Now, with the m1 machines, we are also saving money, because the price versus performance on these things is now way more competitive than equivalent windows machines than ever before, so introducing chance yeah the m1 max 14 inch macbook pro just came out, got it this morning, so I have not seen the 14 inch m1 max laptop in person opened up yet so it is time for the big reveal so were going to take this m1 macbook pro here. Yeet it out of here get out of there. There we go. This is the star of the show that we all want to see right like look at this thing, look at that, its beautiful put it down, put it down so ive had this for, like eight hours just came over to shoot this review. Westin has not seen the screen or heard the speak. He has not seen it opened up yet so this is his very first time and i will have to touch idea, but you know its okay.

This is his true uncut reaction to seeing this mini pro display. Xdr, which i mean seriously mwah okay, here we go Music. All i see is a notch. What are you up to? I want to show you the speakers now, because these things are pretty crazy. I mean its not a huge jump from their their past speakers, but its still like dang right, Music thats, pretty good huh yeah, except im gon na get copyrighted now, but not this video is brought to you by epidemic. Sound use my link in the description and you will get a free trial for epidemic sound, and it helps out my channel back to the music Music that base, though it sounds good what the heck are we doing anyway? Look you guys, dont understand. This is the best display ive ever seen so youre watching this on your iphones and your androids losers, and you are not seeing all of the beautiful pixels and seriously the notch. Not your problem, i mean: can you notch yeah? No, but seriously its its? Not an issue i mean i thought it would be. I watched plenty of youtube videos and reviews about this myself and thought it was going to be like this major problem, its not you you just you get used to it basically right away. So not something to worry about the extra screen real estate is totally worth it. A lot more space on that display like a lot so its taller now im not going to argue.

The notch is ugly. The notch is always going to be ugly but its not that they are digging into your screen with a notch. What theyre actually doing is theyre. This notch has to be here, theres a bezel on the top. It has to be there, but on this computer they decided to give you a little bit of extra space right here, its ugly, because it looks like its protruding into your display, but they actually just gave you a little bit more real estate for your task bar, Which yeah i never have hidden youve got it hidden, but i always have my taskbar uh. I have my test bar shown there you go its not going to be super easy for them to see, but yeah it basically ill zoom in look, look wide notch. Okay, anyway, so your display is also a little bit wider, like you know, horizontally its also a little bit bigger because they shrunk those bezels um. The actual footprint of the laptop is quite similar to the 13 inch, its slightly bigger. So so, if we can yeah, the footprint is very similar in thickness its like. Oh, this laptop is super thin and portable, and this laptops thick but its because this one doesnt taper down like this one. It tapers in this ones a cube if you measure it in the middle theyre, pretty similar in thickness. So im, honestly. Okay with that, because it gives you more room for batteries, you know more battery.

Life is a lot better than being slightly thinner, and so yes, they brought back the ports sd card slot ive heard its uh uh s2 magsafe is nice to have back im glad. I dont have to take up one of my thunderbolt ports with a charger, but they also took away a thunderbolt port. So did it really make much of a difference? No, it does make a difference. In my mind. I had this problem. When i was younger, i would put my computer on the counter or the table and me or someone would trip and it would yank the magsafe thing out and it saved my computer many times now that i have a macbook without magsafe. I just learned not to kick the cable anymore and i just leave it at my desk and what a novel idea i destroyed a computer once doing that on accident. It i kicked it. I kicked the cable and it yanks the computer onto the floor and it just so for those that are curious. The specs of this specific computer are m1 max and i got that for a couple reasons uh. The first is, i wanted extra gpu cores and i wanted the 64 gigs of memory well circle back to that. The other reason it is: it has extra media, encode and decode engines, so you get an extra prores engine and an extra h.264 nh265 engine and im. Looking forward to really fast renders and well get to that later in the video as well uh, but this specific chip is the 10 core cpu 24 core bin, the gpu and the 16 core neural engine.

I didnt get the 32 core honestly because i didnt have a big enough budget, so i got the 24 core gpu and chose to get the 64 gigs of ram instead or unified memory as its called now so – and i did that because i do a lot Of multitasking didnt want to have that, be a bottleneck, and then this model also has a one terabyte ssd. We bought these with our own money. Oh yeah. We should mention that, so these are both bought with our own money were not being paid to say any of this, and all that you would really think a channel with a little over 2 000 subscribers would have apple all up in my business being like you Want to review my macbook and im like no, because i like windows at least apple doesnt. As far as i know, doesnt give people their products. They just send them a review unit for a week, uh, which is good, and then they take it back yeah, because and then you have to buy your own maddie hapoya hes, like hes, talking about the one that he bought for himself versus one apple sent him. But yeah we paid for these uh, and that brings me to the next section i wanted to talk about, which is speed and power, and my like power baby, i like to start by saying wow its very fast um, yeah, so dont say uh were gon na.

Do a resolve playback test in a little bit and well go through a couple. Different types of footage so were gon na. Do uh 6k dragon footage from my red weapon 6k and then 4k a7s3 footage up to 120 fps yeah. I brought some of that. Okay, then well do some stacked clips and some grades and transitions and noise reduction stuff and well try in premiere pro too, since thats something a lot of people use, obviously were showing you high end cameras to one put this through the ringer. This m1 laptop can edit most of those things you got to use proxies for a few things, but its still a beast. It can for 1600 edit. These high end pro cameras, thats amazing, but will this be able to do it with no proxies at all? Ultra time saver maybe well cut that out, or will we Music just had to throw one of those in there didnt. You fan noise so far, not a problem. I played a little bit in resolve earlier today and i i didnt hear him um. It didnt even get that warm, actually so im sure well hear them if youre doing a long, export or something but thats, interesting, thats, interesting because this computer, it gets kind of loud while im exporting out of premiere it. The fan really ramps up and it gets a little warm, but it still goes fast and its still a great computer, its nowhere near as loud as the intel macbooks with their dual fans and stuff like i used to use intel macbooks and you did too and They would get loud there.

I yeah my 15 inch intel macbook. I mean i had all the highest 10 specs in that thing and it was a jet engine. So yeah i mean during the winter you didnt even need like central heating at all. Oh geez, all right so were gon na get into some performance tests that computer versus this computer, the bezels, are really noticeable when you line it up like that. Why are you doing me like this, so were going to do performance tests next, and my prediction is that my computer is going to outperform because its older wiser it has a little bit more experience in life. So and my prediction is that weston will cry yeah, because mine just broke dont dont, look at that. It just turned off all right. Weve got geekbench 5 on both of these computers and we are going to run them at the exact same time, see which one gets done first and see which one gets the highest score. I got dibs on this one. All right and uh were running the compute test, not the cpu test so were doing compute uh with the metal uh. What is that the metal api? The compute api is metal. Okay, okay, ready lets get on both sides. Okay, are we ready drumroll? Please three: two one Music lets go its gon na be good five dollars on this one. We dont actually know if these are gon na go any faster on the computers.

So i dont know if this is actually a race mines done. Music, hey, look, mines done already mine still going sad days, so i would just like to point out. I dont hear any fans. Okay, so whats your score. We dont talk about these things here, 21 187 for the m1 – and how is this 16 gigs of ram? No was eight okay, fifty nine thousand four hundred and twenty on the m1 max. I spent sixteen hundred dollars on this piece of garbage. I spent thirty five hundred dollars on this piece of same difference. Okay, we have both computers set up right here and we have davinci resolve open on both and we have the exact same project, its a little commercial project. We did for a local company and its a little ad video, and it took a little while to render on the original m1 – and this is a 59 second video and it took 36 minutes to render on my base model m1 mac mini thats. Where i got this computer, that is not good, its usually the other way around, even on the m1. You know so were going to compare these two to see how that changed. So we havent run this render on either of these before and well see how it goes its a tough project because theres a lot of denoising going on its da vinci resolve studio. So the denoiser is set to a lot of these clips and that just kills rendering and theres lots and transitions too lots of transitions.

Now i am running off of an ssd, because i dont have enough storage on here uh right now. I just have the little uh. The little built in ssd is not insanely big, so were running it off of a good high quality ssd. So the bottlenecking youre, going to get through this isnt, going to be an issue were just going to be rendering its not going to be a big deal. But just wanted to note. This is off of an ssd and this is off of the internal ssd and we are going to start the renders and time them. So on my phone, i will time mine on your phone. You can timer yours and stopwatch okay, whatever its called and were gon na open that up and were going to time this three two one Music. Well, this will take a while its going all right. These are going about. Timers timers are going lets, see what happens here, mines at seven percent. Yours is ahead of mine. What lets go five dollars on the m1? That is way weird. Okay, to be fair, though, this computer played back the footage a lot better than this one like this. One was a little, it still did a great job like in playback, but this one did a little better, but we will see here in a minute were going to try scrubbing some red footage and some sony footage, because that is always the big thing everyone does.

Everyone likes scrubs in their timeline to show the performance lets see what person okay mine is the head of yours now. Okay, yours is, this is very nerve. Wracking. The the max has those like i mentioned. What hes trying to say is he spent a lot more money on this computer than i spent on this one yeah, it better be a lot faster, Music. Okay, i think yours bottlenecked, when we hit the de noising mine didnt, seem to slow down, but yours slowed down as soon as we hit the denoiser, i think, is whats happening because they were both going the same speed up until about 20 percent. In fact yours pulled ahead and then, as soon as we hit that cliff with the first denoiser its like uh uh, okay, four minutes 15.6 seconds, westins m1 macbook pro is currently at 48 percent. Im. Sorry, where did my glasses go? Where did your glasses go on the floor? Oh my gosh! So what wait? I was crying. What number did you get four minutes and 15 seconds? I just hit five minutes so not bad 50, almost yeah, so his is still going faster than my base model. M1. Mech mini, which is good. My theory right now, is that its the denoiser thats really killing his um, the lack of ram and the lap and the lack of cpu and gpu cores is just gon na its just gon na. Do that yeah. My computer is a little less wide dont wide my face as i laugh thats just going to look horrible, so we just given up on my computer now what i think if we want to get this done quickly, we need to just cut our losses and say It takes a lot all right, so you probably should have seen this video.

This was a sandmark review, quite a fun video, but very long. So i dont blame you if you havent seen it anyway, its a 20 minute video almost and we are going to render it in adobe premiere pro now. This is my editor of choice. Chance uses resolve for literally everything i use premiere pro for almost everything, and especially my youtube stuff, so were going to render this video out in premiere and see what the computers do with it, what they like yeah this one or this one, which one is faster And we are exporting directly in premiere, were not going to cue it through media encoder or anything. We just want to see the raw performance exporting directly from premiere. Are you ready? I am ready. Okay: three two one go thats some good limeade, but we got a problem. This is taking too long and im impatient, so nine percent – seven percent – my computer won review – is done. Buy this one. I respectfully disagree with this decision. Fine fine well go on with the review: fine, okay, after much time and deliberation, we finally have adobe premiere pro up on both computers and i had to do an update. We spent like 45 minutes trying to get this thing to work so youre welcome. I guess i still hate from here. I love it a little bit still, so we have a tiny project in here this time, so we can do a render test, but first were going to do a quick, scrubbing test, so were gon na scrub through the timeline, because everyone wants to see this so Lets see how it goes were gon na scrub get ready to scrub boys, okay, ready.

How fast are we scrubbing all the way? Well, Music, um, so mines pretty much smooth. This one is totally, i know its kind of hard to see, but this one is totally smooth on the red footage and the other footage is 120 fps, 4k off the a7 s3 in h.265, its not very nice uh. This is also at half resolution. If that matters, the timeline resolution is so, and it does have a grade on it Music. My computer does not like the sony, footage, okay and then, if i try to hit playback on here, Music, its not having it okay, so mine is playing back no problem at half res at a quarter res. You can get away with it, though right yeah on here. If i go down to oh there, it is the red footage, sometimes glitches in premiere its fine, though i hate premiere. So here we go. Look at that quarter res now, im getting playback, but it does still mean that this computer is faster. All right lets do a quick render test and then well close up the video. Are we ready, i think, were ready. You guys ready ready to count us down. Okay: three two one Music done im kidding im kidding our computers were basically neck and neck the whole time. His was actually a little bit faster and i dont know why that is. I feel, like premiere, probably just doesnt, take advantage of all the newer hardware.

Um, supposedly it uses metal, though, which is good mine, is still winning. What are you at 20 im at 17? This is concerning well see. Who wins, though? This computer has consistently been getting a higher jump in performance initially, and then this computer just sort of chugs. It out and eventually wins like in the resolve thing and also in playback. It did better, but so mine is well. I thought it was catching up and then yours left ahead again interesting, Music but yeah. I think Music, like you, said better display and speakers are a benefit, but not for the price difference i paid for this if yours is still winning with. I dont understand if somebody knows why this is happening. So please let me know, because this is scary. So im, actually an engineer and a scientist so whats going on is that theres lots of volts in this one and theres lots of volts in this one, its called quantum something or other. So this one, the cogs, turn faster in faster bursts because the bearings have been greased. This one was greased with high pressure, bearing grease from like semi trucks, its more durable over the long term, whereas this one is like lightweight grease and so its just like he doesnt know anything its faster in the whole in the short term. If anybody made it this deep into this video, thank you im done yeah. I finished it. Two minutes and 12 seconds and im still at 95.

96, 97.98. 2 minutes 24 seconds. All right, im now depressed. I think its conclusive. If you like, a better display, if you like a better speaker and bigger computer, all that good stuff and you edit and resolve, then this computer is for you. If you also have a lot of money. If you are poor, like certain someone, then its uh and you use premiere. This is a great computer. It actually just chugged through it all really well benefits. I have to give it to this one. We didnt have to make any proxies for the sony footage to edit it this one. I sometimes have to make proxies for the sony a7s3 footage because it really struggles with it, but render time was faster on this, and i really dont know why. But both these computers are cheap for the performance. They both do a great job, but it is interesting to see that this little 1600 computer beat this computer, but also this computer scored an insanely high geek bench score compared to this computer. So its all about your usage case, this is what i do for work, and this is a great computer. For me, this computer is also great but its more expensive. So just keep all that in mind, but we will get back to you in time when weve actually had time to really run this through some big edits and some jobs and stuff. We just got this today right, like you, just unbox it just a few hours ago, so we havent had a lot of time.

This is the quick first impressions video because were some of the first people to have actually bought one of these. Well, i mean id invite youre one of the first people to have bought one of these. I bought it within about 30 seconds of the store opening, which is why we got it on the release date yep. So its really cool that we have it right now and well be able to update you in, however long it takes on this, so make sure youre subscribed so that you see what this is like after a couple weeks or months. Well, i got a really high end model, which makes me even more sad that you beat me in premiere exporting um but yeah. No, i paid thirty five hundred dollars for this. You can get the base model of this. Fourteen inch is two thousand dollars which i would argue, is a better value than that computer, because its gon na be slightly faster than this, but its gon na have the extra ports better speakers better display. Much better display, uh, bigger battery stuff, like that yeah for an extra 500 bucks, so yeah so thats. What we would recommend you should do is to buy the base model of the big guy, which, what would that be the m1 pro yeah, the uh, the m1 pro with the bin, cpu and gpu yeah, and maybe give yourself more storage. That seems to always be a big thing.

You need these m1s are amazing machines for so cheap youre. Getting these chips that outperform intel and amd day in and day out, and its really awesome to see these coming in affordable packages that are super portable and reliable. Yes, all computers have bugs and issues, but so far these things have been doing a pretty good job for us, adobes not always most reliable either. So it gives us troubles. Everyone has problems with computers, but theyre fast. They have helped us get jobs done on time. Without these computers, if i was still on my 15 inch, 2012 uh macbook pro thered, be so many jobs that would have taken me so long to do so. These have actually saved us money like this. Computer has paid for itself. The m1 mac mini is paid for itself yeah, and so this one will eventually pay for itself. I guess, but it is kind of expensive, well, have to see yeah what happens in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for watching this incredibly long and boring video about, i wouldnt say boring. It was kind of boring, okay, but hopefully entertaining i dont know. Please give me a like itll make me feel better. It was boring, and so, if you want to see more videos like this, i have no idea why youd want to but subscribe, or something like that were gon na test. This thing out, some more were gon na have fun im tired its getting late.

I will see you in the next video i might too no youre not allowed next time.