Today, i want to share with you guys a really good aerial aircraft, its called avo w pro w pro is a foldable aircraft. It is very convenient to carry when traveling. It comes with a 4k camera. It has an intelligent flight control system. It has a built in gps satellite positioning, so you can track where it goes. 2500 mah lithium battery can provide up to 30 minutes of battery life and 1000 meters of flight distance. Real time image transmission distance of up to 800 meters, it has a high speed, brushless motor one key for start and off and for beginners this device is very easy to use and handle so lets. Take a look inside lets, see wow. Here we have the remote control here we have the drone. Here we have the battery and lets see whats inside this pouch. We have, we have an instruction manual and we also have here. I see we have a charger as well as some spare parts so now lets take a look at this avo w pros remote control. I have my hands on this and it feels very comfortable. This remote control. We have the antennas and we can pull this out. Wow and i can put my phone on it so convenient so now, im holding this drone and its very portable. It feels very good in the hands and lets begin so lets see. I see theres upper propellers. I want to open them up and theres, also under propellers and last but not least, we need the battery lets see lets put the battery inside wow so easy just to put inside the battery.

This is great and were ready. So now we are ready to turn on the remote control. Here we go aha, so the pairing is successful. So now were ready to turn on this drone lets, give it a try so im gon na click first, and let me hold on to it for a few more seconds. We hear that sound and theres full colors now and were ready to ride, lets go so the compass function can avoid misdirection during flight so before each flight calibration is required. So now were ready to begin. The calibration lets rotate clockwise. I hear the click and we can see that the lights are going from fast flashing to slow flashing now were going to continue to rotate. This lets keep on going and then we see, i hear the click and lets take a look. The solid light has turned on, and now the compass calibration is complete. Okay, so were going to place. The drone on the surface after completing the compass calibration were going to press the gyroscope button on the remote control. If the direction shifts automatically during flight, you can also use this function to calibrate before flying make sure the gps mode is turned on in case the drone gets lost so before taking off, we first unlock the aircraft. So, in order to do so, we need to press the unlock button and the motors will start to rotate and then were going to push the throttle stick to the bottom and the aircraft will be locked.

The one key takeoff function can be activated by pressing the unlock button after unlocking the aircraft. So next i will demonstrate the basic operation of the remote control for everyone lets push the left throttle stick of the remote control up or down, which is the ascend and descend function. We can flick the throttle, stick to the left or right and thats to turn left and right, and we could push the right direction. Stick up and down. It is the forward or backwards function. We can push left or right to the left side or for the right side to fly so during the flight. You can push the gear on the remote to adjust the camera angle in response to different winds. It can also adjust high and low speeds to fly. If you hear the sound once its for low speeds, if you hear the sound twice its for high speeds, tap the surrounding flight icon in the app and slip to confirm, then wpro will automatically fly around you click. The follow icon slide to confirm. W pro will automatically follow the student accurately allowing you to record video like a professional player click the waypoint icon create a waypoint in the prompt box. Then the aircraft will fly according to the connecting path of the waypoint use, waypoint flying to record beautiful scenery with dynamic camera. There are also photo and video functions that can meet the needs of aerial photography, enthusiasts press, the camera button to enter the camera mode and press the video button to enter the video mode.

W pro has a one key return function, just press the one key return button. The aircraft will automatically return to the takeoff point. At the same time, there are two situations in which it will return home automatically. One is that when the aircraft exceeds the remote control distance or the remote control signal is interrupt for six seconds, the aircraft will automatically return to home and fly back to the last recorded takeoff point. When the light on the aircraft body flashes slowly, the remote controller will sound three beeps per five seconds and the aircraft will start the first low battery return. The aircraft can only be within a safe range of the height being 20 meters and the distance being 30 meters flying within when the aircraft body flashes quickly. The remote controller will make a beeping sound, and the aircraft will automatically perform the second low power return home and it will be forced to return home automatically when charging the aircraft battery first connect one end of the usb plug to the battery and plug the other End into the power bank, the light flashes when charging and the light is always on after the charging is completed. The charging method of the remote control is the same. The green light is always on when the charging is completed and the led light is off when the charging is completed. So everyone lets review one more time. This avo w pro special functions. It comes with a 4k camera, a compact foldable body.

It has an intelligent flight control system, it has a built in gps satellite positioning, so you can track where it goes. It has a high speed, brushless motor one key for start and takeoff. It has a smart return function and its very cost effective, its not too expensive. The price is very reasonable and for beginners, this device is very easy to use and handle, and the flight is stable when traveling you can bring the device with you and you can film daily moments. I hope that everyone can share this device. You can share with your friends family and lets have fun with this device.