We have spent more than a decade crafting tools for dreamers. Now were going one step beyond with an immersive experience, unlike anything else, introducing dji fpv Applause, the worlds first ready to fly, fpv drone that lets users of any skill level feel the thrill of immersive flight weve, also revolutionized. The fpv experience by creating the dji motion. Controller, a compact device that enables ultra intuitive flight based purely on hand, motions with the standard, remote controller, three distinct flight modes, offer multiple options for anyone to fly. Fpv start with end mode for an immersive experience with traditional flight controls. S mode simplifies fpv controls for an exciting hybrid flight, activate m mode to unlock unlimited flight controls. Now the only boundaries are your skills and imagination, no matter which controller or flight mode youre using enable emergency, brake and hover with one tap to stop and hover in place. The return to home button will bring the drone back automatically to its starting location and landed safely Applause. The new dji 03 transmission system delivers crystal clear, hyper immersive image quality with ultra low latency Applause, Music Applause, dji fpv also features a robust modular design. The fully integrated camera records every breathtaking move, putting you right in the middle of the scene, thanks to a super wide 150 degree. Fov footage stays super smooth thanks to integrated rock steady technology. This is dji fpv. Folks, here is the dji fpv combo kit, and we also have the dgi motion: controller dgi, fpv combo.

We also have the xtreme plus micro sd card with extreme capture, transfer and app speeds check it out: 128 gigabytes, each 170 speeds and 90.. Its just awesome folks scan disk to memory and the dgi fpv combo whats it going to bring to the channel. Tell me what you think thats best to bring this is the dgi fpv combo kit, and this is awesome folks. This right here is telling you whats inside the box you have and the writing is so small. You have the drone, you have the glasses yeah, the controller, the cable down here you have, it looks like um lets. Take a closer look at that super steady is on so we cant zoom in and out, but we will use this. Instead, we have the intelligent flight battery. We have the google headband on the goggles headband google had been right, goggles, we have the control sticks and the joysticks. We have the goggle power cable and we have the usb c data cable. We have the ac power, adapter goggle goggle battery. We have propellers, we have the top shell, we have the goggle antenna, the dual band and we also have the manuals and we have the usb c, otg, cable and again, of course, its for 16 plus ages, and it says: danger whats the danger about and again Danger read and understand the user manual and all other safety instructions before using this equipment, so that is cool folks.

This is the box, and this is it in a nutshell and then lets flip this back over and then lets look at this. This right here is the joystick, the motion controller. I know you guys, remember joysticks, but this right here is the motion controller. As you can see, and we can look at the back lets see what that says. Dji motion controller, as you can see, of course, thats. The bin and everything else thats the box, as you can see, dji.com looks look what it says on the side. The device complies with the part 15 of the fcc rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions. This device may not cause harmful interference in two. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation, which means they can take it over by someone else. When youre going in a um airspace that you have no business at, they can just take it over and fly it away. This right here is just the box itself. Just in case you were wondering whats all on the box here it is folks and we will open the box in the next video. All right folks were back again and, as you can see, the box has these things on it like such and you have to take off the borders. The sides you need to take off the sides like this over here im, going to take out the size like this over here then, when you finish with that and pop it open like such and then when it pops open voila.

This is what you have look at that what a piece of art folks look at that that is fascinating. Folks, straight up fascinating, take a look at that, and actually it appears as though you could probably keep this just like this and actually use the box to ship it. Take it wherever you want to take it. I mean look at the foam that is in this. Is the unboxing folks and this baby is strong and it has a cushions to protect it, as you can see that one came off easily, and this is the a and the b as you can see, it has a b and a and boy is this thing? Strong and durable right from the box folks, a and b this is the unboxing, and this is fabulous, fabulous experience. Folks take a look at that. That is nice. You can look at that angle too, and we can go in here can raise it up. Look at that wow this is it all of his beauty. Folks, all this beauty is thing is strong boy. This thing is so powerful. You imagine this thing traveling at 87 miles per hour and just smacking into something i mean look at that this is definitely hard and this is a gimbal that is protected in to protect the lens, as you can see – and this is where it came from too. As well as you can see, look at that well, this is how you can ship it.

You can keep using this box to ship it, but i think im gon na buy something else, because this is my only last for so long, but this is nice. Do you have the goggles, and this is the goggles folks lets – take a look at that look at that. These are the goggles folks, the antennas. Definitely nice put it here. Well, raise it up Applause and look at that folks. We have the controller and it is strong and solid. Look at that. Take a look at that boy, boy boy: this is nice, folks, thats. What that noise is – and then we have here here – are the propellers as you can see, and then we have some other things in here too, as well. So right here all the devices in here this right here is the other pieces here, as you can see, this is fabulous folks. I just goes. Was it flat like that? I think it so was. I just sat flat flat, so i figured it must have sat like this. This must have set like that such but i think its set like this. I dont know the pieces that you can see the piece popped off here and this piece set out like such guys. This is it then the unboxing, and this is fabulous. You have the controller, i mean if you look at the controller box, which is quite nice. I had to open it a little bit because i dont want you guys to go through this again.

This is definitely definitely nice folks, the box in itself its unique you open the box like such, and it has a book here to read with it, and then it has the control right here, its quite solid too, as you can see the controller boy, i tell You the spring in there strong and its smooth, take a look at that that came on right now. Id be scared like what the heck man this thing feels intense thats, the break.