Electric scooter lets hit it. The new apollo city 2022 is actually available in two flavors, the city here or the city pro, which comes with some even nicer specs ill run through both of them, though, to show you the differences, you see that rear hub motor there, its a 500 watt, continuous And thousand watt peak rated motor on the city pro you get one in the front too, for a 2 000 watt peak rating for the entire scooter. Here on the regular city, though, i can get up to 27 miles per hour or 44 kilometers per hour on the pro. You can go a bit faster to about 32 miles an hour or 51 kilometers per hour. The battery is a similar story housed under the wide deck. Here you get a 48 volt and 13 and a half amp hour battery in the city for a total capacity of around 650 watt hours on the pro. The battery is increased in size to 18 amp hours, giving you closer to 860 watt hours. That equates to 30 miles or so of max range on the city, and if you upgrade to the city pro, you can do closer to 38 miles on a charge. Now the city is a bit lighter at 57 pounds or 26 kilos, though thats not particularly light, and it also has a lower max load capacity of about 220 pounds or 100 kilos on the city pro the scooter weighs 65 pounds or 29.

5 kilos, but it can Also handle heavier riders up to about 265 pounds or 120 kilos. Both scooters are manageable when you fold them up but theyre pushing the limit of what youd want a one arm carry for very long. The higher weight is because you get a lot of nice components here, though. First of all, the new city is not just some amalgamation of off the shelf. Scooter parts apollo actually went back to the drawing board and redesigned the scooter from the ground up, based largely on the feedback they got from their large scooter community. That means that their own proprietary, full metal parts are included in as many places as they could stick them, and that also means that there are fewer nuts and bolts holding together a jigsaw puzzle of oem parts. Weve got a super solid, folding mechanism, awesome air filled. Yet tubeless ten by three and a half inch tires that are self healing, so they can take a two inch nail and then seal up without going flat. Weve got full lighting front and rear, including turn signals which yeah are of only moderate usefulness on a scooter. Since no ones looking for you to signal your turns, but its a cool feature nonetheless, and one that brings us up to the handlebars here to see even more. In addition to those turn signal buttons on either side of the bars, weve also got what appears to be dual throttles on either side, but in fact, that left throttle is actually an actuator for the regenerative braking, which is surprisingly strong.

I can get by almost without touching the mechanical brake levers, meaning im not only recharging the battery when i come to a stop, but im also significantly reducing the wear and tear on my mechanical brakes, though, the fact that apollo had the foresight to use drum brakes Means that you wont really have that much maintenance to do on your brakes anyways. I love drum brakes because theyre just a hassle, free solution. They dont require adjusting like mechanical disc brakes and theyre sealed, so they work just as well when its raining or when its sunny, unlike disc brakes, that fade in power when wet speaking of rain or shine. The scooter has an ip56 rating, so getting it wet wont. Be a problem, though, of course, its still not advisable to ride in the rain simply for safety reasons. Oh, and did i mention the app yet now some companies have developed an app just for an apps sake, but apollos is actually nicely designed and useful. Not only does it walk you through the startup of your scooter and offer you helpful, getting started videos but youve got real control of various settings and features on the scooter, not to mention gps navigation, so its a really nice full featured app with the apollo city. Currently, on sale for 1299 bucks and the city pro for 1599, these are, of course, not the cheapest scooters on the block, but i also would not expect them to be theyre designed from the ground up as true commuter vehicles, something that riders can depend on every Day this isnt a throw it in your trunk.

Just in case, you need it one day, kind of scooter its a you dont need a car kind of scooter, its meant to be a reliable vehicle alternative for those types of folks that depend on their scooters for everyday transportation and id say apollo, hit that nail On the head, and then they sent it through their tires for good measure thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the all new apollo city electric scooter. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe. So you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle. Videos well see you here next time, Music.