This is all the chief frame right here, g52 frame. I know you got the motors. I got some of your 2005 motors i’m working on right now. What else you got coming, um right now. You know just keeping everything stocked there’s a lot of stuff going on, of course, trying to keep all the racers happy that are flying it, the v2 motors in frame. You know there’s i’m, so happy with it that there’s not much like i wouldn’t even want to change anything. So the apex 5 inch has just about the least amount of vibration and resonance of any frame out there, and i did note that whenever i reviewed the apex 5 inch just how good it flew, i couldn’t put my finger on exactly why and it’s because i’m, Not an engineer doing all of those frame, resonance studies so before we get into that let’s quickly go over the build i’m using a speedix 25 amp, along with a cl racing f4 flight controller here i’m using the caddix nebula pro. As i said, the chief 2005 hundred kv motors and uh – i am rounding that out with the jim fan four inch hurricane props. Those are my favorite four inch props. You can use those on both a t mount and a regular shaft, so they’re, very versatile uh. So let’s talk about the apex frame. This might be the best flying frame it’s, just so smooth um. I think that chris rossner was saying that the smoothness of the apex frames comes from that key design.

You’Ll also notice that for a four inch size, this has very, very thick arms. These arms are like four mil and a quarter thick that’s, basically the size of a full five inch frame and a lot of aspects. You’Ll notice that on the apex five inch, they also use very thick arms. They use six millimeter arms compared to most brands, which use five, so they’ve upped the arm thickness on the four inch um in that same exact way, now giving me that this does have a little bit of weight. I’M gon na put the weight on the screen right here. Um i needed a motor that was going to be powerful. Now 2004 has been all the rage at a very high kb. I really like the diatone and the brother hobby that are both around 3000 kv. This was a little bit lower kv, but the size was bigger. It gives you that taller stator to give you a little bit more power throughout now. How does it fly in a real world scenario? This combination is just magic. This is the first four inch quad that i’ve flown that, if i just turned it on and flew it without knowing what it was. I would almost swear to you that this is a 5 inch. Now everybody always wants the 5 inch feel. Why is that? Because it fly is so good. You get that hang time you get that power to weight ratio without too much floatiness with a lot of the lightweight recipes that we’ve been experiencing, especially the toothpick craze the past few years.

You get that power, you get that juice, but you get some floatiness, so it doesn’t behave like a freestyle. Quad necessarily would so. Why is that important? If you fly a lot of different quads and a lot of different sizes like i do, muscle memory is really key. The reason we want everything to fly like a five inch is so that if i go fly six or seven packs with this, then i go racing. Then i go freestyling. Then i go do something else if they all feel drastically different they’re. All messing up. My muscle memory, when flying so if i can make everything, fly, how i expect it to i’ll, be able to fly better i’ll, be able to establish better muscle memory and better habits through stick time, and it will behave in the most predictable way. Allowing me to do the most precise and daring freestyle maneuvers, with this thing and that’s exactly what this does. It is so smooth. I could almost just take my hands off of the sticks, all together and just track in a straight line, that’s, something that only a really well tuned quad will do, and i basically just have default betaflight 4.2 on here it just. It flies great um. The power of these is quite juicy and it’s, not overpowered it’s, real easy on these light, set setups to get overpowered and you would all of a sudden have more punch and more lift than you know what to do with.

But then you have so much power that is very difficult to maneuver and control in small spaces, which you know having a smaller quad like this that’s, the benefit is being able to fly in smaller areas, in addition to it being very maneuverable and powerful. These motor and props are quiet, so you can take it more places if you go from park to park to park to field to trail, and you can’t find anywhere to fly your five inch because you know it’s going to be loud. You know people are going to see it. You know it’s going to potentially bother someone having something of this size is a little bit more versatile because you can go off to the side and not really bother people too much. The sound that this makes is roughly half or less than a full size. Five inch, my five inch version of this apex, which was also a little bit heavy, but i put powerful motors so that’s my personal favorite recipe. Is you get a quad it doesn’t matter? The weight you want to get something that flies. How you want it to fly, then you choose the motor that’s appropriate to move that amount of weight by getting an extra juicy motor uh pair it. With this. You have all of the feel you want you cannotice. The hang time on some of these punches that i’m doing on here and uh it’s. Just absolutely amazing. I can’t believe how fun this quad is, and it really builds up with that handsome style.

You get the same exact dual bottom plate here, so that the plate doesn’t run all the way across. You have the same nice hardware here now. One thing that i hated, i absolutely hated an impulse rc. I i’m sorry, but this is just a garbage decision. All of the screws on the top plate and the bottom plate are m 2.5 m 2.5 now that’s problematic because they look at first glance exactly like an m 1.5 screw. So when i was building this, i was waiting for motors forever. I couldn’t decide what motors to get so. It sat there for a couple of months, half finished by the time i finally picked these chief motors and i went to get started. I had misplaced the screws, no matter. I have like a million sets of hardware everywhere. Well then, i realized this is not an one five screw and i was essentially screwed. I could not finish the build disappointed thanks to gibson, one of my local guys who was able to loan me some of these screws. I could finish the build, but if it wasn’t for that, like i almost had to just buy another frame to get some of these screws it’s a non standard screw, we don’t use this size and my goodness this is a heinous heinous component selection. So if you do choose one of these take screws as soon as you get it until you’re ready to finish the build.

If you have a fireproof safe or you have a safe deposit box, go place. These in point m 2.5 screws in there because you’ll never be able to find another set it’s next to impossible, and i hate them for doing that. But if you can get around that and you never lose a screw, my goodness, this thing flies excellent. Now i know people are going to ask out of the new tadpole that’s coming out out of the shocker light out of this. What do you get if you want a good compromise between well let’s, just give you four choices: maximum long range flywheel explorer it’s. Basically underpowered but super efficient. You can fly forever. If you want total freestyle bash ability, you got to go with the apex. If you want something in between those two, which is good, which is basically you want something that’s good at freestyle and good at long range, and you can scale the motors up or down, i would say the shocker light or the armor tan tadpole four inch. If you want that lifetime warranty you’re going to want to go with the armatan uh, if you absolutely crash front end towards the camera, you’re probably going to want to choose the armatan or the shocker light. If you break arms and motors and stuff like that, you’re probably going to want to choose this apex 4 inch, because it has a little bit less camera protection, but it has a lot of beefiness in these arms.

This is the easiest to tune. There is a little bit of room up here that you probably could get an action camera mount and put it on there, so good job on this other than the heinous selection of hardware thanks guys, Music, so Music, so Music, so so, Music, Music, so Music.