I think they still make action cameras, but what we’re looking at here is a digital projector. When you take the contents out of the box, you get a white sheet to hang with little clippies to make a projector board, and we also have the projector in here in a nice case which will unload all of this now, all right so with everything unloaded Here you see, we have our power cord, we have hdmi cable, we have a controller, we have a 3.5 millimeter to uh your yellow red and white connectors, and we also have a screen wipe to wipe that off. Let’S go ahead and take a look at this. We have your focus here and your keystone, which will be left to right, and then you have uh: okay, navigation, buttons, power, button, uh and i’m. Unsure about these other three buttons and we’ll go ahead and look at this. Your side has one usb, which you could probably charge stuff off of, or keep something charged off: two hdmi ports, a micro, sd port and av in audio video, which is that 3.5 millimeter that will plug into there and then attach to other stuff by the yellow Red and white plug, then you have a headphone jack. You also do have a vga which is basically for computer stuff. Ir, i would assume, is infrared um. That would be for your controller there’s, another ir right there let’s take a look at the lens good.

Looking lens on it, then, underneath here you can also see that you will be able to thread it in something if you wanted to stand up on something if you did not have a table to put it on uh. So all this is, i mean this is pretty compact. You can see the size of my hand here versus that it all fits in this case um. You do need uh shore power, but most people are going to run this in a home theater setting. Obviously you can get a ac dc converter run it off your vehicle, outside which i plan on doing this, with the van i like parked in the middle of the field and actually projecting it on my white van, which is going to be huge again. Digital projector lc 400 lcd by sh, 8 man.